Cocoon ORM is a simple .NET object-relational mapper alternative to Entity Framework or NHibernate. Cocoon ORM supports SQL Server 2008/2012/20014/+, and SQL Azure. The goals of Cocoon ORM Massivly reduce the amount of code required for database access. Leverage simplicity and elegance. Speed up development time. Reduce bugs. Replace complicated stored procedures with simpler in-code versions. Features of Cocoon ORM Includes most common database querying tasks in a simple API. Very fast and reliable. Stored procedures and inline SQL support. Requires no special training; examples are plentiful and directly applicable to your code. Includes a model generator to speed up model creation. Leverages data attributes similar to that of the Entity Framework and NHibernate in a simpler manner. Many utility functions for common database development including: Unique Identifier generation, object mapping, object typing, hashing functions, data encoding and compression.
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PM> Install-Package cocoon-orm -Version 2.0.0

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