Provides the System.Reflection.Emit.DynamicMethod class, which represents a dynamic method that can be compiled, executed, and discarded. Discarded methods are available for garbage collection. Commonly Used Types: System.Reflection.Emit.DynamicMethod When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Here are the packages that version 4.3.0 of System.Reflection.Emit.Lightweight depends on.

System.Reflection : (4.3.0) System.Reflection.Emit.ILGeneration : (4.3.0) System.Reflection.Primitives : (4.3.0) System.Runtime : (4.3.0)




Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Reflection.Emit.Lightweight

Packages that Depend on System.Reflection.Emit.Lightweight

PackageLatest VersionTags
AaronHu.Component.Access 1.0.0
Agebull.Common.Extend 2.3.3 Agebull.Common.Extend
AMQPNetLite.Serialization 2.1.6 AMQP coreclr .NetCore netstandard serialization
Anet 0.3.8 netcore aspnetcore common lib framework boilerplate
Appoxidelab.MvvmCross.Ninject 5.6.4
ArmChair.Core 0.11.2 UOW CouchDB Document Database Client Linq NoSql
AspectCore.Extensions.Reflection 1.2.0 Reflection Aop DynamicProxy
AssetsTools 0.1.2
AsyncPoco 2.0.1 orm micro-orm database sql async asynchronous netcore dotnetcore
AutoCSer.Json.NetStandard 1.0.17 json
AutoCSer.NetStandard 1.1.28 RPC TCP Socket
AutoCSer.Serialize.NetStandard 1.0.17 serialize json xml binary
AutoMapper.Data 3.0.0 AutoMapper
Banana 1.0.1 banana dapper petapoco
BaseAnalyze 1.0.2 BaseAnalyze Error Report Reporting Exception Logging Log ELMAH pcl NETSTANDARD Core
BenchmarkDotNet 0.11.4 benchmark benchmarking performance
BenchmarkDotNet.Core 0.10.14 benchmark benchmarking performance
Best.Avro Best Avro
Biind 1.0.0 reflection bind polymorphism
BIT.Sqlite.Droid 1.0.0 BitFwks BitFrameworks XAF DevExpress Xpo MVVM XamarinForms Sqlite Android
BIT.Sqlite.iOS 1.0.0 BitFwks BitFrameworks XAF DevExpress Xpo MVVM XamarinForms Sqlite iOS
blachniet.Avro 0.4.0 avro binary serialization
BlueFox.SqlSugar core orm
BlueMilk 0.8.7
BRhodium.JsonFx 2.0.1209.2803
BullOak.Repositories 2.1.3 CQRS EventStourcing event-driven repository repositories DDD domain-driven-design
Bupa.Api.Common.AspNetCore 1.1.1 Azure AspNetCore Publisher Subscriber
Business.Core Business Core Lib
Caredev.Mego 1.1.1 Data ADO.NET O/RM NET C# Database Relation SqlServer MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL Excel Access SQLite Mego
Ceras 3.0.2 utility ceras serialization binary serializer formatter unity unity3d network networking
ChoETL.NETStandard ETL c# .NET CSV Xml JSON Flat
Chopin.Pooling 1.0.2 Chopin.Pooling
CipherCore 2018.7.0 Crypteron CipherDB CipherStor Cloud Data Security Azure Encrypted SQL Database Key Management Compliance
Citms.Common.Core 1.4.8 微服务 Autofac AutoMapper HttpClient ServiceDiscovery
CK.Reflection 7.0.0
ClamperCore 0.0.1 Clamper core dal database
Cocon90.DynamicReflection 2.0.3
Coddee.Windows 1.3.0
Colorful.Common 1.0.7
