What is This?

The purpose of this site is to show some interesting information that can't be found on the NuGet.org web site. Similar to Gemnasium, you will be able to see if your project (or the project you're using) is up to date and using the latest versions of its dependencies.

What's New?

Recently, a search bar was added at the top of all pages. This just does a simple search of the NuGet feed, but if you have other search ideas I'd like to hear about them.

Badges are new! Finally a nice page for badges has been given a home. Add a badge to your project's site to show your visitors that your dependencies are all up to date.

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Recently Updated

Just to get started into what is available here, these are some recently updated packages from nuget.org.

PackageLatest VersionUpdated
MDrivenCorenetStandard 5/29/2020 2:58:46 AM
EcoWindowsStore 5/29/2020 2:58:33 AM
EcoWebMVC 5/29/2020 2:58:31 AM
EcoWebProviders 5/29/2020 2:58:28 AM
EcoWebASP 5/29/2020 2:58:25 AM
EcoWindowsForms 5/29/2020 2:58:23 AM
EcoSqlServer 5/29/2020 2:58:18 AM
EcoOtherDatabasePersistenceMappers 5/29/2020 2:58:13 AM
Eir.MFSH 2.3.3 5/29/2020 2:58:09 AM
EcoWpf 5/29/2020 2:58:09 AM