Provides common types for libraries that support runtime serialization. Commonly Used Types: System.SerializableAttribute System.Runtime.Serialization.ISerializable When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters

Packages that Depend on System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters

PackageLatest VersionTags
Abp 2.1.3 mvc boilerplate application framework web framework framework domain driven design
AgileObjects.AgileMapper 0.11.1 Mapper Mapping Mappings ViewModel DTO NetStandard
AntServiceStack.Core 1.0.0
Automatonymous 3.5.12 MassTransit state-machine state event
CG.IO 0.2017.19 IO Archive CodeGator
Cocon90.Db.Common 1.1.2
CoreCover.Extensions.OpenCoverReport 0.1.9 test-coverage code-coverage dotnet-core dotnet-cover coverage cover
Criteo.Profiling.Tracing 0.3.5 Zipkin Tracer Tracing Criteo
CSLA-Core 4.6.600 CSLA Business Core
CSRedisCore 1.0.0 .NETCore Redis CSRedis
DataTransferObjects.MSTest 1.0.1
ElasticScaleCore.Client 1.0.0 elastic pool, sharding, multi-tenant
ElasticScaleNetCore.Client 1.0.0 Microsoft Elastic Scale Azure SQL DB Database Shard Sharding Management Query
EntityFrameworkProfiler 4.0.4041 EntityFramework Profiler Prof EFProf
EntityFrameworkProfiler.Appender 4.0.4041 EntityFramework Profiler Prof EFProf
GoldenEye.Shared.Core 2.0.8
GreenPipes 1.0.10 MassTransit
Hangfire.PostgreSql.NetCore 1.4.3
ICHC.NetSerializer Serializer
Iesi.Collections 4.0.2 Collections ISet
ImpromptuInterface-surgicalcoder 2.0.0
iss.ipsa.platform.core 2.0.0
LamedalOpenXML_Document 2.5.2
LanguageExt.Core 2.0.67 C# Functional Language Extension Monad Option Either Reader Writer State List Set Map Queue Memo Memoization Immutable Lambda Pattern Matching Tuple
LdifHelper 1.0.1 ldif
Linq2DynamoDb.DataContext 2.3.0 Linq2DynamoDb AWS DynamoDb context caching LINQ .Net
LinqInfer 3.8.0 inference linq bayesian probability reasoning machine learning text search neural networks markov chains
log4net 2.0.8 logging log tracing logfiles
log4net-core-preview 2.0.6
Lykke.EmailProvider 1.1.2 Lykke Email Provider
Lykke.EmailProvider.Models 1.1.2 Lykke Email Provider Models
MasterCard-Core-Unofficial 101.1.12 MasterCard netcore net core api core
Microsoft.Azure.Devices 1.2.8 Microsoft Azure IoT IoTHub Service Client SDK
Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Client 1.2.13 Microsoft Azure IoT IoTHub Device Client .net AMQP MQTT HTTP
MultiKeyMap 4.3.1 c# library multikey dictionary
NEventStore.NETStandard 1.0.2 events event sourcing cqrs storage persistence database
Newtonsoft.Json 10.0.3 json
NHibernateProfiler 4.0.4041 NHibernate Profiler Prof NHProf
NHibernateProfiler.Appender 4.0.4041 NHibernate Profiler Prof NHProf
Nuke.Core 0.1.0
OAuth.DotNetCore 1.0.4 oauth dotnetcore
OdinSdk.BaseLib.Core 1.0.7 sdk odinsoft library
OhDotNetLib 2.1.0
OpenRiaServices.Client.Core WCF RIA Services RIAServices Silverlight OpenRiaServices
OpenRiaServices.Signed.Client.Core WCF RIA Services RIAServices Silverlight OpenRiaServices Signed
OptionalSharp 0.7.0 functional optional optional# optionalsharp option immutable null maybe none monad some
plist-cil 1.16.0 apple propertylist property list gnustep plist
pusher-http-dotnet-core 1.0.0
RaisingStudio.MongoDB.Bson 2.2.5 MongoDB .NET Core 1.0
RestSharp.NetCore 105.2.3 RestSharp .NET Core
RobertHargreaves.log4net.Trunk 2.0.6 log4net logging netstandard
SharpFileSystem.Core 0.0.1 vfs sharpfilesystem netstandard
slf4net-api 0.0.1
TECHIS.Core 4.0.5 netstandard .NET Core
Thrower 4.1.3 preconditions check integrity parameters fluent arguments validation portable netstandard