Description is a developer testing framework, built to support Test Driven Development, with a design goal of extreme simplicity and alignment with framework features. Installing this package installs xunit.core, xunit.assert, and xunit.analyzers.
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Here are the packages that version 2.4.1 of xunit depends on.

xunit.core : (2.4.1) xunit.assert : (2.4.1) xunit.analyzers : (0.10.0)




Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package xunit

Packages that Depend on xunit

PackageLatest VersionTags
adjunct-Caliburn.Micro.Logging.Tests 1.0.0 Adjunct-Tests Caliburn Micro Logging
adjunct-Caliburn.Micro.Validation.Tests 1.0.0 Adjunct-Tests Validation Caliburn Micro
adjunct-Guard.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests Validation
adjunct-System.DataStructures.AvlTree.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests DataStructures Balancing Search Trees
adjunct-System.DataStructures.BinarySearchTree.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests DataStructures Search Trees
adjunct-System.DataStructures.BitCounter.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests DataStructures Counting
adjunct-System.DataStructures.FuncComparer.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests IComparer IEqualityComparer
adjunct-System.DataStructures.IEnumerableExtensions.Tests 1.0.0 Adjunct-Tests IEnumerable Extensions
adjunct-System.DataStructures.OrderedSet.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests DataStructures Sets
adjunct-System.DataStructures.SetBase.Tests 2.2.0 Adjunct-Tests DataStructures Sets
adjunct-System.DataStructures.SparsePascalSet.Tests 2.2.0 Adjunct-Tests DataStructures Sets
adjunct-System.Disposable.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests Disposable
adjunct-System.FluentCast.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests Fluent Cast
adjunct-System.IComparableExtensions.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests IComparable extensions
adjunct-System.Linq.Traverse.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests Linq Tree Traverse
adjunct-System.Time.Clock.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests Clcok
adjunct-System.Time.HighResolutionTimer.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests Timer
adjunct-System.Xml.Linq.Extensions.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests Linq Xml
adjunct-System.Xml.Linq.ExtensionsForEnums.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests Linq Xml Enum
adjunct-System.Xml.Linq.ExtensionsForGuids.Tests 2.0.0 Adjunct-Tests Linq Xml Guid
AdoNet.Specification.Tests 1.0.0 database test
AFSMegaApiClient.Core 1.0.0
AggregateSource.Testing.Xunit 0.0.308 eventsourcing DDDesign
Akka.TestKit.Xunit 1.3.11 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency testkit xunit
Akka.TestKit.Xunit2 1.3.11 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency testkit xunit
Aliases.TestExecutors.XUnit XUnit Testing Automation Alias Aliases
AmqpServer 1.0.0
Anixe.QualityTools 1.1.0 anixe
Anlog.Sinks.xUnit 1.1.0 anlog log logger logging sink xunit test
Appccelerate.Development.Facts 2.2.0 Appccelerate
AspNetCore.TestHelpers 1.0.34
Aurochses.Xunit.AspNetCore.Mvc 2.2.0 Test Unit xUnit ASP.NET Core MVC
Aurochses.Xunit.Selenium 2.2.0 Test Unit xUnit Selenium
