Xamarin.Android bindings for Android Support Library - exifinterface
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Xamarin.Android.Support.Exif -Version 28.0.0-preview1

Packages that Depend on Xamarin.Android.Support.Exif

PackageLatest VersionTags
ImageCropper.Forms 0.1.6 xamarin forms crop rotate photo image
ImageCropper.Forms.Fix 0.1.8 xamarin forms crop rotate photo image
Karamunting.Android.ArthurHub.AndroidImageCropper 2.7.0 android crop cropper image photo picture zoom rotate rotation image-cropper picture-cropper image-editor photo-editor android-library droid material material-design mono mono.droid xamarin xamarin-android
Karamunting.Android.DaveMorrissey.SubsamplingScaleImageView 3.10.0 android android-library image photo subsampling scale droid mono mono.droid xamarin xamarin-android
Karamunting.Android.JP1016.SuperBadge 1.0.0 android android-library badge chip chip-view badge-view rating droid mono mono.droid xamarin xamarin-android
Karamunting.Android.Smhdk.KmPopupImageSlider 1.0.1 android android-library droid slider popup popup-dialog android-slider image-slider mono mono.droid xamarin xamarin-android
Karamunting.Android.Square.Picasso 2.71828.0 android android-library cache caching download droid http image io loader mono mono.droid okio picasso picture square xamarin xamarin-android
LiferayScreens 1.0.0 liferay screens liferayscreens ios android native library mobile
MvvmCross.Plugin.PictureChooser 6.2.3 mvvm mvvmcross xamarin android ios mac forms monodroid monotouch xamarin.ios xamarin.forms xamarin.mac wpf net net45 uwp tizen
Notificare.Android 1.14.0
Xam.Plugins.ImageCropper 1.2.0 Xamarin Xamarin.iOS Xamarin.Android ImageCropper
Xam.Plugins.UPDATED-ImageCropper 1.3.0 Xamarin Xamarin.iOS Xamarin.Android ImageCropper
Xamarin.Android.ImageCropper 1.0.0 xamarin android camera imagecrop android-image-cropper
XamarinAndroid_Image_Cropper 2.7.0 xamarin xamarin-android android image-cropper image crop Android Image cropper android-image-cropper
XamarinAndroidImageCropper 2.5.1 xamarin android android-image-cropper image-cropper