This library can minify and/or bundle any Javascript and/or Cascading Style Sheets. This is a direct .NET port of the original Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Compressor.
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Here are the packages that version 3.0.0 of YUICompressor.NET depends on.

EcmaScript.NET : (2.0.0) EcmaScript.NET : (2.0.0)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package YUICompressor.NET

Packages that Depend on YUICompressor.NET

PackageLatest VersionTags
AssetsOptimizer assets optimization js css
Assman.YuiCompressor 2.0.2 javascript css mash minify consolidation yui yuicompressor 1.0.0
Bam.Net.Data 1.16.1
Bam.Net.Javascript 1.16.1
Bam.Net.Presentation 1.16.1
Bam.Net.Server 1.16.1
Bam.Net.ServiceProxy 1.16.1
Batman.MVC.Assets.Yui 1.0.0071 batman framework mvc webgrease
Brevitee.Data 3.2.1
Brevitee.Dust 3.2.1
Brevitee.Javascript 3.2.1
Brevitee.Server 3.2.1
Brevitee.ServiceProxy 3.2.1
BundleTransformer.Yui 1.10.0 BundleTransformer System.Web.Optimization IBundleTransform ASP.NET CSS JavaScript JS Bundling Minification Minifier Minify Obfuscation YUICompressor
Bundling.Extensions 0.2.0 System.Web.Optimization IBundleTransform css less dotless javascript bundling optimization yui minification combine bundle
combres azure closure compression minification yui yuicompressor ajaxmin dotless yslow performance obfuscation optimization speed
Elision.Foundation 2.0.3 sitecore elision foundation
Elision.Foundation-redist 2.0.3 sitecore elision foundation
FubuMVC.YuiCompression fubumvc
HandlebarsHelper 2.0.5 Handlebarsjs Emberjs
HereSay CMS Content Management System
HereSay-Lib CMS Content Management System
HTMLBarsHelper HTMLBars Emberjs
HTTPContentCompressor 1.0.1 JavaScript compressor CSS minify
Ignite javascript stylesheets less minify templates
Ironman.Core.Assets.Yui 1.0.304 less
JuniorRoute.Assets.YuiCompressor 8.0.0 Junior
JWS.Core.Web 1.0.19042.1
KeepleBase.Utils Utils Framework
LuckyAssetManager 1.10.3 css javascript js minification minify combine mvc AssetManager
MerchantTribe.Web MerchantTribe MerchantTribe.Web Validation Geography CSS HTML Repository Password Utilities
MustardBlack.Assets.YuiCompressor 0.12.231
MVC3.HTML5Boilerplate.YUI 1.2.7 HTML HTML5 HTML5Boilerplate Boilerplate MVC3 Razor
Mvc3.ResourceLoader 0.4.0 minification web mvc mvc3 css javascript
Nancy.BundleIt 1.0.2 Nancy BundleIt web javascript css
NodeAssets.Compilers.Minify 3.0.0 Asset Manager OWIN NodeJS
Ominify.Yui 0.3.0
punchy 1.2.6 css javascript minifier combiner closure microsoft-ajax-minifier yui-compressor
RazorScriptManager 0.7 Razor ScriptManager Script Compressor Minifier Minify
RedBadger.Web.ScriptDependencyResolver 1.4
Rejuicer 1.3.0 minify minification css javascript cache
ResourceHelper 1.0.5
SimpleBundler 1.2.0
SimpleCompression 1.2.3 ASP.NET MVC3 Compression javascript css
SquishIt.Framework 1.0.0
TaskManager 0.9.0 taskman task grunt taskmanager
TypeInferred.HashBang.Owin 0.2.9 FSharp F# FunScript HashBang HTML Web Server Application OWIN
UtilitiesWeb Css Javascript Minifier AppSettings Control StateBag Extensions
Web.Optimization.Bundles.YUI 0.0.8 bundle optimization minify minifier ajaxmin yui ajax css styles stylesheet js javascript
WebAssetBundler 0.10.10
WebMarkupMin.Yui 2.5.5 WebMarkupMin Markup HTML XHTML CSS JavaScript JS Minification Minifier Minify Obfuscation YUICompressor
WebVella.Erp.Web 1.0.2
YUICompressor.NET.MSBuild 3.0.0 compression compressor minification obfuscation minify bundle bundler combine javascript js CSS cascading-style-sheets msbuild
YUICompressor.NET.NAnt compression compressor minification obfuscation minify bundle bundler combine javascript js CSS cascading style sheets nant
YUICompressor.NET.Web.Optimization compression compressor minification obfuscation minify bundle bundler combine javascript js CSS cascading style sheets optimization transform