Provides base abstract encoding classes for converting blocks of characters to and from blocks of bytes. Commonly Used Types: System.Text.Encoding System.Text.DecoderFallbackException System.Text.Decoder System.Text.EncoderFallbackException System.Text.Encoder System.Text.EncoderFallback System.Text.EncoderFallbackBuffer System.Text.DecoderFallback System.Text.DecoderFallbackBuffer System.Text.DecoderExceptionFallback When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Text.Encoding

Packages that Depend on System.Text.Encoding

PackageLatest VersionTags
AdvanceFramework1 20171023.1.0 .NET Business Application Development
AFBus 1.3.0 Azure-Functions Bus
AlexaCore alexa lambda
AMT.Extensions.System 0.9.0 core extensions base64url
AngleSharp html html5 css css3 xml dom dom4 parser engine hypertext markup language query selector attributes linq angle bracket web internet text headless browser
Asd.AspNet 1.0.0
ASP.NET-StatusBoard.AspNetCore 0.0.22
AzureFunctionsValidator 1.0.0 Azure Functions AzureFunctions Validation DataAnnotation
Beatles.Caching.Redis 1.0.1 Caching Redis
BinarySerializer 8.1.1 Serialization Serializer Binary Format Protocol
Btech.Utils.Security.NetFx 1.0.6
Bud 0.5.2
Caliburn.Micro.LightInject 1.0.6 WPF MVVM Caliburn.Micro LightInject
CloudCore.VirtualWorker 2018.104.110.11215 1.0.41
CommonSharp 1.3.0 c# .net4 .net_core commonsharp
Concentus.OggFile 1.0.3 Concentus Opus Ogg Audio Encoding Decoding Codec Container Media
ConfygureOut.ConfigRSource 1.0.7 configuration
CoolSms 1.1.1 CoolSms Bapul
CSharpAsyncGenerator 0.10.0 Async Generator Roslyn
CSharpEx 1.0.0 csharp extensions
CSharpMath.Ios 0.0.0 latex ios xamarin
Derivco.Orniscient.Proxy 1.2.0 Orleans Monitoring Visualisation
DevZH.FlatBuffers 1.4.0 FlatBuffers Serialization Google
DnsClient 1.0.7 DNS Name Server CSharp .NET .NET Core
DotNetZip.Zip.vNextUnofficial CoreCLR vNext DotNetZip Zip
DotNetZip.Zlib.vNextUnofficial CoreCLR vNext DotNetZip Zip
Durandal.AI.Win32 14.0.2194
Easy.Web 0.1.0 Easy Web HTTP Server WebAPI Core ASPNetCore
Easy.Web.Serialization.Jil 0.1.0 Easy Web JSON Serializer Deserializer Jil
Easy.Web.Serialization.JSONNet 0.1.0 Easy Web JSON Serializer Deserializer Json.NET
Easy.Web.Serialization.NetJSON 0.1.0 Easy Web JSON Serializer Deserializer NetJSON
Easy.Web.Serialization.ProtobufNet 0.1.0 Easy Web binary Serializer Deserializer protobuf-net
Easy.Web.Serialization.XML 0.1.0 Easy Web XML Serializer Deserializer
EasyNetQ 2.3.1 Autofac RabbitMQ Messaging AMQP C#
eQuantic.Core 1.4.10 eQuantic Core Library
FatturaElettronica.Forms 0.7.0 fattura elettronica pubblica amministrazione privati xml
franzmayr.basentypes 1.0.0 BaseN Base16 Base32 Base32-Hex Base64 Base64-Urlsafe DotNet Core .NetStandard
FunctionAppCommon 1.0.0
GameAnalytics.UWP.SDK 1.1.9 gameanalytics
GlobeLabs.Api 1.0.4 api
GravatarHelper.NetStandard 1.0.0 gravatar net standard
Holte.SimArch.DAL.EntityFrameworkCore 0.5 Holte.SimArch .NET
