Provides types for encoding and escaping strings for use in JavaScript, HyperText Markup Language (HTML), and uniform resource locators (URL). Commonly Used Types: System.Text.Encodings.Web.HtmlEncoder System.Text.Encodings.Web.UrlEncoder System.Text.Encodings.Web.JavaScriptEncoder 8321c729934c0f8be754953439b88e6e1c120c24 When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Here are the packages that version 4.4.0 of System.Text.Encodings.Web depends on.

Thinktecture.NETStandard.Library.Abstractions : (2.3.0)




Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Text.Encodings.Web

Packages that Depend on System.Text.Encodings.Web

PackageLatest VersionTags
AwsLambdaOwin 0.4.1 AWS Amazon Lambda owin
Carbon.Forms 1.6.0 FormData carbon
Carbon.Json 1.6.0 json carbon
Carbon.Web 0.14.0 web carbon
cloudscribe.Web.Common 2.0.35 cloudscribe
Cuiliang.Weixin.Qyapi 0.1.1 Weixin
DotVVM.Tracing.ApplicationInsights.Owin dotvvm mvvm owin
Eighty 1.2.0 html web template
embedly-client 1.0.6
Evolution.Framework .net core api
Geotab.Checkmate.ObjectModel 5.7.1801 geotab mygeotab api sdk
HtmlBuilders 3.0.1 HTML Utility
HtmlTags 6.0.0 html ASP.NET MVC
IdentityModel.Unofficial 2.8.1 Auth2 OAuth2 OIDC OpenID Connect JWT Tokens Federation API Authorization
JackWFinlay.Jsonize 1.0.9 Json Html Convert
kalis.core 1.0.2
Kraken.SharePoint.Apps 0.1.8 SharePoint App Addin Add-in Client CSOM Office365 OfficeDevPnp
Kraken.SharePoint.Client 0.3.0 SharePoint Client CSOM Kraken OfficeDevPnp Office365
Log4net.Extensions.Logging 1.0.0
MainSMS 1.4.1 mainsms sms api client rest async
Manychois.GoogleApis 1.0.1 google googleapi oauth2
Meziantou.Framework.Templating.Html 1.0.0
Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.AspNetCore 2.2.1 Analytics ApplicationInsights Telemetry AppInsights aspnetcore
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Html.Abstractions 2.0.1 aspnetcore
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Abstractions 2.0.2 aspnetcore
Microsoft.AspNetCore.WebUtilities 2.0.2 aspnetcore
Microsoft.Extensions.WebEncoders 2.0.1 aspnetcore
Microsoft.PowerShell.NanoServer.NetCore.Library 1.0.0 PowerShell Core
MLaw.AspNet.Security.Remote 1.0.0
Mustache 1.0.1 mustache handlebars.js text generation building template
NetCoreForce.Client 2.1.0 salesforce api forcedotcom netstandard netcore
Notakey.Xamarin.Sdk 1.0.0 notakey
nspec 3.1.0 testing bdd tdd rspec mocha
Owin.Security.OpenIdConnect.Server 1.0.2 authentication katana jwt openidconnect owin security
PaulMiami.AspNetCore.Authentication.Authenticator 1.0.0 aspnetcore authenticator totp twofactor 2fa
Piwik.Analytics.NetCore 0.3.0 piwik analytics api
Rabbit.WeiXin 0.3.3 RabbitHub WeiXinSDK Rabbit.WeiXin
rongim.server.netcore 1.0.4
SmartQQ 1.0.0 SmartQQ 'Web QQ'
StatHat 0.12.0 metrics stathat carbon
Storyteller 5.0.0 testing storyteller specifications bdd atdd
TCBase.test 1.0.0 .net core uploadimage
Templarbit 0.1.4 Templarbit.Core
Templarbit.Core 0.1.3 Templarbit.Core
Variel.Web.Notification 2.0.0 web variel sms notification
WebpackManifestTagHelper 1.2.2
Wyam.Docs 1.3.0 Wyam Static StaticContent StaticSite Blog BlogEngine
Wyam.Hosting 1.3.0 Wyam Static StaticContent StaticSite Blog BlogEngine Hosting WebHost
YahooFantasyWrapper 1.0.1 yahoo fantasy sports