Provides simple access to fast and efficient "Protocol Buffers" serialization from .NET applications
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package protobuf-net

Packages that Depend on protobuf-net

PackageLatest VersionTags
2GIS.NuClear.OperationsLogging.Transports.ServiceBus 5.5.4 operations logging MicrosoftServiceBus
2GIS.NuClear.OperationsProcessing.Transports.ServiceBus 5.5.4 operations processing MicrosoftServiceBus
3f994c5e-92ba-4e1a-b61f-4b6525116ed9 Tag1 Tag2
Abp.RedisCache.ProtoBuf 3.5.0 mvc boilerplate application framework web framework framework domain driven design Redis Caching Protobuf
AgGatewayADMPlugin 1.2.0 aggateway adapt adm agriculture
Air 0.0.4 Distributed Graph Database
Akka.Interfaced.ProtobufSerializer 0.2.2 akka interfaced protobuf serializer
Akka.Interfaced.SlimSocket.Base 0.2.1 akka cluster utility
Akka.Interfaced.Templates-Protobuf 0.2.3 akka interfaced template
Akka.Interfaced-SlimClient.Templates-Protobuf 0.2.3 akka interfaced template
AklTransport 1.0.0 Auckland Transport Api AklTransport GTFS GTFS-Realtime Auckland Buses
Alachisoft.NCache.Community.EFCore Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.Community.SDK Alachisoft NCache SDK Community 4.9.0 In-Memory Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.EFCore 4.9.0 Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.OpenSource.EFCore Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.OpenSource.SDK Alachisoft NCache SDK OpenSource 4.9.0 In-Memory Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.SDK 4.9.0 Alachisoft NCache SDK Enterprise 4.9.0 In-Memory Caching
Api.Forex.Currency.Converter 1.0.5 currency conversion exchange rate
App.Metrics.Formatters.Prometheus 1.1.2 Metrics Monitoring Instrumentation Reporting Prometheus
ArbitrageProblemStruct 1.0.2018.11 NetStandard Protobuf
AspNet.Caching.Output outputcaching cache caching outputcache redis
AspnetCoreApiDoc 3.0.0
AttributeCaching.Redis 2.0.3 Cache Caching Attribute Redis AOP
Autofac.kino 0.0.3 Actors framework
Autofac.kino.LeaseProvider 0.0.3 Actors framework
Autofac.kino.Rendezvous 0.0.3 Actors framework
AzStudioBusinessObjects AzStudio Azure .NET C#
AzStudioCommon 2.1.1723.117 AzStudio Azure .NET C#
AzStudioVisualCommon 2.1.1723.10 AzStudio Azure .NET C#
BatchProcessor.AWS.S3.DataStore 1.1.0
BatchProcessor.Model 1.1.0
BB.Caching .NET caching Redis Booksleeve bloom-filter rate-limiting
BioEngine.Prometheus.Core 1.0.0
Borg.Cloud.Logging.Services 0.6.1 cloud logging borg
BrightWire 2.0.5 machine learning linear algebra neural network machinelearning
BrightWire.CUDA.Net4.x64 2.0.5 machine learning linear algebra neural network cuda gpu machinelearning
BrightWire.Net4 2.0.5 machine learning linear algebra neural network machinelearning
Business.Core 1.1.4 Business Core Lib
Business.Lib Business Core Lib
BusinessLib Business Lib
CacheManager.Serialization.ProtoBuf 1.1.2 Caching Cache CacheManager Distributed Cache StackExchange Redis Azure AppFabric Memcached
Carbon.Cloud.Logging.Services 0.10.0 cloud logging carbon
Carbon.Kms 0.44.2 platform carbon
CDorst.Common.EntityFrameworkServices 2.2.0
CDorst.Common.Structures.HttpAuthentication 6.0.0
cf-dotnet-sdk cloud foundy cloudfoundry sdk net .net dotnet helion
Chattel Halcyon InWorldz WHIP
CHH.Common CHH
Chronos.ProtoBuffers 0.0.154
Colo 2.1424.11201.0 caching
Colo.Redis 2.1423.11125.0 caching redis
CommonSerializer.Protobuf-net 1.1.1 serializer serialization common protobuf protobuf-net
CorrugatedIron 1.4.2 Riak CorrugatedIron Corrugated Iron NoSQL Client Driver
Cronus.Serialization.Protoreg 2.0.0
Cumulus.Serializers.Protobuf azure servicebus protocolbuffers protobuf messaging
Dache.Client 1.6.1 dache cache distributed caching memory
DAX.IO.CIM 0.0.4
Dks.SimpleToken.Serializers.Protobuf 1.0.1 token authorization protobuf
Dota2.GameClient 0.3.1 steam networking steamkit dota dota2 gameclient
DotCommon.ProtoBuf 2.8.8
DSInternals.Replication 2.21.2 ActiveDirectory Security RPC DRSR
DtronixMessageQueue 1.1.0 message queue mq messagequeue tcp rpc remoting
Easy.Web.Serialization.ProtobufNet 0.1.0 Easy Web binary Serializer Deserializer protobuf-net
EasyCaching.Serialization.Protobuf 0.1.0 Caching Serialization Protobuf
EmailHippo.EmailVerify.Api.V3.Client 2.0.0 Email Validation Verification API
EmailHippo.EmailVerify.Api.V3.Entities 1.0.4 Email Validation Verification API
Eneter.Protobuf.Serializer 7.0.1 serializer protocol buffer serialization deserialization
EnigmaDb 0.2.0
EntityNetwork 0.2.0 entity network online game
Enyim.Memcached.Transcoders.ProtocolBuffers memcached
Es.Serializer.ProtoBuf 1.1.5 Serializer
EventStore.Client.PreRelease 3.1.1 eventstore client tcp http
EventStore.ClientAPI.NetCore eventstore client netstandard2.0
FastNet WCF Binary Communication
FCECalculus 1.0.3 predictive analytics machine learning non linear regression clustering statistics
FsTools.Communication FsTools
FsTools.Network FsTools
GoogleCast 1.3.3 google cast chromecast
gtaserver.core 1.0.0
GtfsRealtimeBindings gtfs-realtime
Halforbit.DataStores.FileStores.Serialization.Protobuf 1.0.8
Hicmah 0.1.4
InceptionCache.Core 0.9.0 cache .net
ITCC.YandexSpeechKitClient 1.0.2 YandexSpeechKit SpeechRecognition SpeechSynthesis
ITGlobal.CGateAdapter.Core 1.0.17
ITGlobal.SpimexAdapter 1.0.17
JuiceStream 1.2.2 stream io protocol multiplex duplex ping serialization
Karell.Azure.Storage 1.0.4609.16443
kino 0.0.3 Actors framework
kino.Consensus 0.0.3 Actors framework
kino.LeaseProvider 0.0.3 Actors framework
kino.LeaseProvider.Messages 0.0.3 Actors framework
kino.Rendezvous 0.0.3 Actors framework
Kleu.Utility.Web 1.0.6490.5135 kleu utility web owin webapi aspnet signalr autofac automapper
Knapcode.SocketToMe.ProtocolBuffer 0.8.0 http protocol buffer socket
lageant-client 0.1.0 lageant libsodium
LevelUp.Serializer.ProtobufNet Serializer