Common.Reflection Reflection constructor property delegates
Common.Runtime.Serialization Serialization Conversion XML JSON
Confluent.Apache.Avro apache avro
CookedRabbit 1.0.2 C# RabbitMQ CookedRabbit Net
CoreORM 1.0.1
CoreUtil 1.0.4
Cottle 1.4.2 Template Templating Engine HTML JavaScript Email
CQSUtils 1.2.0 command query queries cqs dotnet solid
CsDebugScript.Engine windbg dbgeng dump-analysis clr dumps dump-processing coredump dwarf elf
Cuemon.Serialization.Json 5.0.2019.40 json formatter dynamic serializer deserializer serialization deserialization extractor
CXuesong.MW.WikiClientLibrary 0.6.5 MediaWiki API Client
DAF.NET 1.1.4
Danilovsoft.MicroORM 2.1.5
Danilovsoft.MikroApi 1.1.4
DanSerialiser 4.5.0 c# serializer
Dapper 1.50.7 orm sql micro-orm
Dapper.Bk 1.50.9 orm sql micro-orm
Dapper.StrongName 1.50.5 orm sql micro-orm
dapper_net40 1.0.0 sql micro-orm orm
Dasher 0.8.0 Serialisation Serialization MsgPack Communication Formatting DTO
DataGenerator Test Data Generation Fake Sample
DataPowerTools 1.0.50 tools helpers
DateTimeRangeParser 1.1.66
DB2FileReaderLib.NET 1.0.0
DbReader 2.0.4 data-access orm sql micro-orm
DeepCopy 1.0.3 deepcopy copy deep clone deepclone
DefaultEcs 0.9.0 gamedev game-development game-engine ecs entity-component-system
Devart.Data.Linq 4.8.1665 ORM
DevExpress.Data 18.2.6
DewTypes 1.5.4 .net standard c# types string dew
dnlib 3.1.0 dotnet assembly module reader writer PDB PortablePdb WindowsPdb IL CIL MSIL metadata
Dora.Interception 2.1.4 Dependency Injection DI AOP Interception Proxy
Dos.Common 2.7.0 Dos Dos. Dos.ORM Dos.ORM.NoSql Dos.WeChat Dos.Common Dos.Captcha Dos.Net iTDos
DotCommon 3.0.1
DotEntity 1.1.0 Micro-ORM Database .NET Framework POCO
DotLogix.Core 1.0.1
DotnetFramework 1.0.3
dotnet-svcutil 1.0.4 netcore svcutil WSDL metadata WCF
Doway.Core.DotNetty 1.0.2
dym.OrmPgCore 1.0.0
Easy.Common 3.0.1 Easy Common
EasyDAL.Exchange 0.2.3 easy easydal exchange orm ormlite mysql mysqlorm
EasyRpc.AspNetCore 3.0.1 json-rpc rpc
EasyRpc.AspNetCore.DataAnnotations 3.0.1 json-rpc rpc
EasyRpc.AspNetCore.FluentValidation 3.0.1 json-rpc rpc
EnjoyCQRS 3.0.3 .NET CQRS EventSource EventSourcing
EntityChange compare change detection object graph
EntityFrameworkCore.Generator.Core Entity Framework Core EF Data EntityFramework EntityFrameworkCore EFCore Generation Generator
EntityFrameworkProfiler 5.0.5032 EntityFramework Profiler Prof EFProf
EntityFrameworkProfiler.Appender 5.0.5032 EntityFramework Profiler Prof EFProf
EntityLite.Core 2.7.1 Micro-ORM ORM SQL DAL Database SQLServer SQLite MySQL Npgsql Postgres PostgreSQL ORACLE EntityLite
Epsitec.Apache.Avro avro
Es.Rdbms 0.0.5
Es.TypeExtensions 0.0.4
Exceptionless 4.3.2022 Exceptionless Error Report Reporting Exception Logging Log ELMAH pcl NETSTANDARD Core
Exceptionless.Signed 4.3.2022 Exceptionless Error Report Reporting Exception Logging Log ELMAH pcl NETSTANDARD Core
Expression.Compilation 0.1.2 roslyn expression parse dynamic method