Provides commonly-used classes for performing mathematical functions, conversions, string comparisons and querying environment information. Commonly Used Types: System.Math System.Environment System.Random System.Progress<T> System.Convert System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch System.Runtime.Versioning.FrameworkName System.StringComparer System.IO.Path When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Runtime.Extensions

Packages that Depend on System.Runtime.Extensions

PackageLatest VersionTags
2GIS.ChmLibCore 1.0.3 2GIS libchmsharp2 chmsharp2 chm lzx
AdvanceFramework1 20170610.2.0 .NET Business Application Development
Akismet 0.5.0 json
Akka.Cluster.Sharding 1.0.6 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency cluster sharding
Akka.Cluster.TestKit 1.2.1 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency
Akka.DI.TestKit 1.2.1 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency DI
Akka.TestKit.Xunit2 1.2.1 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency xUnit
Alyio.Extensions 1.1.1 Extensions Methods
AngleSharp 0.9.9 html html5 css css3 xml dom dom4 parser engine hypertext markup language query selector attributes linq angle bracket web internet text headless browser
AppLib Tag1 Tag2
ASP.NET-StatusBoard.AspNetCore 0.0.22
Assent 1.0.0
AuthenticatedEncryption 1.0.1
AutoMapper 6.1.0
AutoSitecore 1.0.0 Testing Sitecore AutoFixture NSubstitute
Autotask 0.1.6 autotask
AWSSDK.Core AWS Amazon cloud aws-sdk-v3
Axelius.Framework.Providers 1.0.6
AztecaSoftware.Framework3.Web 3.4.36 AztecaSoftware Kernel Framework3
Base36 1.0.0 base10 base36 shortener
Baseline 1.4.0
BattleDotSwag 3.1.0
Battlelog.BattlelogApi 1.0.1 battlelog battlefield bf bf4 bfh hardline
Bazam.Twitter 1.0.6 Twitter
BCrypt.Net-Core 1.4.0 bcrypt Cryptography
BCrypt.Net-Next 2.1.1 bcrypt BCrypt.Net cryptography hashing password security hash crypto blowfish
Bijection 1.0.0
BinarySerializer 7.5.4 Serialization Serializer Binary Format Protocol
BootstrapMvc.Core 2.3.0 Bootstrap Mvc HtmlHelpers
BSCustomTitleBar 0.1.0 custom title bar uwp
Bud 0.5.2
Burble 0.0.5 http api client instrumenting logging retry throttling
ByteSize 1.3.0 bytes
Caliburn.Micro.LightInject 1.0.3 WPF MVVM Caliburn.Micro LightInject Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection
Carbon.Color 1.2.0 carbon color
Carbon.Css 0.6.0 css scss autoprefix
Carbon.Data 0.16.0 data carbon
Carbon.Data.Annotations 1.3.2 data annotations carbon
Carbon.Data.Protection 0.9.0 hashing signing protection carbon
Carbon.Extensions 0.11.0 carbon
Carbon.Geography 0.8.0 geography carbon
Carbon.Geometry 0.8.1
Carbon.Json 1.4.1 json carbon
Carbon.Logging 1.1.0 logging carbon
Carbon.Media 1.7.2 media mimes carbon
Carbon.Media.Metadata 1.3.0
Carbon.Platform 1.49.2 platform carbon
Carbon.Platform.Abstractions 1.30.1 platform carbon
Carbon.Platform.Diagnostics 0.14.0 platform diagnostics carbon
Carbon.Platform.Monitoring 0.15.0 platform monitoring carbon
Carbon.Platform.Web 1.20.0 frontends libraries carbon
Carbon.Profiling 0.6.1 profiling carbon
Carbon.Scheduling 1.0.0 workers carbon
Carbon.Storage 1.8.1 buckets storage carbon
Carbon.Time 1.2.0 isoduration intervals tz carbon
Carbon.Vault 0.11.1
CassandraCSharpDriver 3.3.1 cassandra apache datastax driver client database nosql dotnet netcore db
CertiPay.Payroll.Common 2.1.38 certipay payroll
Chartect.IO charset detection heuristic fuzzy ascii unicode
Cheers.Data.EntityFramework 1.2.0 Cheers Data EntityFrameworkCore
CloseEnoughEquality 2.0.0 .net Equality deep Compare
Cloudinary.Core 1.31.0 cloudinary cdn core
Cocon90.Db.Common 1.1.2
Cofoundry.Plugins.BackgroundTasks.Hangfire 0.1.1 Cofoundry Hangfire Plugin BackgroundTasks
Cofoundry.Plugins.DependencyInjection.Autofac.Web 0.1.0 Cofoundry Autofac Plugin DependencyInjection DI
Cofoundry.Plugins.ErrorLogging.Admin 0.1.0 Cofoundry Plugin ErrorLogging Admin
Cofoundry.Web 0.1.8 Cofoundry Web CMS
Cofoundry.Web.Admin 0.1.8 Cofoundry Web Admin CMS
Colorful.Console 1.0.7 Style Styled Output Colourful Colorful Console Command Line ASCII Art FIGlet
Colorsfly.Mycat 1.0.0 MyCat MySQL .NET Core
Comet xaml uwp metro converters pull-to-refresh slidableitem pulltorefresh pulltorefreshlistview refreshablelistview win10 windows10 controls wpdev
CommandLineArgumentsParser 3.0.12 commandline parse validate args arguments
CommandLineParser.Unofficial 2.0.275
CommandLineRunner 0.0.7 cmd command line
ConcurrentHashSet 1.0.1 concurrency
Confluent.Kafka 0.9.5 kafka librdkafka confluent
Constellation.Foundation.Caching Sitecore Sitecore Helix Habitat SXA Foundation
Constellation.Foundation.Mvc Sitecore Sitecore Helix Habitat SXA Foundation Mvc
CoPilot.ORM 1.0.1 CoPilot micro ORM O/RM core netstandard mapper sql data DAL
CoreCompat.Portable.Licensing 1.1.4 Portable.Licensing PCL Portable Licensing License Key KeyGenerator Protection Signing Nauck
CoreTweet Twitter
CoreTweetSupplement twitter
CSharpAsyncGenerator 0.2.4 Async Generator Roslyn
CSharpEx 1.0.0 csharp extensions
csharp-monad 1.0.1 C# Functional Monad Option Either Reader Writer State
Dapper 1.50.2 orm sql micro-orm
Dapper.StrongName 1.50.2 orm sql micro-orm
Dapplo.HttpExtensions 0.6.22 http uri extensions
Dapplo.HttpExtensions.JsonNet 0.6.22 http uri extensions
Dapplo.HttpExtensions.JsonSimple 0.6.22 http uri extensions json
Dapplo.Utils 1.0.150
Dapplo.Utils.Notify 1.0.150
Dataline.Elster 0.3.9 ELSTER
Dataline.Elster.Basis 0.3.9 ELSTER Basis
Dataline.Tax.LSt2014 2.0.18 Tax Lohn Berechnung Lohnsteuer DATALINE 2014
Dataline.Tax.LSt2015 2.0.18 Tax Lohn Berechnung Lohnsteuer DATALINE 2015
Dataline.Tax.LSt201512 2.0.18 Tax Lohn Berechnung Lohnsteuer DATALINE 201512
Dataline.Tax.LSt2016 2.0.18 Tax Lohn Berechnung Lohnsteuer DATALINE 2016
Dataline.Tax.LSt2017 2.0.18 Tax Lohn Berechnung Lohnsteuer DATALINE 2017