Adapter class to allow reading and writing simple and complex POCO objects to azure table storage without inheriting from TableEntity class or implementing ITableEntity interface. POCO class you want to write to table storage can have multiple layers of nested complex properties and can be a struct. It can have nullable or enum properties, all of these will be written to azure table storage. TableEntityAdapter will handle conversion, using the Azure Storage SDK api s underneath. Usage: TableEntityAdapter<POCOClass> tableEntityAdapter = new TableEntityAdapter<POCOClass>(POCOObject, "partitionKey", "rowKey"); //Write this tableEntityAdapter directly to azure table storage. //Read TableEntityAdapter<POCOClass> back from Azure Table Storage using the same partition and row key. //The original POCOObject you wrote to azure table storage is saved in the OriginalEntity property of the TableEntityAdapter object that you read back from table storage.
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PM> Install-Package TableEntityAdapter

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