Provides the numeric types System.Numerics.BigInteger and System.Numerics.Complex, which complement the numeric primitives, such as System.Byte, System.Double and System.Int32. Commonly Used Types: System.Numerics.BigInteger System.Numerics.Complex When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Runtime.Numerics

Packages that Depend on System.Runtime.Numerics

PackageLatest VersionTags
AdvanceFramework1 20171023.1.0 .NET Business Application Development
ArangoDB.Client 0.7.60 ArangoDB Arango Client NoSql Database
CloudCore.VirtualWorker 2018.104.110.11215 1.0.41
Colorsfly.Mycat 1.0.0 MyCat MySQL .NET Core
ContentIdentifier 1.0.3 cid
CSharpMath.Ios 0.0.0 latex ios xamarin
DapperExtensions.DotnetCore 1.0.1
Derivco.Orniscient.Proxy 1.2.0 Orleans Monitoring Visualisation
Durandal.AI.Win32 14.0.2194
FatturaElettronica.Forms 0.7.0 fattura elettronica pubblica amministrazione privati xml
FsGame.iOS 1.0.2
FSharp.Core 4.3.4 Visual F# Compiler FSharp functional programming
FunctionAppCommon 1.0.0
Holte.SimArch.DAL.EntityFrameworkCore 0.5 Holte.SimArch .NET
indice.Edi 1.4.1 EDI EDIFact Tradacoms X12 Serializer Parser
Irony.Core 1.0.7 irony parser
Irony.NetCore 1.0.10 irony parser
JJSolutions.SelectUF.AspNet.TagHelper 1.0.1 Select UF Estados Tag Helper
JJSolutions.TableList.AspNet.TagHelper 1.0.6 TableList PagedList Pagination Tag Helper
Kraken.SharePoint.Apps 0.1.8 SharePoint App Addin Add-in Client CSOM Office365 OfficeDevPnp
Kraken.SharePoint.Client 0.3.0 SharePoint Client CSOM Kraken OfficeDevPnp Office365
KumulosXamarinDroid 2.0.5
KumulosXamariniOS 1.1.3
LAM.BotFramework Bot Framework
LibP2P.Abstractions.Connection 1.0.1 libp2p connection
LibP2P.Abstractions.Transport 1.0.3 libp2p transport
LibP2P.Abstractions.Transport.Tests 1.0.3 libp2p transport tests
LibP2P.Host 1.0.2 libp2p host
LibP2P.KBucket 1.0.1 libp2p kbucket
LibP2P.Net 1.0.1 libp2p net
LibP2P.Routing 1.0.2 libp2p routing
LibP2P.Transport.Tcp 1.0.5 libp2p transport tcp
MagicOwl.Sam 1.1.3 MagicOwl
MagicOwl.SamServer 1.1.0 MagicOwl
MathNet.Numerics 4.4.0 math numeric statistics probability integration interpolation regression solve fit linear algebra matrix fft
MathNet.Numerics.FSharp 4.4.0 fsharp F# math numeric statistics probability integration interpolation regression solve fit linear algebra matrix fft
MicroLite.Messaging.EventFeed.Extensions 1.0.1 microlite
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Common 2.7.0 Roslyn CodeAnalysis Compiler CSharp VB VisualBasic Parser Scanner Lexer Emit CodeGeneration Metadata IL Compilation Scripting Syntax Semantics
Microsoft.Net.Compilers.netcore 1.3.2 Roslyn CodeAnalysis Compiler CSharp VB VisualBasic Parser Scanner Lexer Emit CodeGeneration Metadata IL Compilation Scripting Syntax Semantics
Microsoft.NETCore 5.0.0
MsgPack.Cli 0.9.2 MsgPack MessagePack Serialization Formatter Serializer
Multiformats.Base 2.0.1 multiformats multibase base2 base8 base10 base16 base32 base58 base64 z-base32
Multiformats.Stream 1.0.2 multiformats multistream stream mux
MyMojo.AspNet.Identity.MongoDb 1.0.4 MongoDb ASP.NET Identity Core MVC5 AspNet AspNet.Identity AspNet.Identity.MongoDb
NetFusion.Integration 1.0.188 plugin plug-in module autofac mef
NETStandard.Library 2.0.2
Neuronic.Filters 1.0.0 filter iir butterworth biquad DSP
Ngonzalez.ImageProcessorCore 0.0.1 Image Resize Crop Quality Gif Jpg Jpeg Bitmap Png Fluent Animated
Notakey.Xamarin.Sdk 1.0.0 notakey
NxtLib 1.1.27 nxt ardor bitcoin cryptocurrency
Octopus.Client 4.33.0
Ofl.Hashing 1.0.3 hashing fnv-1a fnv fowler-noll-vo
Ofl.Numerics 1.0.2 numerics biginteger
Openchain.Infrastructure 0.7.0
Openchain.Ledger 0.4.4
Orleans.MetricsTracker 1.1.0 Measurement Metrics Counters Telemetry APM Monitor
Orleans.StorageProvider.Arango 1.5.2 orleans storage-provider arnago
Orleans.TelemetryConsumers.MetricsTracker 1.0.0 Measurement Metrics Counters Telemetry APM Monitor
ParticleBuddy 1.0.30 pcl windows phone winphone android ios universal monogame
plist-cil 1.16.0 apple propertylist property list gnustep plist
Pomelo.Data.MySql.Unofficial 1.0.1 MySQL .NET Core
PSC.Xamarin.Controls.BindablePicker 1.0.6383.20602 xamarin forms bindable picker
PSC.Xamarin.MobileCenter 1.0.7 xamarin forms azure mobile center
RavuAlHemio.PbmNet 0.0.9 netpbm pbm pnm pgm ppm
scaut.EventStoreFsExt 0.1.38 eventstore
ServiceFabric.Watchdog.Connector 1.0.0 ServiceFabric Microsoft Azure Fabric
SixtenLabs.Spawn 1.0.81 Code Generator Roslyn
SixtenLabs.Spawn.CSharp 1.0.81 C# Code Generator
SpreadsheetGear 8.1.16 excel reporting charting calculations xlsx xls xlsm csv txt c# .net core uwp xamarin.ios xamarin.forms mono spreadsheet spreadsheetgear
SquaredInfinity.Foundation.Experimental 1.5.0
startmobile.ioshelpers 1.0.40
Sundew.Generator.MSBuild 2.0.0
Susanoo.Core 3.3.2 orm sql microorm
System.Data.HashFunction.Core 2.0.0 hash function
System.Security.Cryptography.Algorithms 4.3.1
System.Security.Cryptography.OpenSsl 4.4.0
System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates 4.3.2
TECHIS.Serialization.MessagePack 0.1.2 Azure Storage Serialization Cloud Messaging MessagePack
Templarbit 0.1.4 Templarbit.Core
Templarbit.Core 0.1.3 Templarbit.Core
TestSample23.iOS 1.0.4 C# Xamarin.ios
Trill 2018.3.2.1
uIntra Compent Uintra
VisualStudio.Extensibility.Common 1.0.96
Weloop.Plugin 1.0.29
WisdomCloud.Identity 5.8.7 WisdomCloud Identity