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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Unity -Version 5.0.0-RC1

Packages that Depend on Unity

PackageLatest VersionTags
2GIS.NuClear.Aggregates.Storage.DI.Unity 2.1.0 2GIS NuClear Storage Aggregates DI Unity
2GIS.NuClear.DI.Unity 2.0.0 DI Unity
2GIS.NuClear.Jobs.Unity 2.2.0 2GIS NuClear Jobs Unity
2GIS.NuClear.Messaging.DI.Factories.Unity 2.3.4 messaging processing DI
2GIS.NuClear.Settings.Unity 1.2.0 2GIS NuClear Settings Unity
2GIS.NuClear.Storage.EntityFramework.DI.Unity 2.1.0 2GIS NuClear Storage EntityFramework DI Unity
A.Core 0.0.6 REST T4 A.Core
A.Core.Interfaces 0.0.6 REST T4 A.Core
A.Core.Model 0.0.6 REST T4 A.Core
A.Core.PermissionModule 0.0.6 REST T4 A.Core Security Permission
A.Core.Services 0.0.6 REST T4 A.Core
A.Core.WebAPI 0.0.6 REST T4 A.Core
Abcidee.Core.UnityIoCBootstrapper 0.1.0
Abmes.Unity.TypedFactories 1.0.13
Abmes.UnityExtensions 1.0.40
accidentalfish.applicationsupport azure paas application framework table sql queue deployment configuration
AccidentalFish.ApplicationSupport.Unity 6.0.0 azure paas application framework table sql queue deployment configuration
AccidentalFish.DependencyResolver.Unity 1.0.0
AcyclicVisitor 1.2.0 Acyclic Visitor IOC SOLID Unity
AdvanceFramework1 20171023.1.0 .NET Business Application Development
AF.IoC.Unity 0.9.6
AFS.Prism.Unity.Windows 7.0.10 prism win10 mvvm uwp unity
Agatha-Common-Unity 1.3
Agatha-ServiceLayer-Unity 1.3
Akka.DI.Unity 1.2.3 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency DI Unity
Akka.NET.FSharp.API.Extensions 0.2.5 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency F# FSharp
Alegri.AspNet.UnityExtensions 0.0.8
AloFramework.Auth 1.0.0 AloFramework Auth
AloFramework.Common 1.0.0 AloFramework Common
AloFramework.Core 1.0.1 AloFramework Core
AloFramework.DatabaseContext 1.0.1 AloFramework DatabaseContext
Apworks.ObjectContainers.Unity 2.5.5662.37915
AQR.Framework.Reporting.Testversion 1.0.0 AQR.Framework.Reporting Test
Arcweb.NCommon.ContainerAdapter.Unity 1.3.3 DDD ORM Framework
Arragro.Mvc 1.0.177 Arragro Arragro.Mvc
Arragro.ObjectLogging.Mvc 1.0.177 Arragro Arragro.Logging
Atrico.Lib.IoC.Unity 1.1.2
Aurora.CommandBarContainer WPF MVPVM MVVM
Aurora.TabContainer WPF MVPVM MVVM
AutoMapper.Unity 6.0.0 AutoMapper Unity
AutoMoq 2.0.0 moq unity tdd testing test
AutoMoq.Unity5 1.1.0 automoq moq mock unity tdd testing test
AutoMoqCore 1.0.0 AutoMoq
AV.Models 0.0.2 ASP.NET MVC3 MVVM
AV.Web 0.1.0 ASP.NET MVC Repositary ViewModel
AV.WebPlatform.Models 0.9.3 Web repositary model viewmodel
AV.WebPlatform.Security 0.9.3 Web repositary model viewmodel membership API
back-core 1.0.9 Tag1 Tag2
Bacup.Infrastructure.Unity 1.3.15288.1
Barramento.Seguranca.Core 2.0.4
BclEx-Abstract.Unity 1.0.0 unity servicelocator ioc di bclex
BenDuPlessis-UnityConfiguration unity ioc convention auto
Bifrost.Unity MVVM LOB CQRS
BinbinDomainImpl 1.1.0 DDD LinqToSql UnitOfWork
BinbinMvcUnityApplication mvc unity entlib
BinbinRepository.Intergrations.EntityFramework.Unity DDD Repository EntityFramework Unity DI
BinbinRepository.Intergrations.LinqToSql.Unity DDD Repository LinqToSql Unity DI
BinbinWpfUnityApplication Tag1 Tag2
BlueMetal.WebApi.Unity Unity WebApi ioc Bluetopo.Data.EF Bluetopo Data EF
Bluetopo.Util.Ioc Bluetopo Util Ioc Bluetopo.Util.Ioc
BoC.InversionOfControl.Unity BoC InversionOfControl Unity
BranchSwitcher BranchSwitcher TFS Branch Automation
Bricks.Core 0.1.5809.24405 Bricks Builders Core Module
Bricks.Core.Impl 0.1.5809.24407 Bricks Builders Core Module Impl Implementation
Bricks.DAL.EF 0.1.5612.27862 Bricks Builders DAL EF
Bricks.SMS.Nexmo 0.1.5709.28446 Bricks Builders SMS Nexmo
Bricks.Sync 0.1.5458.31140 Bricks Builders Synchronization Async
Bricks.Web 0.1.5445.25951 Bricks Builders Web
Bulldog.FlyoutManager 1.1.4 Flyout FlyoutManager MahApps MahApps.Metro Prism WPF MVVM
BusAppCore.Prism.Core 1.8.0
BusAppCore.Prism.Forms 1.8.0
BusAppCore.Prism.Wpf.DevForce 1.8.0
BusAppCore.Prism.Wpf.EF 1.8.0
BusinessLight.Validation.Unity 1.0.499.0 Validation Unity
byteGiant.GFramework.Core 1.0.0 Development Framework DDD CQRS Commands Queries
byteGiant.GFrameworkCore 1.0.3 Development Framework DDD CQRS Commands Queries
ByteLibrary 1.4.4 mvc web game collection data-structures logging
Caliburn.Micro.Unity.WinRT 1.0.0
CapeCode.DependencyInjection 1.0.1
Catpic 0.7.7 gadget opensocial social
Cavity.ServiceLocation.Unity.Console IoC
Cavity.ServiceLocation.Unity.Web IoC
CelloSaaS.TenantJobs 4.6.1 SaaS Multi tenant Framework SaaS Development SaaS Migration SaaS Application Development Platform SaaS Challenges SaaS Non-Functional Requirements Multi-Tenant Enablement Multi Tenant Architecture
CelloSaaS.Web 4.6.1 SaaS Multi tenant Framework SaaS Development SaaS Migration SaaS Application Development Platform SaaS Challenges SaaS Non-Functional Requirements Multi-Tenant Enablement Multi Tenant Architecture
Certacure 1.2.9 CertaCure.HIS.InfrastructureLibrary
Chill.Unity 3.2.0 BDD TDD Unity
Chill.UnityNSubstitute 3.2.0 BDD TDD Unity NSubstitute
Cicada.Boot Cicada mono
Cicada.Unity Cicada mono DI IOC Unity