Method input validation and runtime checks that report errors or throw exceptions when failures are detected.
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Here are the packages that version 2.4.18 of Validation depends on.

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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Validation

Packages that Depend on Validation

PackageLatest VersionTags
1123 1.0.0
AbiokaApi.ApplicationService 1.0.2 web api domain abioka
AddTwoFactorToMvc 0.0.8 AddTwoFactorToMvc TwoFactor Identity GoogleAuthenticator Authenticator
adjunct-Caliburn.Micro.Validation.Tests 1.0.0 Adjunct-Tests Validation Caliburn Micro
AdvanceFramework1 20171023.1.0 .NET Business Application Development
Adviser 1.0.2
AISoftware.NPMTest ANY
Algolia.Sitecore.7 1.1.19 Sitecore Algolia ContentSearch BrainJocks
Algolia.Sitecore.8 1.1.19 Sitecore Algolia ContentSearch BrainJocks
Algolia.Sitecore.8.1 1.1.19 Sitecore Algolia ContentSearch BrainJocks
Algolia.Sitecore.8.2 1.1.19 Sitecore Algolia ContentSearch BrainJocks
Allium 1.2.2 Allium
Alpencode.ClientInfo.Standard 1.0.0 FluentValidation
Alpencode.ClientValidation 1.0.0 Sample App
AngularJs.MVC 1.0.0 0.8.0
Asantoz.Framework.CQS 1.0.0 mediator cqs netcore
Asd.Application 1.0.0
Asd.AspNet 1.0.0
Asd.Domain 1.0.3
Asd.Domain.Core 1.0.2
Asd.Infra.CrossCutting.Bus 1.0.0
Asd.Infra.Data 1.0.2
AspectCore.Extensions.DataAnnotations 0.3.1 DataValidation DataAnnotations AspectCore AOP
ASR.Travel.Core.Models 1.0.2 ASR ASR.Travel
AuditLog.Ma9 1.0.0 Log de Auditoria
AxCMS 1.0.0 CMS
AzureNotificationRestApi 2.8.0 Azure Notification Hub
Basil.Util 1.0.3
Bcornett.Core 1.0.7
Bifrost.Default 1.1.2 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
Bifrost.FluentValidation 1.2.0 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
Bifrost.QuickStart 1.2.0 MVVM LOB CQRS
Bigfoot.Web.Client 0.0.8 c# mvc browser
BitsAndBytes.Shared 1.0.36
Blog Tag1 Tag2
Blueberry.Core 0.0.2018.401
Bnsights.Mvc Bnsights BBSF
Bootstrap.MVC.EditorTemplates 1.2.0 MVC Bootstrap EditorTemplates
BootstrapValidate 1.4.0 JavaScript Bootstrap jQuery Validate Bootstrap Boostrap Validator
Bootstrap-Validation 1.0.0
Botwin 3.5.0 core nancy .net core routing botwin
Bsynchro.ValidationService.Abstract 1.0.1 Bsynchro Validation Abstract
BTG.Infrastructure.Auth.AspNetCore 1.0.5
BumperLane.Hosted.Api.V2.Application 1.1.1 virteom bumperlane
BumperLane.Tenant.Api.Framework 2.3.1 virteom bumperlane
bun.tabValidator 0.1.0 Tab Validate Bootstrap
BusAppCore.Prism.Forms 1.7.0
BusinessLight.Mvc 1.0.703 MVC
BusinessLight.Validation.Fluent 1.0.662.0 Validation fluent
BusinessLight.Validation.Unity 1.0.499.0 Validation Unity
BWakaBats.Mvc 1.0.39 Bootstrap MVC
Cactoos.Net 1.2.3 OOP principles design c#
Cadru.Core 3.0.5869.111 cadru PCL universal utility
Cadru.Data.Dapper 3.0.5869.111 cadru data dapper utility
Calabonga.Owin.Application.Spa 1.1.1 calabonga web api spa durandal owin single page application javascript requiredjs
Candor.jQuery.AutoAsync candor jquery asynchronous
Capgemini.Cauldron.Win32.WPF.Theme.VSDark 2.1.0 Toolkit Capgemini Cauldron XAML WPF MVVM Framework Theme Visual Studio Dark
Capgemini.Cauldron.Win32.WPF.Theme.VSLight 2.1.0 Toolkit Capgemini Cauldron XAML WPF MVVM Framework Theme Visual Studio Dark
Carter 3.6.0 core nancy .net core routing carter
CCG.CQRS 1.0.6
CCG.CQRS.WebApi 1.0.1
citizen 1.0.0 application
Clicks.ESB.Guidance.ItineraryDesigners 1.2.0
Clix.QA.Selenium 2.0.17 qa Webdriver automation Selenium
CLK.AspNet.Identity.Mvc.Template 2.2.2
CM.Payments.Client.Core 1.0.0
CM.Payments.SDK CM Payments iDEAL SOFORT Visa MasterCard AfterPay Bancontact WireTransfer DirectDebit QR
CmjMVCUI 2.0.3
CodeGeneration.Roslyn 0.4.11
Codeless.SharePoint 15.0.382.0
CodeStream.Common 1.11.24 CodeStream Common
CommandDotNet 2.6.0 dotnet core console argument parse
CompileTimeAOP.TransactionAwareness AOP Transaction Awareness CompileTime ILWeaving
ComponentTrak.MVVM 1.0.14 ComponentTrak.MVVM MVVM
ComponentTrak.SQLite.NET 1.0.12 ComponentTrak.SQLite.NET
ComponentTrak.TrakSQLite_NET 1.0.0 ComponentTrak SQLite TrakSQLite MVVM
ConstApp.WebApi 1.0.6
ContosoUniversity Repository Pattern Paging Concurrency Unit of Work Sorting ADO.NET Entity Framework Code First CRUD Filtering Complex Data Model Inheritance in Advanced Scenarios
Contour 1.7.10 rabbitmq client servicebus
Cooz.Infrastructure 1.0.0
Cooz.Infrastructure.WebApi 1.0.0
CoreFaces.Helper 1.0.0
CoreFaces.Identity.Helper 1.0.0
CoreFaces.Status.Models 1.0.0
CoreXT.MVC 1.0.6 CoreXT AspNet WebApi MVC
CoreXT.Toolkit 1.0.6 CoreXT AspNet WebApi MVC Toolkit
CraigsUtilityLibrary-ORM 4.0.304 utility utilities
CreateNugetPackage 1.0.0
CrmMvc 2.0.5 Mvc
CrmRazGenMvc 1.0.8 Mvc