Reactive Extensions (Rx) Query Library used to express complex event processing queries over observable sequences.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Reactive.Linq

Packages that Depend on System.Reactive.Linq

PackageLatest VersionTags
ActiveListExtensions.Reactive 2.2.0 Reactive Linq List Collection WPF
AM.ElasticSearch.Extensions.Logging 1.0.30 ElasticSearch
Autofac.kino 0.0.4 actor-framework actor-model actors kino
Autofac.kino.Rendezvous 0.0.4 actor-framework actor-model actors kino
Batch 0.1.0 Batching Nagle
Bud.FilesObservatory 1.0.0 Bud.FilesObservatory file system watcher observable watch
Bud.Reactive 1.0.0 Bud.Reactive initial release.
Caliburn.Dynamic 0.2.2 WPF MVVM
CB.CSharp 1.0.0 C# Rx Linq PDF JSON SQLite EF6 EntityFramework EPPlus DotNetZip
CouchDbConfigurationProvider 2.0.2
CouchDbProvider 2.0.3
CourierB 1.0.0 Messaging Decoupling
Dapplo.CaliburnMicro.Configuration 1.0.43 Dapplo Caliburn.Micro MVVM Dapplo.Ini configuration
Dapplo.CaliburnMicro.Dapp 1.0.43 Dapplo Caliburn.Micro MVVM bootstrapper
Dapplo.CaliburnMicro.Security 1.0.43 Dapplo Caliburn.Micro MVVM Security
Dapplo.CaliburnMicro.Translations 1.0.43 Dapplo Caliburn.Micro MVVM translation language
Dapplo.CaliburnMicro.Wizard 1.0.43 Dapplo Caliburn.Micro MVVM wizard
Dapplo.Exchange 0.1.16 Exchange
Dapplo.Utils.Notify 1.0.158
Dapplo.Windows 0.5.56 windows native desktop
Dapplo.Windows.Advapi32 0.5.56 windows native Advapi32
Dapplo.Windows.Clipboard 0.5.56 windows native clipboard
Dapplo.Windows.Dpi 0.5.56 windows native dpi aware
Dapplo.Windows.Input 0.5.56 windows input
Dapplo.Windows.Messages 0.5.56 windows messages
DiscogsClient 2.2.0 Discogs
Docitt.Rabbit 1.0.6
doob.PgSql 1.0.1
DreamNucleus.Heos 0.2.0 heos denon cli
DWKit-Core 2.0.10 dwkit bpm formbuilder workflow optimajet
ecsrx 0.1.0 ecs rx reactive patterns ioc game-development xna monogame unity
EtwStream 1.3.3 ETW TraceEvent EventSource
EtwStream.Extended 1.4.1 ETW TraceEvent EventSource
EtwStream.InProcess 1.3.3 ETW EventSource
EtwStream.InProcess.Extended 1.4.0 ETW EventSource
eXpandExcelImporter DevExpress eXpand XAF eXpressApp
eXpandExcelImporter.Win DevExpress eXpand XAF eXpressApp
Extellect.Utilities.Reactive 1.2.4
F2F.Messaging 2.0.1
Flower 0.7.2
FluentAdb 1.0.28 Android ADB
GenericMvc.Data 1.0.0
GenericMvc.Files 1.0.0
gitter-api-pcl 0.8.0 Gitter Api
InfluxDB.LineProtocolWriter 1.0.4 influxdb
kafka-sharp 1.2.1 Kafka kafka-sharp Criteo
kino 0.0.4 actor-framework actor-model actors kino
kino.Consensus 0.0.4 actor-framework actor-model actors kino consensus leader-election
kino.Rendezvous 0.0.4 actor-framework actor-model actors kino
KodeAid.Reactive 0.9.0 helpers extensions utilities reactive rx
MassTransit.Reactive 5.1.2 MassTransit
Mastodot 1.1.2 Mastodon
Maze 0.3.0 Mapping LINQ Reactive Observable SSIS Graph
md-stdl 0.1.10 utility qrcode rawinput keyboard mouse touch
MemoryBus 1.0.56 Memory Bus MemoryBus Events Messages EventAggregator Messaging
Minio 1.1.1 minio cloud storage
Minio.NetCore 1.1.1 minio cloud storage
Mitten.Server.Commands 0.0.6
MVRX.Core 1.0.0
MVVM-Sidekick 1.6.35 Rx Reactive Extensions MVVM UWP UAP Win8 Win10 APP IoT Metro Modern UI
Myxomatosis 2.0.37
Nerven.Taskuler.Core 0.2.1
NGeo2 2.0.0 GeoNames
Notakey.SDK 1.1.54 notakey 2fa mfa two-factor
NuGet.Lucene 4.0.2 nuget
ObservableData.Querying reactive collection
ObservableData.Structures reactive collection
ObservableDatabinding 1.0.0 xaml databinding rx IObservable
Observables.Azure.EventHub 1.0.2 Azure EventHub Observable Transport
ObservableWinFormsEvents 2.0.0 rx reactive observable winforms events
Ocelog 2.1.0 Logging .net Logstash Structured
Ocelog-DotNetCore 1.0.0 Logging .net Logstash Structured
Ofl.Extensions.Logging.Observable 1.0.2 logging observable reactive
OS33.Api.Client 1.0.6718.26761 OS33 client API
Picturepark.SDK.V1.ServiceProvider 0.54.37
PostalRX.NET 1.2.0 netcore netstandard rx
Qactive 2.1.0 Rx reactive Reactive Extensions Rx.NET IObservable IQbservable queryable service stream
Qactive.Providers.Streaming 2.1.0 Rx reactive Reactive Extensions Rx.NET IObservable IQbservable queryable service stream
Qactive.Providers.Tcp 2.1.0 Rx reactive Reactive Extensions Rx.NET IObservable IQbservable queryable service stream
Reactive.EventAggregator 3.0.0
ReactiveCloudant.Core 1.0.0 dotnetcore Cloudant CouchDB
ReduxExtension 1.0.0 redux .NET Standard
Reusable.Commander 4.10.0 Utility Extension
Reusable.ConsoleColorizer 4.10.0 Utility Extension
Reusable.OmniLog 4.10.0 Utility Extension
Reusable.OmniLog.NLogRx 4.10.0 Utility Extension
Reusable.OmniLog.SemanticExtensions 4.10.0 Utility Extension
Reusable.Utilities.MSTest 4.10.0 Utility Extension
Rogero.ReactiveProperty 1.0.17 MVVM INotifyPropertyChanged Rx Observable
RoseByte.EventSource 1.0.0 EventLoop Message DDD Domain Driven Design Reactive
RoslynPad.Editor.Avalonia 1.0.4 Roslyn RoslynPad
RoslynPad.Editor.Windows 1.0.4 Roslyn RoslynPad
rx-USB 1.0.2
Satao 0.9.1 cache netstandard
SeeingSharp.Multimedia 1.1.4
SeeingSharp.Multimedia.D 1.1.4
ServiceConnect 4.0.7 ServiceConnect MessageBus R MessageBus RabbitMQ MessageBus RMessageBus Messaging Message Bus Service