ICHC.NetSerializer Serializer
JiiLib.Media 0.1.0
JiiLib.Net 0.1.1
JJSolutions.SelectUF.AspNet.TagHelper 1.0.1 Select UF Estados Tag Helper
JJSolutions.TableList.AspNet.TagHelper 1.0.6 TableList PagedList Pagination Tag Helper
JS.AutoFactory 1.0.0
JXTNext.Common.API 1.2.1
Kraken.SharePoint.Apps 0.1.8 SharePoint App Addin Add-in Client CSOM Office365 OfficeDevPnp
Kraken.SharePoint.Client 0.3.0 SharePoint Client CSOM Kraken OfficeDevPnp Office365
KumulosXamarinDroid 2.0.5
KumulosXamariniOS 1.1.3
LabTank 1.0.1 Lab
LAM.BotFramework Bot Framework
LooUQ.iotQi.Devices.WinIoT 1.2.2 LooUQ iotQi Device WinIoT UWP
MagicOwl.Sam 1.1.3 MagicOwl
MagicOwl.SamServer 1.1.0 MagicOwl
MailPlus.NET 1.2.0 MailPlus
Manateeworks.UWPBarcodeScanner 1.1.0 Manatee Works Barcode Scanner
MediaWiki.NET 1.0.0 mediawiki wikipedia
MicroLite.Messaging.EventFeed.Extensions 1.0.1 microlite
Microsoft.Azure.Management.Storsimple8000series 1.0.0 Microsoft Azure StorSimple8000Series management StorSimple8000Series StorSimple StorSimple8000Series management
Microsoft.Bot.Connector.DirectLine 3.0.2
Microsoft.Build 15.6.85 MSBuild
Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Core 15.6.85 MSBuild
Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Core 15.6.85 MSBuild
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Common 2.7.0 Roslyn CodeAnalysis Compiler CSharp VB VisualBasic Parser Scanner Lexer Emit CodeGeneration Metadata IL Compilation Scripting Syntax Semantics
Microsoft.DiaSymReader.PortablePdb 1.4.0 DiaSymReader ISymUnmanagedReader Portable PDB COM interop debugging
Microsoft.Net.Compilers.netcore 1.3.2 Roslyn CodeAnalysis Compiler CSharp VB VisualBasic Parser Scanner Lexer Emit CodeGeneration Metadata IL Compilation Scripting Syntax Semantics
Microsoft.NETCore 5.0.0
Microsoft.NETCore.Runtime.CoreCLR-arm 1.0.0
Microsoft.NETCore.Runtime.CoreCLR-x64 1.0.0
Microsoft.NETCore.Runtime.CoreCLR-x86 1.0.0
Microsoft.VisualStudio.Web.BrowserLink.Loader 14.1.0
Mohicansoft.Blogging 1.0.0
More.Extensions 1.3.1 More Patterns Practices
More.UI.Presentation 1.3.1 More Patterns Practices Windows User Interface UI UWP UAP Xamarin
MsgPack.Cli 0.9.2 MsgPack MessagePack Serialization Formatter Serializer
MyAir3Api 1.2.2 C# MyAir AdvantageAir MF micro
MyMojo.AspNet.Identity.MongoDb 1.0.4 MongoDb ASP.NET Identity Core MVC5 AspNet AspNet.Identity AspNet.Identity.MongoDb
NBitcoin.Indexer.BCC 1.0.6 bitcoin cash
NDbfReader 2.1.1 dbf dBASE
NetFusion.Integration 1.0.188 plugin plug-in module autofac mef
NETStandard.Library 2.0.2
Notakey.Xamarin.Sdk 1.0.0 notakey
NPoco 3.9.3 orm sql micro-orm database mvc
Openchain.Infrastructure 0.7.0
Openchain.Ledger 0.4.4
Openchain.Server 0.7.1
Org.Roylance.Summarizer.Api 0.19.0
Org.Roylance.Yaas.Api 0.176.0
Org.Roylance.Yadel.Api 0.203.0
Org.Roylance.Yaorm.Api 0.202.0
OrionWindows.Core 2.0.0 Orion Identity Management
Orleans.MetricsTracker 1.1.0 Measurement Metrics Counters Telemetry APM Monitor