This client library enables working with the Microsoft Azure storage services which include the blob and file service for storing binary and text data, the table service for storing structured non-relational data, and the queue service for storing messages that may be accessed by a client. For this release see notes - and Microsoft Azure Storage team's blog -
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package WindowsAzure.Storage

Packages that Depend on WindowsAzure.Storage

PackageLatest VersionTags
0Zero.SemaphoreAzureStorage 1.1.3 Semaphore SemaphoreSlim lock locking server azure storage CloudTableStorage multiple WindowsAzure.Storage Sync Queue synchronous resource
accidentalfish.applicationsupport azure paas application framework table sql queue deployment configuration
AccidentalFish.ApplicationSupport.Azure 6.0.0 azure paas application framework table sql queue deployment configuration
AccidentalFish.ApplicationSupport.Logging.AzureQueueLogger 6.0.0 azure paas application framework table sql queue deployment configuration
AccidentalFish.ApplicationSupport.Owin.Azure owin http interception logging azure website asp aspnet diagnostics table storage
AccidentalFish.ApplicationSupport.Processes 6.0.0 azure paas application framework table sql queue deployment configuration azure table storage oauth web api owin aspnet claims claimsauthenticationmanager active directory role authorize authorization authentication
AccidentalFish.Commanding.AzureStorage 2.0.1
AccidentalFish.Foundations.Resources.Azure 2.1.0
ActionPlan 1.2.2
ActuarialLibrary 1.0.1
ADFCustomActivityRunner ADF Azure Data Factory DotNetActivity Custom Activities
ADFSecurePublish ADF Secure Publish Azure Data Factory
Adhira.AzureSASGenerator 1.0.8
AecFramework.AzureStorage 1.1.01
AFBus 1.3.0 Azure-Functions Bus
AK.Commons.Providers.Azure 1.0.0 ak.commons commons aashish koirala azure
Akka.Streams.Azure.StorageQueue 0.1.0 akka actors streams azure ServiceBus
AlbecUteis 1.0.2 SQLite email pop3 smtp dao mvc
AMPSoft.AzurePriorityPushQueue 0.0.6402.15406 azure storage queue prioritized push wrapper
AMSToolkit.BackEnd Azure Mobile Services AMS Azure Toolkit saramgsilva sara silva
AndyUzick.AzureAppLogging 2017.12.8.1
Annytab.AzureLock 1.2.2 ASP.NET .NET Core C# Azure Lock
AoAzureDeployClient 1.0.1 azure-storage continuous-delivery winforms
AppEssentials 3.0.1
AppFx.ALM.MsBuild MSBuild
AppFx.ALM.MsBuild.BizTalk MSBuild BizTalk
AppSimplicity.VirtualStorage 1.2.1 .net storage upload download
aqua.lib 1.0.6 azure storage account queue message job task producer consumer
AquariusOS.Azure.Data.TableStorage 1.0.0 Azure .NET C#
Arquivarnet-Azure-Repository 1.0.2
Arragro.Azure 1.0.177 Arragro Arragro.Azure Azure Abstraction
AspNetCoreLogging 1.0.1 Logging
AspNetIdentityAzureTableProvider 1.3.5 Azure Tables Asp.NET Identity
Astro.CQRS.EventStore 1.0.4 astro cqrs azure table storage
AtomEventStore.AzureBlob 1.7.4 EventSourcing Atom
Audit.NET.AzureStorage 11.2.0 Audit Trail Log Azure Blob BlobStorage
AzStudioCommon 2.2.1723.185 AzStudio Azure .NET C#
Azure.ActiveDirectory 0.1.5197.40350 Azure Authentication Authorisation Roles RBAC ActiveDirectory
