Provides types that retrieve information about assemblies, modules, members, parameters, and other entities in managed code by examining their metadata. These types also can be used to manipulate instances of loaded types, for example to hook up events or to invoke methods. Commonly Used Types: System.Reflection.MethodInfo System.Reflection.PropertyInfo System.Reflection.ParameterInfo System.Reflection.FieldInfo System.Reflection.ConstructorInfo System.Reflection.Assembly System.Reflection.MemberInfo System.Reflection.EventInfo System.Reflection.Module When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Reflection

Packages that Depend on System.Reflection

PackageLatest VersionTags
AdobeConnectSdkCore 0.0.2 adobe connect netstandard sdk
AdoNetProfiler 0.3.1 ADO.NET
Amazon.Lambda.Serialization.Json 1.0.1 AWS Amazon Lambda
AMQPNetLite 1.2.3 AMQP Micro-Framework netmf netcf iot winrt coreclr .NetPlatform .NetCore UWP
AngleSharp 0.9.9 html html5 css css3 xml dom dom4 parser engine hypertext markup language query selector attributes linq angle bracket web internet text headless browser
AppLib Tag1 Tag2
ASP.NET-StatusBoard.AspNetCore 0.0.18
aspnet5.microservice 0.5.4 api microservice vitals health check
AsyncRewriter 0.8.11
AttachedProperties 1.4.0 Attached Properties Property AttachedProperties AttachedProperty
Audit.DynamicProxy 7.0.6 Audit Trail Log Proxy Castle DynamicProxy
Audit.DynamicProxy.StrongName 6.2.0 Audit Trail Log Proxy Castle DynamicProxy StrongName
Autofac.Configuration 4.0.1 autofac di ioc dependencyinjection
Autofac.Extras.MvvmCross 4.0.2 autofac di ioc dependencyinjection
AutoMapper 6.0.2
AutoSitecore 1.0.0 Testing Sitecore AutoFixture NSubstitute
Axelius.Framework.Providers 1.0.6
AztecaSoftware.Framework3.Web 3.4.23 AztecaSoftware Kernel Framework3
BencodeNET 2.2.2 bencode torrent torrents
Best.Avro Best Avro
BinarySerializer 7.3.1 Serialization Serializer Binary Format Protocol
BorderEast.ArangoDB.Client 0.1.6 arangodb database-client netcore
Brandbank.Api 0.0.8 Brandbank Api
Brandbank.Xml 0.0.8 Brandbank Xml
Bud 0.5.2
BusterWood.Ducks 2.0.2
Caliburn.Micro.LightInject 1.0.2 WPF MVVM Caliburn.Micro LightInject Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection
Carbon.Data 0.14.0 data carbon
Carbon.Extensions 0.9.0 carbon
Carbon.Json 1.3.0 json
Carbon.Validation 1.0.0 validation sanitization carbon
CassandraCSharpDriver 3.2.1 cassandra apache datastax driver client database nosql dotnet netcore db
Castle.Core 4.0.0 castle dynamicproxy dynamic proxy dynamicproxy2 dictionaryadapter emailsender
CertiPay.Payroll.Common 2.1.32 certipay payroll
ChaosCore.CommonLib 1.0.1
Cheers.Data.EntityFramework 1.2.0 Cheers Data EntityFrameworkCore
ChloeCore 2.6.0 Chloe ORM Data Core
clipr 1.6.0 command line parse arguments help usage argparse
CloseEnoughEquality 2.0.0 .net Equality deep Compare
Cocon90.DbCore.Common 1.0.4
Cofoundry.Plugins.BackgroundTasks.Hangfire 0.1.1 Cofoundry Hangfire Plugin BackgroundTasks
Cofoundry.Plugins.DependencyInjection.Autofac.Web 0.1.0 Cofoundry Autofac Plugin DependencyInjection DI
