Provides APIs to query about runtime and OS information. Commonly Used Types: System.Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeInformation System.Runtime.InteropServices.OSPlatform When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeInformation

Packages that Depend on System.Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeInformation

PackageLatest VersionTags
AdvanceFramework1 20171023.1.0 .NET Business Application Development
Alagiri.MySql.Data 8.0.9 MySql .NET Connector MySql Connector/NET netcore .Net Core MySql Conector/Net Core coreclr C/NET C/Net Core
AnbuTestPack 2.9.0
Asd.AspNet 1.0.0
aspnet5.microservice 0.5.4 api microservice vitals health check
Assent 1.2.1
Automatonymous 3.6.1 MassTransit state-machine state event
Bivouac 0.0.3
Blazor.Compiler 0.3.0
Blueberry.Core 0.0.2018.112
Bluetopo.Cache.Factory Bluetopo Cache Factory Bluetopo.Cache.Factory
Bluetopo.Cache.Redis Bluetopo Cache Redis Bluetopo.Cache.Redis
Bluetopo.Util.MQ Bluetopo Util MQ Bluetopo.Util.MQ
Bluetopo.Util.MultiLanguage Bluetopo Util MultiLanguage Bluetopo.Util.MultiLanguage
Business.Lib Business Core Lib
Cake.Core 0.25.0 Cake Script Build
Calabash.XDB.Core 1.0.2
Canducci.MongoDB.Repository4.5 2.0.2
CloudCore.TestSite 2018.101.111.11311
Codentia.Common.Data 6.0.0
Cofoundry.Plugins.BackgroundTasks.Hangfire 0.1.1 Cofoundry Hangfire Plugin BackgroundTasks
Cofoundry.Plugins.DependencyInjection.Autofac.Web 0.1.0 Cofoundry Autofac Plugin DependencyInjection DI
Cofoundry.Plugins.ErrorLogging.Admin 0.1.0 Cofoundry Plugin ErrorLogging Admin
Cofoundry.Web 0.1.10 Cofoundry Web CMS
Cofoundry.Web.Admin 0.1.10 Cofoundry Web Admin CMS
Concode.Common.Mongo 2.1.2 Dox
Concode.Common.MongoLanguage 1.0.0 Dox Language
Concode.Common.Web 2.3.0 Dox
CreaSoft.Composition.CommonServiceLocator 2.0.1 CreaSoft CommonServiceLocator
CreaSoft.Composition.Console 1.1.2 CreaSoft Composition Console
CreaSoft.Composition.Web 1.1.0 CreaSoft Composition Web
CreaSoft.Composition.Web.Extensions 1.1.0 CreaSoft Composition Web Extensions
CreaSoft.Composition.Web.Forms 1.1.1 CreaSoft Composition Web Forms
CreaSoft.Composition.Web.Http 1.1.0
CreaSoft.Composition.Web.Mvc 1.1.0 CreaSoft Composition Web Mvc
CreaSoft.Logging.EntityFramework 1.1.0 CreaSoft Logging EntityFramework
CrossPlatformLibraryLoader 0.0.1
CSharpAsyncGenerator 0.8.2 Async Generator Roslyn
CSharpMath.Ios 0.0.0 latex ios xamarin
DBTek.BugGuardian 2.1.0 Bug TFS VSTS Team Foundation Server Visual Studio Services Unhandled Exceptions Exception
Derivco.Orniscient.Proxy 1.2.0 Orleans Monitoring Visualisation
Devart.Data.MySql 8.10.1061 MySQL ADO.NET provider Database
DK.Controls.Android Xamarin Forms Android iOS DK-Xamarin
DK.DeviceInformation Xamarin Forms Android iOS DK-Xamarin
DK.DeviceInformation.Android Xamarin Forms Android iOS DK-Xamarin
DK.Resources.Android Xamarin Forms Android iOS DK-Xamarin
DK.SQLite.Android Xamarin Forms Android iOS DK-Xamarin
DnsClient 1.0.7 DNS Name Server CSharp .NET .NET Core
DotLiquid.Tests 1.0.0
DotLiquid.Website.Tests 1.0.0
DotnetSpider.Redial 0.0.9 DotnetSpider
DotnetSpider2.Core 2.3.9 DotnetSpider crawler cross platform dotnet core
DSharpPlus 3.2.3 discord discord-api bots discord-bots chat dsharp dsharpplus csharp dotnet vb-net fsharp webhooks
Ductus.FluentDocker 2.2.8 Docker Docker-Compose Docker Compose Docker-Machine Docker Machine Linux Windows Mac Fluent NET Core
E01D.Core.Data.Ef 1.2017.109.4 E01D
E01D.Core.Settings.Data.Ef 1.2017.109.4 E01D
Easy.Common 2.8.3 Easy Common
EasyDo mvc
Es.Logging.Console 1.1.6 logging log logger
FatturaElettronica.Forms 0.7.0 fattura elettronica pubblica amministrazione privati xml
FRC.NetworkTables 3.1.8 WPILib FRC FIRST RoboRio
FRC.NetworkTables.Core 3.1.8 WPILib FRC FIRST RoboRio
FRC.OpenCvSharp 1.0.3 WPILib FRC FIRST RoboRio
Gaia.Core.IoC.Autofac 1.17.345.1
GreenPipes 1.2.0 MassTransit
Holte.SimArch.DAL.EntityFrameworkCore 0.5 Holte.SimArch .NET
ICCorp.Infraestructura.Repositorio.MongoDB Repository MongoDB
Jabberwocky.Glass.Autofac 2.0.0 Velir Jabberwocky Glass Autofac
Jamsoft.Drawing 1.1.0
JJSolutions.SelectUF.AspNet.TagHelper 1.0.1 Select UF Estados Tag Helper
JJSolutions.TableList.AspNet.TagHelper 1.0.6 TableList PagedList Pagination Tag Helper
jsreport.Local 1.1.0 jsreport report pdf excel
K0NRT15.App.Extensions 1.0.14 k0nrt15
Kraken.SharePoint.Apps 0.1.8 SharePoint App Addin Add-in Client CSOM Office365 OfficeDevPnp
Kraken.SharePoint.Client 0.3.0 SharePoint Client CSOM Kraken OfficeDevPnp Office365
KumulosXamarinDroid 2.0.3
KumulosXamariniOS 1.1.3
LAN.Core.Types 2.1.0 BSON JSON Serialization
LAN.Core.Types.BsonSerialization 1.3.0 BSON Serialization
LiteHtmlSharp.Mac 1.1.10 litehtml litehtmlsharp html render coregraphics xamarin mac
log4net 2.0.8 logging log tracing logfiles
log4net-core-preview 2.0.6
Logiwa.Common 2017.12.27.2 Common
MagicOwl.Sam 1.1.3 MagicOwl
MagicOwl.SamServer 1.1.0 MagicOwl
MassTransit.Marten 4.0.0 MassTransit
MassTransit.MongoDb 4.0.0 MassTransit
MathNet.Numerics.Core 3.17.0
MediaOnly 1.0.1
MicroLite.Messaging.EventFeed.Extensions 1.0.1 microlite
Microsoft.Build 15.5.180 MSBuild
Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Core 15.5.180 MSBuild
Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Core 15.5.180 MSBuild