Azure.Batch.FileStaging 8.0.0 Microsoft Azure Batch windowsazureofficial
Azure.Data.Wrappers 3.0.10 King.Azure Azure Storage Mock Mockable Simple Data Table File Share File-Share Queue Queuing Blob Query dependency injection dependency-injection Cloud Table-Storage Windows-Azure Windows dotNet CSharp Mocking Data-Table Json WindowsAzure.Storage .NetCore DNX storage-account blobs binary text data event-store
Azure.Directory 1.0.3
Azure.MediaServices.Core 0.0.6
Azure.Security 1.1.0 Azure Security Encryption Cryptography Secret Key
Azure.Storage 0.1.3 Azure Storage
Azure.Storage.Liberation 0.1 azure cloudtable observable bulk export json dynamictableentity
Azure.Storage.Slazure 1.4.1 Azure Storage Data Mapper ORM ODM
Azure.Storage.Slazure.Light 1.4.1 Azure Storage Data Mapper ORM ODM
Azure.TableStorage.API 2.1.3 Azure Storage Table AzureTableStorage TableStorage StorageTable
Azure.TableStorage.Repository 1.0.6 azure table storage repository
AzureApiHelpers 2.0.6
AzureBlob.FileSystem 1.3.0 blob filesystem AzureBlob blobfilesystem
AzureBlobBackup azure blob storage backup
AzureBlobContainerSync 1.0.1 azure blob container synchronization download sync async await
AzureBlobTransfer azure-blob containers
AzureBundling Azure Bundling
azurecopyclient 1.3.1 azure s3 amazon dropbox onedrive
AzureDistributedService 1.0.04 Azure Storage Compute RPC WebRole WorkerRole Auto Scale Storage Queue Virtual Machine Async Await
AzureEncryptionExtensions Azure Encryption Blob Security Encrypt Storage AES
AzureEx 0.0.2 Azure
AzureFromTheTrenches.Commanding.AzureStorage 8.0.0
AzureFunc.ClassLibrary 1.0.0 Azure Functions
AzureGraphStore Azure Graph Triple Store Table Storage
AzureHelpers 0.72 cloud azure
AzureIndexStore Azure Index Table Store NoSQL Storage
AzureJsonStore Azure Json Blob Store NoSQL Storage
AzureQueuePoller 0.0.1 Azure Queue
Azure-Repository 1.0.0
AzureStorage 1.0.0 Azure - Storage
AzureStorage.Library01.DEV 1.0.0
AzureStorage.TableBatchGrouper 1.0.0
AzureStorageExceptionParser Azure Table Queue Blob Storage Storage Exception Extension Parser Helper
AzureStorageExtensions 1.1.3 scl azure-storage
AzureStorageLby 0.1.0 Lby
AzureStorageService 0.7.3
AzureStoreXRay Azure
AzureTableEncryption 2.0.1
AzureTableStorageCache 1.2.0
AzureTableStorageEntityFramework 0.2.2 Azure Table Storage Entity Framework
AzureTableStorageMigrator 1.0.0
AzureTableStorageNLogTarget 1.0.11 NLog Logging Azure Table Storage
AzureTableStoragePocoConverter 1.1.3 Microsoft Azure Storage Table Tables POCO Converter
AzureTableWcfTransport 1.0.1
AzureToolkit 2.5.0 azure
AzureTraceListeners 0.4
AzureTypedStorage 1.0.0 Azure
AzureWebFarm azure iis web farm msdeploy deploy role
AzureWebFarm.OctopusDeploy 2.0.0 azure iis web-farm octopusdeploy web-role scalable
Backload.Plugin.AzureBlobStorage 2.2.7 Azure Blob Storage Azure Blob PlUpload FineUploader upload
BalticAmadeus.Config 1.0.4 BalticAmadeus MicrosoftBlobStorage MicrosoftConfiguration
BC.SE.Storage 1.0.3 Azure Storage
BeatPulse.AzureStorage 1.3.3 BeatPulse HealthCheck Beat Health AzureStorage
BeeHive.Azure 1.3.0 actor model cloud azure amazon messaging event-driven event
BetterCms.Module.WindowsAzureStorage 2.0.8
BewareSolutions.Contacalore.Client 1.0.2