AutoFixture.Xunit 4.8.0
Automation.TestFramework 1.1.0 xunit automation
AutoName.xUnit 1.2.0 xunit test testing unit-testing name
Backend.Fx.Testing 3.2.12
BasePageObjectModel.xUnit 1.2.1 Selenium PageObjectModel xUnit
BaseWebApi.Test 2.1.1
Be.Vlaanderen.Basisregisters.AggregateSource.Testing.SqlStreamStore.Autofac 2.0.0
Be.Vlaanderen.Basisregisters.AggregateSource.Testing.Xunit 2.0.0
Be.Vlaanderen.Basisregisters.ProjectionHandling.Testing.Xunit 1.3.0
Be.Vlaanderen.Basisregisters.Testing.Infrastructure.Events 1.0.0
BittrexApi.NetCore 1.2.2 bittrex bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange trading api net standard
Brucraft.Extensions.Xunit 0.1.1 brucraft extensions xunit
Bstm.UnitTesting 1.0.4
Budgerigar.XUnit Performance PerformanceBudgetting ASP.NET XUnit
BusinessDay.Calculation 1.0.0
ChainingAssertion-xUnit.Bin 1.7.5 test unittest xUnit
ChilliCream.Testing.Utilities 0.2.0 GraphQL ChilliCream
Cicada.Boot.Test Cicada UnitTest Moq
Cloak.Xunit utility unit-testing xunit scenario
cloudcms 1.0.3 cloudcms cms
CodeConsults.Models 1.1.53
CodeConverters.MvcTest ASP.Net MVC TDD Testing
Cogneco.WebApiTester ASP.NET XUnit Testing End-to-end Web API
DalSoft.SpecFlow.Extensions 1.0.0
DansCSharpTestingBundle.XUnit.NSubstitue Dans C Sharp Testing Bundle Dan's CSharp XUnit NSubstitute
Dapplo.Log.XUnit 1.3.11 xunit log dapplo
Dazinator.AspNet.Extensions.FileProviders.Tests 1.4.0
DbTestMonkey.XUnit.Fody unit testing database integration xunit fody managed
DDTster 0.1.0 NUnit XUnit
DotNet.Cabinets.Tests 1.0.2
DotNetLiberty.AspNet.Testing 1.0.0
Durwella.CompilerServices 1.0.5
DynamicSpecs.XUnit DynamicSpecs Specification Test XUnit BDD TDD
EAXUnitHelpers.Comparison 0.0.1
Eshopworld.Tests.Core 1.0.5 Test Unit Test xUnit Moq FluentAssertions
Expected.Request 1.0.10 testing api testing integration testing
Exude 0.2.1
f14.xunit 0.0.1 NetCoreApp xUnit
F2F.Testing.Xunit aoq f2f testing xunit
F2F.Testing.Xunit.EF aoq f2f testing xunit entity framework ef
F2F.Testing.Xunit.FakeItEasy aoq f2f testing xunit fakeiteasy autofixture
F2F.Testing.Xunit.Npgsql aoq f2f testing xunit npgsql postgresql
F2F.Testing.Xunit.Sandbox aoq f2f testing xunit file sandbox
F2F.Testing.Xunit2 aoq f2f testing xunit2
F2F.Testing.Xunit2.EF aoq f2f testing xunit2 entity framework ef
F2F.Testing.Xunit2.FakeItEasy aoq f2f testing xunit2 fakeiteasy autofixture
F2F.Testing.Xunit2.Sandbox aoq f2f testing xunit2 file sandbox
FactoryMind.Testing 1.0.0
FakeItEasier 1.2.0
FluentAssertions.Json.Validator 1.0.0
FluentXUnit 1.0.6 XUnit NUnit
FonlowxUnit xUnit Nunit MsTest unittesting iisexpress iis
FORCEBuild.Message 1.0.1 MessageBus MessagePipe RPC
FORCEBuild.ORM 1.0.1 ORM
ForEvolve.XUnit 1.0.0 forevolve xunit unit integration test aspnetcore core aspnet asp
Foundatio.TestHarness 7.1.1845 Queue Messaging Message Bus ServiceBus Locking Lock Distributed File Storage Blob Jobs Metrics Stats Azure Redis StatsD Amazon AWS S3 broker Logging Log
FresherLib.Tests 1.0.5
froko.csprojSetup.Facts 2.3.0
FsUnit.xUnit 3.4.0 F# fsharp xUnit xUnit2 FsUnit
FsUnit.xUnit.Sample F# fsharp xUnit FsUnit
GenericMvc.Test.Library 1.0.1
GeojsonParser 0.0.5
GoodSoil.xUnit.ReflectionBase 1.0.1
Grace.DependencyInjection.Extensions.Tests 6.3.0
Grumpy.TestTools 2.0.0 unittest nsubstitute xunit fluentassertions approval-test opencover testtools nuget
GwtUnit 1.1.0 Unit Test Given