Provides classes and attributes that allow developers to create, store, and manage various culture-specific resources used in an application. Commonly Used Types: System.Resources.ResourceManager System.Resources.NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute System.Resources.SatelliteContractVersionAttribute System.Resources.MissingManifestResourceException When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Resources.ResourceManager

Packages that Depend on System.Resources.ResourceManager

PackageLatest VersionTags
Akka.Cluster.Sharding 1.0.6 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency cluster sharding
Akka.Cluster.Tools 1.0.6 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency cluster
AngleSharp 0.9.9 html html5 css css3 xml dom dom4 parser engine hypertext markup language query selector attributes linq angle bracket web internet text headless browser
ASP.NET-StatusBoard.AspNetCore 0.0.16
Autofac.Configuration 4.0.1 autofac di ioc dependencyinjection
Autofac.Extras.MvvmCross 4.0.2 autofac di ioc dependencyinjection
AutoMapper 6.0.2
AutoSitecore 1.0.0 Testing Sitecore AutoFixture NSubstitute
Axelius.Framework.Providers 1.0.7
AztecaSoftware.Framework3.Web 3.4.7 AztecaSoftware Kernel Framework3
BinarySerializer 7.2.0 Serialization Serializer Binary Format Protocol
Brandbank.Api 0.0.8 Brandbank Api
Brandbank.Xml 0.0.8 Brandbank Xml
Bud 0.5.2
ByteSize 1.3.0 bytes
Castle.Core 4.0.0 castle dynamicproxy dynamic proxy dynamicproxy2 dictionaryadapter emailsender
Chartect.IO charset detection heuristic fuzzy ascii unicode
Cheers.Data.EntityFramework 1.2.0 Cheers Data EntityFrameworkCore
Claytondus.AddressParser 0.1.0
Cofoundry.Plugins.DependencyInjection.Autofac.Web 0.1.0 Cofoundry Autofac Plugin DependencyInjection DI
Cofoundry.Plugins.ErrorLogging.Admin 0.1.0 Cofoundry Plugin ErrorLogging Admin
Cofoundry.Web 0.1.4 Cofoundry Web CMS
Cofoundry.Web.Admin 0.1.4 Cofoundry Web Admin CMS
CommandLineArgumentsParser 3.0.7 commandline parse validate args arguments
Constellation.Foundation.Caching Sitecore Sitecore Helix Habitat SXA Foundation
Constellation.Foundation.Mvc Sitecore Sitecore Helix Habitat SXA Foundation Mvc
Dataline.Elster 0.3.9 ELSTER
Dataline.Elster.Basis 0.3.9 ELSTER Basis
Dates.Recurring 1.0.14 Dates Recurring Repeating Recur Repeat System.DateTime Schedule
DateTimeExtensions 4.0.2 Natural Date Time Relative Calendar Holiday Workingday DateTime
DeepEnds.Console 2.7.0 DGML Modeling Modelling Doxygen CodeAnalysis CSharp VB VisualBasic static_analysis c++ java IDL ObjectiveC Fortran PHP Python TCL VHDL
Devedse.Roslinq Roslyn Linq
DLogger.Extensions.Logging ASP.NET Core logging database logger
DotStatic.Core 1.1.0 C# Static Analysis Classes Project Solution
DspAdpcm 1.1.1 audio dspadpcm adpcm brstm Nintendo
dylan.NET.Tasks .NET4.0 .NET4.5 DNX4.5.1 NETCORE5.0 Mono PCL
EfCore.Shaman 1.0.17049.42 EntityFrameworkCore
EfCore.Shaman.SqlServer 1.0.17049.35 EntityFrameworkCore
Efect 1.0.0 EntityFramework
ElasticScaleNetCore.Client 1.0.0 Microsoft Elastic Scale Azure SQL DB Database Shard Sharding Management Query
Enums.NET 2.0.0 enum
Exceptionless.DateTimeExtensions 3.2.65 DateTime DateTimeOffset Business TimeSpan DateTimeRange Extensions extension