Cofoundry.Plugins.ErrorLogging.Admin 0.1.0 Cofoundry Plugin ErrorLogging Admin
Cofoundry.Web 0.1.6 Cofoundry Web CMS
Cofoundry.Web.Admin 0.1.6 Cofoundry Web Admin CMS
Com.Absolute.PS.DomainDrivenDesign 1.0.9 1.0.9
CommandLineRunner 0.0.7 cmd command line
CondenserDotNet.Client 2.4.1
Constellation.Foundation.Caching Sitecore Sitecore Helix Habitat SXA Foundation
Constellation.Foundation.Mvc Sitecore Sitecore Helix Habitat SXA Foundation Mvc
CSharpEx 1.0.0 csharp extensions
csharp-monad 1.0.1 C# Functional Monad Option Either Reader Writer State
CSLA-Core 4.6.500 CSLA Business Core
CXuesong.Ported.VSCodeLanguageServer 1.0.1 vscode language-server
Dapper 1.50.2 orm sql micro-orm
Dapper.StrongName 1.50.2 orm sql micro-orm
Dapplo.HttpExtensions 0.6.22 http uri extensions
Dapplo.HttpExtensions.JsonNet 0.6.22 http uri extensions
Dapplo.HttpExtensions.JsonSimple 0.6.22 http uri extensions json
Dapplo.Log.LogFile 1.0.29
Dapplo.Utils 1.0.132
Dates.Recurring 1.0.14 Dates Recurring Repeating Recur Repeat System.DateTime Schedule
DateTimeExtensions 4.0.2 Natural Date Time Relative Calendar Holiday Workingday DateTime
Dawn.ValueString 1.0.1 string parse
Destructurama.Attributed 1.0.7 serilog attributed
Detached.EntityFramework 1.1.2 entity framework ef core detached graphdiff graph-diff graph diff ddd many to many-to-many audit rest webapi mvc data
DNTPersianUtils.Core 2.2.0 Persian .NETCore PersianDate DateTime Iran PersianCalendar
DotNetStarter 0.2.0 Startup Modules
DotNetStarter.Abstractions 0.1.1 Startup Modules Abstractions
DotNetStarter.DryIoc 0.1.0 Startup Modules
DotNetStarter.StructureMap 0.1.0 Startup Modules
DryIoc.dll 2.10.6 IoC Container Inversion-of-Control DI Dependency-Injection DRY Service-Provider Factory
DryIoc.MefAttributedModel.dll 2.5.0 MEF Composition IoC Container Inversion-of-Control DI Dependency-Injection DRY Service-Provider Factory
Dse 2.0.0 cassandra apache datastax driver client database nosql dotnet netcore db dse
dylan.NET.Tasks .NET4.0 .NET4.5 DNX4.5.1 NETCORE5.0 Mono PCL
Earl URL template RFC 6570 build
Easy.Logger 2.0.0 log4net Logging Easy Logger Log
Easy.Web 0.1.0 Easy Web HTTP Server WebAPI Core ASPNetCore
EasyIoC 1.0.1 dependency-injection ioc
Edge.js 6.5.1 node.js node .net edge edge.js v8 clr coreclr mono interop javascript
EFAuditing 1.0.6 EntityFramework EF7 Mongo MongoDB Audit Auditing
EfCore.Shaman 1.0.17049.42 EntityFrameworkCore
EfCore.Shaman.SqlServer 1.0.17049.35 EntityFrameworkCore
Efect 1.0.0 EntityFramework
Enexure.MicroBus 3.5.0 MicroBus Mediator Core Bus
Enexure.MicroBus.Autofac 3.5.1 MicroBus Mediator Autofac Bus
Enexure.MicroBus.Sagas 3.3.0 MicroBus Mediator Saga Bus
EntityDB.Design Tag1 Tag2
EntityFrameworkProfiler 4.0.4040 EntityFramework Profiler Prof EFProf
EntityFrameworkProfiler.Appender 4.0.4040 EntityFramework Profiler Prof EFProf
Enums.NET 2.1.1 enum
EPPlus.Core 1.3.2 EPPlus aspnetcore Excel Export Report Reporting OOXML
eQuantic.Core eQuantic Core Library
ErrorDumper 1.0.11
Exceptionless.DateTimeExtensions 3.2.65 DateTime DateTimeOffset Business TimeSpan DateTimeRange Extensions