Provides the System.Threading.Timer class, which is a mechanism for executing a method at specified intervals. Commonly Used Types: System.Threading.Timer System.Threading.TimerCallback When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Threading.Timer

Packages that Depend on System.Threading.Timer

PackageLatest VersionTags
Alagiri.MySql.Data 8.0.9 MySql .NET Connector MySql Connector/NET netcore .Net Core MySql Conector/Net Core coreclr C/NET C/Net Core
AMQPNetLite.Core 2.1.6 AMQP coreclr .NetCore netstandard
AWS.Logger.Core 1.3.1 AWS Cloudwatch Logger
Bloom.SshNet 1.4.0
Bmbsqd.Caching 1.0.2 cache async
Bupa.Api.Common.AspNetCore 1.1.1 Azure AspNetCore Publisher Subscriber
CloudCore.VirtualWorker 2019.101.123.11453 1.0.41
CodeProject.ObjectPool 3.2.2 codeproject object pool concurrent generic threadsafe portable netstandard stringbuilder memorystream
Colorsfly.Mycat 1.0.0 MyCat MySQL .NET Core
Derivco.Orniscient.Proxy 1.2.0 Orleans Monitoring Visualisation
Devlord.Utilities 5.0.123 utils utilities email distance-matrix micro-orm logging encryption
Dota2 0.11.0 dota2 steam networking steamkit dota moba
Dywham.Middleware.Endpoints.Bus.Azure 1.0.0
EmbedIO 2.2.8 webserver websocket webapi http
Evals.Cyan 1.0.3
FSharp.Core 4.6.2 Visual F# Compiler FSharp functional programming
Gray.Microsoft.AspNetCore.SignalR.Messaging 0.2.0
Holte.SimArch.DAL.EntityFrameworkCore 0.5 Holte.SimArch .NET
kalis.core 1.0.2
Kantar.KAP.MS.QF.Client 1.0.37
Kekekeks.Patched.SshNet 20180822.1.0
King.Service 2.2.5 King.Service Azure Queue Service Bus WebJob scale scaling linear exponential timing auto-scale dynamic-scale dynamic Queuing Background Worker Work Data Processing Table Environment Initialize Task Tasks Dequeue Dequeuing King.Azure run task service services tasks scheduling worker-role
LibUsbDotNet 2.2.29
log4net 2.0.8 logging log tracing logfiles
log4net-core-preview 2.0.6
MagicOwl.Sam 1.1.3 MagicOwl
MagicOwl.SamServer 1.1.0 MagicOwl
MicroLite.Messaging.EventFeed.Extensions 1.0.1 microlite
Microsoft.AspNetCore.WebSockets.Protocol 0.1.0
Microsoft.Diagnostics.EventFlow.Core 1.5.6 Microsoft Diagnostics EventFlow Core
Microsoft.Net.WebSockets.Server 0.1.0
Microsoft.NETCore 5.0.0
Microsoft.NETCore.Runtime.CoreCLR-arm 1.0.0
Microsoft.NETCore.Runtime.CoreCLR-x64 1.0.0
Microsoft.NETCore.Runtime.CoreCLR-x86 1.0.0
MyMojo.AspNet.Identity.MongoDb 1.0.4 MongoDb ASP.NET Identity Core MVC5 AspNet AspNet.Identity AspNet.Identity.MongoDb
MySql.Data 8.0.15 MySql .NET Connector MySql Connector/NET netcore .Net Core MySql Conector/Net Core coreclr C/NET C/Net Core
NBi.Gremlin 1.0.0 Test NBi Gremlin Tinkerpop
NChronicle.Core 1.1.1 NChronicle Events Audit Logging Log Trail Recording History Tracking Output
NETStandard.Library 2.0.3
Network TCP UDP Bluetooth Network Events Async RSA
Ngonzalez.StackExchange.Redis 1.0.0 Async Redis Cache PubSub Messaging
Notakey.Xamarin.Sdk 1.0.0 notakey
Orc.FileSystem 3.0.0 orc file directory