FallDave.Trifles 1.0.5967.16537
FallDave.Trifles.Xml 1.0.6045.17552
FluentValidation 6.4.1
FSharp.Core F# FSharp FSharp.Core
GameAnalytics.UWP.SDK 1.1.8 gameanalytics
GlobeLabs.Api 1.0.4 api
HLI.Core mvvm ddd serialization Audit changetracking
Holte.SimArch.DAL.EntityFrameworkCore 0.4.7 Holte.SimArch .NET
indice.Edi 1.1.2 EDI EDIFact Tradacoms X12 Serializer Parser
IX.Observable 0.4.0
JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Core 2.2.0 JavaScriptEngineSwitcher JavaScript ECMAScript
JS.AutoFactory 1.0.0
Keystone.Almanac.EventLog 2.0.6
King.Collections 2.1.4 King.Collections Collection Collections Sort Sorting Bubble Quicksort Selection Shellsort Priority Queue Tree Node FiFo
Kraken.SharePoint.Client 0.2.79 SharePoint Client CSOM Kraken OfficeDevPnp Office365
LabTank 1.0.1 Lab
LAM.BotFramework Bot Framework
LamedalOpenXML_Document 2.5.2
LibSassHost 1.0.1 libSass Sass SCSS CSS
LowLevelDesign.Diagnostics.LogStore.Commons 1.0.17047.1
MailPlus.NET 1.2.0 MailPlus
MassTransit.Marten 3.5.6 MassTransit
MathNet.Numerics.Core 3.17.0
MaxMind.Db 2.1.3 maxmind ip geoip geoip2 geolocation maxmind ipv4 ipv6 mmdb maxminddb
Meziantou.Framework 1.0.7
MicroLite.Messaging.EventFeed.Extensions 1.0.1 microlite
Microsoft.AspNetCore.WebSockets.Protocol 0.1.0
Microsoft.Async.Transformations 0.0.1 Microsoft Async Transformations Functional
Microsoft.Azure.Management.Search 1.0.1 Microsoft Azure Search Microsoft Azure Search Management REST HTTP client search azureofficial windowsazureofficial
Microsoft.Azure.Search 3.0.2 Microsoft Azure Search REST HTTP client search azureofficial windowsazureofficial
Microsoft.Build 15.1.548 MSBuild
Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Core 15.1.548 MSBuild
Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Core 15.1.548 MSBuild
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Common 2.0.0 Roslyn CodeAnalysis Compiler CSharp VB VisualBasic Parser Scanner Lexer Emit CodeGeneration Metadata IL Compilation Scripting Syntax Semantics
Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Scripting.Common 2.0.0 Roslyn CodeAnalysis Compiler CSharp VB VisualBasic Parser Scanner Lexer Emit CodeGeneration Metadata IL Compilation Scripting Syntax Semantics
Microsoft.CSharp 4.3.0
Microsoft.Net.Compilers.netcore 1.3.2 Roslyn CodeAnalysis Compiler CSharp VB VisualBasic Parser Scanner Lexer Emit CodeGeneration Metadata IL Compilation Scripting Syntax Semantics
Microsoft.Net.WebSockets.Server 0.1.0
Microsoft.NETCore 5.0.0
Microsoft.NETCore.Runtime.CoreCLR-arm 1.0.0
Microsoft.NETCore.Runtime.CoreCLR-x64 1.0.0
Microsoft.NETCore.Runtime.CoreCLR-x86 1.0.0
Microsoft.VisualBasic 10.1.0
Microsoft.VisualStudio.Threading 15.0.240 Threading Async Lock Synchronization Threadsafe
Microsoft.VisualStudio.Validation 15.0.82 InputValidation IntegrityCheck
Microsoft.Win32.Registry 4.3.0
Microsoft.Win32.Registry.AccessControl 4.3.0
Moq 4.7.1 moq tdd mocking mocks unittesting agile unittest
More 1.3.1 More Patterns Practices
More.Composition 1.2.0 More Patterns Practices Composition MEF
More.UI 1.3.1 More Patterns Practices UI User Interfaces Model View MVVM MVC MVP