A clone+mod of Dapper.SimpleCRUD but with type-safe common CRUD methods instead of error-prone anonymous parameter objects. (some private static methods caused issues that meant I couldn't simply extend the SimpleCRUD partial class) Adds strongly typed selectors by using reflection over DB Entity classes (for better, compile-time error checking rather than more problematic use of anonymous conditions). Functionality written against MSSQL, as I am not currently using any of the other SimpleCRUD db provider options. it may work, who knows. Author not affiliated with Dapper.SimpleCRUD in any way, but shout outs to Eric Coffman (ericdc1) for his work (and great doco)! This package not does this come with any warranty. Contributions welcome.
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Jiifureit.Dapper.OutsideSql : (0.3.0-beta02)



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PM> Install-Package iayos.DapperCRUD

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