Orleans.MetricsTracker 1.1.0 Measurement Metrics Counters Telemetry APM Monitor
Orleans.TelemetryConsumers.MetricsTracker 1.0.0 Measurement Metrics Counters Telemetry APM Monitor
Picturepark.SDK.V1 1.0.2
Picturepark.SDK.V1.CloudManager 1.0.2
Pomelo.Data.MySql.Unofficial 1.0.1 MySQL .NET Core
Pomelo.Redis 1.0.0
Pomelo.Redis.StrongName 1.0.0
PubnubNetPlatform Web Data Push Real-time Notifications ESB Message Broadcasting Distributed Computing
RabbitMQ.Client 5.1.0 RabbitMQ
RealtimeMessaging.DotNetCore 1.0.2 Realtime real-time ORTC Pub/Sub Cloud Messaging Publish Subscribe websockets .netcore
RegenerativeDistributedCache.Redis 1.0.87 RegenerativeCacheManager CorrelatedAwaitManager MemoryFrontedExternalCache cache caching farm network distributed message messaging correlated correlate correlating background refresh regenerate regenerative redis rabbitmq pre-emptive
RobertHargreaves.log4net.Trunk 2.0.6 log4net logging netstandard
Rssdp 4.0.2 portable xamarin ios android windowsphone winrt uwp mobile ssdp discovery device service protocol upnp netfx40 .net4
SapientGuardian.MySql.Data 6.9.816 coreclr dnxcore50 netstandard netcore mysql
scaut.EventStoreFsExt 0.1.38 eventstore
SensorbergSDK 1.2.108 iBeacon beacon bluetooth btle offline sensorberg iot
Serilog.Sinks.File 4.0.0 serilog file
Serilog.Sinks.FileTailSupport 1.0.1 serilog file
Serilog.Sinks.Loggly 5.3.0 serilog logging Loggly error
Serilog.Sinks.PeriodicBatching 2.1.1 serilog batching timer
SibaCoreCopy BICT SibaCore
SolidCore.MySql.Data 8.0.15 MySql .NET Connector MySql Connector/NET netcore .Net Core MySql Conector/Net Core coreclr C/NET C/Net Core
SquaredInfinity.Foundation.Experimental 1.5.0
SSH.NET 2016.1.0 ssh scp sftp
SSH.NET.Fork 2018.8.25.2
StackExchange.Redis.StrongName 1.2.6 Async Redis Cache PubSub Messaging
StackExchange.Redis.StrongName.Core 1.1.605 Async Redis Cache PubSub Messaging
startmobile.ioshelpers 1.0.40
Sundew.Base 3.3.8
Sundew.Generator.MSBuild 2.0.0
System.Net.WebSockets.Client 4.3.2
Templarbit 0.1.4 Templarbit.Core
Templarbit.Core 0.1.3 Templarbit.Core
TestSample23.iOS 1.0.4 C# Xamarin.ios
TimedJob 2.0.0
Tmds.SockJS 1.0.0 sockjs
uIntra 1.2.0 Uintra Umbraco Intranet Extranet Social Forum Wiki Portal
UmbEpubReader 0.1.1 Umbraco epub reader
Via.LoggingCore 0.0.2
Vibrant.Tsdb 8.0.0 time nosql timeseries data
WebSocket4Net 0.15.2 WebSocket WebSocket4Net SuperWebSocket
Xamarin.AzureStorage 1.0.1 Azure Storage Blob Queue Table Database Xamarin
Xamarin.Forms.Clinical6.Android 1.0.1 Xamarin.Forms.Clinical6.Android Clinical android
Xamarin.Forms.Clinical6.iOS 1.0.1 Xamarin.Forms.Clinical6.iOS Clinical ios
Xamarin.MediaCapture 1.0.0 Media Camera Video Gallery Media Capture
Xamarin.NetworkManager 1.0.2 Network Network Status Http Reachable Connection Manager
Xamarin.NohanaImagePicker 1.0.0 xamarin xamarin.ios image image picker
Xamarin.SpeechToText 1.0.0 Speech Text STT SpeechToText
Xamarin.TextToSpeech 1.0.0 Text Speech Text To Speech