cassandra-sharp - high performance .NET driver for Apache Cassandra. Please note only binary protocol (cql 3) is supported - this requires Apache Cassandra 1.2. Major features: * async operations (TPL tasks / Rx subscriptions) * Rx interface (IObservable / IObserver) for result streaming * TPL Task (compatible with C# 5 async) for future operations * Linq friendly * extensible rowset mapping (poco, property bag, params out of the box) * blazing fast object marshaler (dynamic gen'ed code) * robust connection handling (connection recovery supported) * ability to understand performance issues (client and server side) * multiple extension points * timeout support * command line tool (cqlplus) * .NET 4.0+ support (Microsoft .NET / Mono) Release notes: For information, bug reports, suggestions or contributions:
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Here are the packages that version 3.7.0 of cassandra-sharp depends on.

cassandra-sharp-interfaces : (3.7.0) cassandra-sharp-core : (3.7.0)



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PM> Install-Package cassandra-sharp

Packages that Depend on cassandra-sharp

PackageLatest VersionTags
cassandra-sharp-contrib 3.7.0 apache cassandra driver net40 net45 mono database nosql tpl rx reactive high performance streaming log4net