Provides the System.ValueTuple structs, which implement the underlying types for tuples in C# and Visual Basic. Commonly Used Types: System.ValueTuple System.ValueTuple<T1> System.ValueTuple<T1, T2> System.ValueTuple<T1, T2, T3> System.ValueTuple<T1, T2, T3, T4> System.ValueTuple<T1, T2, T3, T4, T5> System.ValueTuple<T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6> System.ValueTuple<T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7> System.ValueTuple<T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, TRest> 30ab651fcb4354552bd4891619a0bdd81e0ebdbf When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Here are the packages that version 4.5.0 of System.ValueTuple depends on.

NETStandard.Library : (1.6.1)




Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.ValueTuple

Packages that Depend on System.ValueTuple

PackageLatest VersionTags
0xDiddi.Storehouse.Storebase 1.0.6715.37764
3ab51eae-5253-4e30-b6a0-60ddf6506c43_LambdaExpression nessun tag
AASharp 1.99.1 Astronomy Algorithm
Abacaxi algorithms containers learning extensions
Abacaxi.Practice Algorithms Containers Learning Extensions
abioc 0.7.0
AccidentalFish.ExpressionParser 0.11.0
Achievement.Infrastructure 1.6.9
Acr.Core 3.0.1 ios android uwp windows utils acr io
ActiveLogin.Identity.Swedish 2.0.2 PersonalIdentityNumber PIN personnummer Sweden validation validate parse
ActiveMapTasksRestApi 1.1.1
AdoContextUtility 1.1.3 Database ADO.Net StoreProcedure 0.1.3
AdvancedDLSupport 2.3.3 p/invoke cross-platform mono netcore netstandard native interop
AdvanceFramework1 20171023.1.0 .NET Business Application Development
Aether 8.3.1 lens prism isomorphism optic f# fsharp
Affecto.Testing.SpecFlow 2.1.0 affecto test tests testing specflow
akavache.core 6.4.1 Akavache Cache Xamarin Sqlite3 Magic
Akka.Cluster.SplitBrainResolver 0.0.4
Akka.FSharp 1.3.12 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency F# fsharp
Akka.Persistence.FSharp 1.3.12 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency F# Fsharp persistence eventsource
Akka.Persistence.Redis 1.0.0 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency persistence eventsource redis
Akka.Persistence.RocksDb 0.9.0 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency persistence eventsource query rocksdb
Akka.Streams.Amqp 0.1.1 akka actors streams AMQP RabbitMQ
Akkling 0.9.3 fsharp
Akkling.Cluster.Sharding 0.9.3 fsharp cluster sharding
Akkling.DistributedData 0.9.3 fsharp crdt replication geo
Akkling.Persistence 0.9.3 fsharp persistence eventsourcing
Akkling.Streams 0.9.3 fsharp reactive streams
Akkling.Streams.TestKit 0.9.3 streams fsharp testing fscheck reactive streams
Akkling.TestKit 0.9.3 fsharp testing fscheck
AMV.CQRS.Web 1.0.42
Anat 1.1.1 function arrows f# fsharp
Anemonis.JsonRpc.ServiceClient 1.11.0 json-rpc json rpc client
Anemonis.UI.ComponentModel 1.8.2 ui xaml mvvm pubsub
Antenna 1.0.2 WebApi AspNet Tests HttpServer Integration
Any 3.0.1
AnyBibiSibijewRemix 2.1.3
AnyBind 1.1.0
Aop.Cache 2.0.0 Cache AOP DynamicProxy
Aop.Profiler 1.1.0 Profiler Aspect Oriented Programming
App.Metrics.Health.Abstractions 2.1.0 appmetrics healthchecks
appcfg 1.0.2
Appnostix.Orchestrator.Plugin.Contracts 0.9.1809.61901
ArcToCore.WsdlToCode wsdl C#
argparse 0.2.0
ArtZilla.Config ArtZilla .Net Configuration Framework
ArtZilla.Wpf.Common 1.0.2 WPF
ArtZilla.Wpf.Core 1.0.3 WPF
ASeward.MiscTools 0.1.0
Asmichi.ProcessPipeline 0.4.0 win32 process
AspnetCoreApiDoc 3.0.2
AtlasSSH 3.6.1 GRID Atlas LHC CERN
Atrico.Lib.2D 1.0.0
Atrico.Lib.Assertions 3.9.3
Atrico.Lib.BusinessLogic 4.5.0
Atrico.Lib.BusinessLogic.FromConfig 1.5.0
Atrico.Lib.CommandLineParser 1.2.0
Atrico.Lib.CommandLineParser.UsageDemo 1.0.0
Atrico.Lib.Common 2.5.0
Atrico.Lib.Console 1.4.0
Atrico.Lib.Console.Examples 1.0.0
Atrico.Lib.Core 1.0.0
Atrico.Lib.DomainModel 2.8.0
Atrico.Lib.DomainModel.Profiling 1.0.0
Atrico.Lib.Events 1.3.0
Atrico.Lib.ExpressionTrees 1.5.0
Atrico.Lib.Graph 1.4.0
Atrico.Lib.IoC 1.5.0
Atrico.Lib.IoC.Autofac 1.4.0
Atrico.Lib.IoC.Unity 1.3.0
Atrico.Lib.IoC.Windsor 1.3.0
Atrico.Lib.Json 1.4.0
Atrico.Lib.Logging 1.3.0
Atrico.Lib.Maths 1.2.0
Atrico.Lib.Patterns 1.0.0
Atrico.Lib.RegEx 1.2.0
Atrico.Lib.Rx 1.2.0
Atrico.Lib.Testing 1.18.0
Atrico.Lib.Tree 1.2.0
Atrico.Lib.WPF 1.5.0
Atrico.Lib.Xml 1.4.0
Auc.EventBus.Rabbitmq 1.0.3
AUT.ConfigureTestProjects 5.4.4
AUT.TestProjects.GenV3 1.4.0 Automatic-Unit-Tests Aurea-Automatic-Unit-tests Bulk-Unit-Test-Team Aurea Trilogy-Group
AUT.TestProjects.GenV4 2.1.0 Automatic-Unit-Tests Aurea-Automatic-Unit-tests Bulk-Unit-Test-Team Aurea Trilogy-Group
Autofac.Extras.IdentityServer3 3.0.0
AutoFixture.AutoFoq 4.8.0
AutoFixture.Idioms.FsCheck 4.8.0
AutoFramework 1.1.3
AutoMapper 8.0.0
AutoTests.Framework.Models 2.5.0 Specflow AutoTests
AutoTests.Framework.TestData 2.5.0 Specflow AutoTests
AutoTests.Framework.Web 2.5.0 Specflow AutoTests Selenium WebDriver
Avalonia 0.7.0