Provides the System.Runtime.Loader.AssemblyLoadContext class, which provides members for loading assemblies. Commonly Used Types: System.Runtime.Loader.AssemblyLoadContext When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Here are the packages that version 4.3.0 of System.Runtime.Loader depends on.

System.IO : (4.3.0) System.Reflection : (4.3.0) System.Runtime : (4.3.0)




Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Runtime.Loader

Packages that Depend on System.Runtime.Loader

PackageLatest VersionTags
Abc.Xacml 1.2.1 XACML OASIS
abioc 0.7.0
Acb.Core 1.6.1
ACC 1.0.3
AndyC.Patterns 0.1.0
Aoite.Web 5.9.11
AppBrix.Data 0.13.0 AppBrix Module Data
aqua-core 4.5.1 type-info dynamic-object expando-object object-mapping object-mapper
Aspectus 3.1.1 AOP
AWS.Logger.Core 1.3.1 AWS Cloudwatch Logger
Bailun.AspnetCore.Utility 1.0.4
Base2art.Standard.IO io files directory-walking wildcard-matching
BatchProcessor.Library 1.1.0
BlueMilk 0.8.7
Bonus.Immutable 2.1.2
BotSharp.Core 0.4.0 NLU Chatbot Bot AI Bot Artificial Intelligence
canhcam.base 1.0.2322.12
Castle.Windsor 5.0.0 castle windsor inversionOfControl DependencyInjection
Ccf.Ck.Cli.NodeSetModelGenerator 1.0.6 kraft cli tools corekraft bindkraft framework
ChaosCore.Ioc 1.0.1
Citms.Common.Core 1.5.5 微服务 Autofac AutoMapper HttpClient ServiceDiscovery
CodeGeneration.Roslyn.Engine 0.5.13
Cogito.Core 3.0.0 cogito
CoherentSolutions.Extensions.Configuration.AnyWhere 1.0.3 configuration anywhere
Com.Latipium.Core 2.0.3 Latipium Development Non-Mod
Cometary.Analyzer 0.2.0 roslyn meta metaprogramming cometary analyzer
Convex convex irc library bot
CoreCover.Instrumentation 0.1.9 test-coverage code-coverage dotnet-core dotnet-cover coverage cover
CoreExtensions.Composition 1.0.0
CoreHook.CoreLoad 1.0.0
CoreHook.DependencyModel 1.0.0
CoreUtilities.Assembly 1.0.0
Crest.OpenApi.Generator 0.2.2
Cronus 5.3.1 CQRS DDD ES Event store sourcing
CSharpToTypeScript.Core 0.0.2
CSharpToTypeScript.SimpleInjector 0.0.2
CS-Script.Core 1.0.6 C# scripting script dynamic .NET. .NET Core
Dashing.Cli 2.1.3 dashing dapper orm sql mini-orm
DataPipe.Core 0.0.1 datapipe data
Dazinate.Dnn.Manifest 0.1.1
DHaven.Faux 1.3.99 webservice client generator
dn32.infraestrutura 1.2.4
doLittle.Assemblies 2.6.0 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
Dolittle.Edge.Modules 1.3.4 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
Dolores 1.0.6
DotEasy.Rpc 1.0.1
dotnet-codegen 0.5.13
DotnetFramework.Mvc 1.0.1
DotnetSpider.Core 3.0.8 DotnetSpider crawler dotnet core
DotNetStarter 3.2.0 Startup Modules DI
DotStep.Builder 2.2.1 AWS StepFunctions DotNet
DotStep.Common 2.2.0
DotVVM 2.1.0 dotvvm mvvm owin dotnetcore dnx
Doway.Core.DotNetty 1.0.4
DWKit-Core 2.5.3 dwkit bpm formbuilder workflow optimajet
Edge.js 8.2.1 node.js node .net edge edge.js v8 clr coreclr mono interop javascript
EdgeJs 9.3.4 node.js node .net edge edge.js v8 clr coreclr mono interop javascript
Elect.Core 2.5.0 aspnetcore elect topnguyen
EntityFrameworkProfiler 5.0.5033 EntityFramework Profiler Prof EFProf
EntityFrameworkProfiler.Appender 5.0.5033 EntityFramework Profiler Prof EFProf
Erden.Configuration 1.0.1 erden
Es.Framework.Schedule 0.0.19
Es.Framework.Web 0.0.19
ExistAll.SimpleConfig 4.2.0 Configuration Settings Ioc DI ExistsForAll Dependency injection Options
ExpressionDebugger 2.0.0 expression linq debug
ExtCore.WebApplication 4.0.0
Extreme.Numerics 7.0.5 math statistics probability machine learning ml numerics linear algebra matrix vector solve optimization curve fit model fft integration differentiation interpolation regression
EY.Common 1.8.0
Fable.Compiler 1.3.18 fsharp fable javascript f# js
Fable.FCS 16.0.3 F# fsharp interactive compiler editor
Faithlife.DockerShim 0.1.1 docker core console
Fake.DotNet.Fsc 5.12.6 build fake f#
Fake.Runtime 5.12.6 build fake f#
FakeItEasy 5.1.0 TDD unittesting mocks mocking fakes faking stubs stubbing spy spies doubles isolation substitutes substitution
Fbx.VideoConverter 1.0.1
Fmp.Executioner 1.0.136
FSharp.Compiler.Service 27.0.1 F# fsharp interactive compiler editor
goodREST.Middleware 1.0.130
GraphicsCore.Platforms.Desktop 1.0.5 Graphics OpenGL
Grpc.Core 1.19.0 gRPC RPC Protocol HTTP/2
gtaserver.core 1.0.0
Guru 2.6.0
guytp-webapi 2.0.1823
HB.Core 1.0.0
HBD.Mef WPF Winform Console DI Dependency-Injection Mef IoC
HQ 1.0.70 hq hq-io dotnet-standard serverless platform
HQ.Extensions.CodeGeneration 1.0.72 hq hq-io dotnet-standard serverless platform
Hy.Modeller.Core 2.1.15 Code Generator C#
IBM.Data.DB2.Core-lnx IBM .NET Core IBM Data Server Driver for .NET Core IBM IBM DB Data Informix ADO.NET Core
IBM.Data.DB2.Core-osx IBM .NET Core IBM Data Server Driver for .NET Core IBM IBM DB Data Informix ADO.NET Core
Innovation.ServiceBus.InProcess 2.0.4 Innovation CQRS Service Bus InProcess
InRule.Repository 5.3.1 InRule irSDK
Insight.Database.Core 6.2.8 Insight orm sql micro-orm sqlserver db2 glimpse miniprofiler mysql oracle postgres sybase sybasease sqlite sqllite
Interpose.Core netcore aop interception netstandard
IoC.Configuration 2.0.2 IoC Configuration IoC+Configuration dependency+injection inversion+of+control Autofac Ninject IoC.Configuration dependency+injection+configuration