This tool parses (X)HTML snippets and the associated CSS and converts them to PDF. XMLWorker is an extra component for iText®. The first XML to PDF implementation, is a new version of the old HTMLWorker that used to be shipped with iText.
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Here are the packages that version 5.5.13 of itextsharp.xmlworker depends on.

iTextSharp : (5.5.13)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package itextsharp.xmlworker

Packages that Depend on itextsharp.xmlworker

PackageLatest VersionTags
AdministrarOnline.Client 3.2.0
App.Sistema.Biblioteca 1.0.7 Utilitarios validações DB Helpers
BSharp.Core.RazorToPdf 1.1.0 razor itextsharp transform translate pdf html
Fabiohvp.Pdfs 1.0.0 Pdf Html Helpers
Flwwd 1.0.2 mvc framework web utility ddd
HandlebarsPDF 1.0.0 iTextsharp Handlebars pdf html template
HelperMaster.NET 1.0.9
Helpers.C3PO 2.0.4
Infodextra 1.0.5 Infodextra
IntNovAction.Utils.PdfGenerator 0.2.1 MVC, Pdf export,
iRely.Common 17.4.6491.18934
itextsharp.xfaworker 5.5.13 itext itextsharp c# csharp xmlworker pdf html xhtml css xfa xfaworker
MoonlayNop.Services Tag1 Tag2
MvcBoost.Pdf 0.15.5185.27959
MvcPdfActionResult 1.1.0 htmltopdf pdf create mvc vnext asp.net5
MvcPdfWriter 0.2 mvc pdf
MvcRazorToPdf 1.0.2 Pdf Mvc Razor
OFrameLibrary 1.2.3 OFrame Library MVC & Web Forms Helper Classes
PdfExport 1.2.0
PDFMaker-HashMakerSol 1.0.6 PDFCreater PDF Creater Maker PDFMaker PDFResult #MakerSolutions #Maker #Solutions Html to Pdf Converter ActionResult
PdfReport 2.9.2 PdfReport Excel Export iTextSharp PDF Report Reporting Persian
RazorPDF2 2.0.0 Razor PDF RazorPDF
RazorPDFCore 1.0.3
Silifalcon.CFDIDefinition 1.0.11
SSAGroup.Umbraco.Plugins.HtmlToPdf umbraco
Techhill.Framework.Mvc 1.0.6787.33655
Thunder.RazorPdf 1.0.0
Wired.RazorPdf Razor PDF
XimboFramework.Core 1.0.9 Funções extensões Helpers
Zhw.ConsoleApplication1 1.0.0 Tag1 Tag2
Zhw.ConsoleUI 6.0.2
日本語JRazorHtmlPdf 日本語 Razor Mvc html Visual Studio 2015 c#