Provides classes and attributes that allow developers to create, store, and manage various culture-specific resources used in an application. Commonly Used Types: System.Resources.ResourceManager System.Resources.NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute System.Resources.SatelliteContractVersionAttribute System.Resources.MissingManifestResourceException When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Resources.ResourceManager

Packages that Depend on System.Resources.ResourceManager

PackageLatest VersionTags
AdvanceFramework1 20171023.1.0 .NET Business Application Development
AFBus 1.3.0 Azure-Functions Bus
AFS.Prism.Core 7.0.10 prism wpf xamarin mvvm uwp uap xaml
Akka.Persistence.Oracle 1.3.8 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency persistence eventsource oracle
Alagiri.MySql.Data 8.0.9 MySql .NET Connector MySql Connector/NET netcore .Net Core MySql Conector/Net Core coreclr C/NET C/Net Core
AMQPNetLite.Core 2.1.3 AMQP coreclr .NetCore netstandard
AngleSharp html html5 css css3 xml dom dom4 parser engine hypertext markup language query selector attributes linq angle bracket web internet text headless browser
Asd.AspNet 1.0.0
ASP.NET-StatusBoard.AspNetCore 0.0.22
AttributeBuilder.Standard 1.5.8
Autofac.Configuration 4.0.1 autofac di ioc dependencyinjection
Autofac.Extras.MvvmCross 4.0.2 autofac di ioc dependencyinjection
AutoMapper 7.0.0
AutoSitecore 1.0.0 Testing Sitecore AutoFixture NSubstitute
AzureFunctionsValidator 1.0.0 Azure Functions AzureFunctions Validation DataAnnotation
Bam.Net.Automation 1.13.0
Beatles.Caching.Redis 1.0.1 Caching Redis
Best.Conventional.Roslyn 4.0.8 Convention Testing
BinarySerializer 8.1.3 Serialization Serializer Binary Format Protocol
BtInjector 0.1.0
Bud 0.5.2
BumperLane.Hosted.Api.V2.Application 1.3.1 virteom bumperlane
BumperLane.Tenant.Api.Framework 2.3.1 virteom bumperlane
ByteSize 1.3.0 bytes
chargeio-net 1.1.1 affinipay lawpay chargeio
Chartect.IO charset detection heuristic fuzzy ascii unicode
Cheers.Data.EntityFramework 1.2.0 Cheers Data EntityFrameworkCore
Claytondus.AddressParser 0.1.0
CloudCore.VirtualWorker 2018.105.116.11230 1.0.41
Colorsfly.Mycat 1.0.0 MyCat MySQL .NET Core
CommandLineArgumentsParser 3.0.18 commandline parse validate args arguments
CommandLineParser 2.2.1 command line commandline argument option parser parsing library syntax shell
CommandLineParser.FSharp 2.2.1 command line commandline argument option parser parsing library syntax shell
Concentus.OggFile 1.0.3 Concentus Opus Ogg Audio Encoding Decoding Codec Container Media
ConfigDecorators.Integrations.CommandLineParser 1.0.1 Configuration
ConfygureOut.ConfigRSource 1.0.7 configuration
CoreCompat.plist-cil 1.16.0 apple propertylist property list gnustep plist
CoreCompat.Portable.Licensing 1.1.4 Portable.Licensing PCL Portable Licensing License Key KeyGenerator Protection Signing Nauck
Cronus.Api 0.1.1
CSharpMath.Ios 0.0.0 latex ios xamarin
Dataline.Elster 0.4.1 ELSTER
Dataline.Elster.Basis 0.3.9 ELSTER Basis
DateTimeExtensions 5.1.0 Natural Date Time Relative Calendar Holiday Workingday DateTime
DeepEnds.Console 2.7.0 DGML Modeling Modelling Doxygen CodeAnalysis CSharp VB VisualBasic static_analysis c++ java IDL ObjectiveC Fortran PHP Python TCL VHDL
Derivco.Orniscient.Proxy 1.2.0 Orleans Monitoring Visualisation
Devedse.Roslinq Roslyn Linq
DHaven.BibleUtilities 1.0.2 bible parsing internationalized netcore
DotStatic.Core 1.1.0 C# Static Analysis Classes Project Solution
EasyNetQ 3.0.0 Autofac RabbitMQ Messaging AMQP C#
Efect 1.0.0 EntityFramework
ElasticScaleCore.Client 1.0.0 elastic pool, sharding, multi-tenant
Elmish.Forms 0.1.3 Elmish Xamarin Forms F# Elm 1.4.5 extension
FallDave.Trifles 1.0.5967.16537
FallDave.Trifles.Xml 1.0.6045.17552
FSharp.Core 4.5.0 Visual F# Compiler FSharp functional programming
FunctionAppCommon 1.0.0
GameAnalytics.UWP.SDK 1.1.12 gameanalytics
Geodan.SensorThings.SDK 0.2.2
GlobeLabs.Api 1.0.4 api
Holte.SimArch.DAL.EntityFrameworkCore 0.5 Holte.SimArch .NET
Ignition.Foundation.Core ignition sitecore accelerator framework helix habitat
JJSolutions.SelectUF.AspNet.TagHelper 1.0.1 Select UF Estados Tag Helper
JJSolutions.TableList.AspNet.TagHelper 1.0.6 TableList PagedList Pagination Tag Helper
JS.AutoFactory 1.0.0
KatanaNetStandard 3.0.7 owin katana
King.Collections 2.1.5 King.Collections Collection Collections Sort Sorting Bubble Quicksort Selection Shellsort Priority Queue Tree Node FiFo
KoreFramework.Web 1.0.3 Kore Framework CMS Web
KoreFramework.Web.Common 1.0.3 Kore Framework CMS Regions Countries
KoreFramework.Web.ContentManagement 1.0.4 Kore Framework CMS Content
Kraken.SharePoint.Apps 0.1.8 SharePoint App Addin Add-in Client CSOM Office365 OfficeDevPnp
Kraken.SharePoint.Client 0.3.0 SharePoint Client CSOM Kraken OfficeDevPnp Office365
KumulosXamarinDroid 2.0.5
KumulosXamariniOS 1.1.3
LabTank 1.0.1 Lab
LAM.BotFramework Bot Framework
LamedalOpenXML_Document 2.5.2
LowLevelDesign.Diagnostics.LogStore.Commons 1.0.17047.1
MagicOwl.Sam 1.1.3 MagicOwl
MagicOwl.SamServer 1.1.0 MagicOwl
MailPlus.NET 1.2.0 MailPlus
medullusrnddbentity 1.0.0 medullusrnddbentity