Reactive Extensions (Rx) for .NET - v3 compatibility facade for
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Reactive.Interfaces

Packages that Depend on System.Reactive.Interfaces

PackageLatest VersionTags
ActiveListExtensions.Reactive 2.2.0 Reactive Linq List Collection WPF
AmiClient 1.0.0 asterisk voip sip netstandard netcore
Batch 0.1.0 Batching Nagle
BioEngine.Prometheus.Core 1.0.0
Bud.FilesObservatory 1.0.0 Bud.FilesObservatory file system watcher observable watch
Bud.Reactive 1.0.0 Bud.Reactive initial release.
Caliburn.Dynamic 0.2.2 WPF MVVM
CorAlert.MessageBrokerClient.Contracts 4.2.0
CourierB 1.0.0 Messaging Decoupling
DiscogsClient 2.2.0 Discogs
eXpandExcelImporter.Win DevExpress eXpand XAF eXpressApp
F2F.Messaging 2.0.1
kafka-sharp 1.2.1 Kafka kafka-sharp Criteo
Linq2Azure C# Linq Azure
Lykke.Cqrs 4.6.0
Lykke.Messaging 5.0.0
Lykke.Messaging.RabbitMq 2.0.0
Maze 0.3.0 Mapping LINQ Reactive Observable SSIS Graph
md-stdl 0.1.10 utility qrcode rawinput keyboard mouse touch
MemoryBus 1.0.56 Memory Bus MemoryBus Events Messages EventAggregator Messaging
Minio 1.1.1 minio cloud storage
Mitten.Server.Commands 0.0.6
MVVM-Sidekick 1.6.35 Rx Reactive Extensions MVVM UWP UAP Win8 Win10 APP IoT Metro Modern UI
NGeo2 2.0.0 GeoNames
Notakey.SDK 1.1.54 notakey 2fa mfa two-factor
NuGet.Lucene 4.0.2 nuget
ObservableWinFormsEvents 2.0.0 rx reactive observable winforms events
Ocelog 2.1.0 Logging .net Logstash Structured
Ocelog-DotNetCore 1.0.0 Logging .net Logstash Structured
Ofl.Threading 1.0.2 threading concurrency
Qactive 2.1.0 Rx reactive Reactive Extensions Rx.NET IObservable IQbservable queryable service stream
Qactive.Providers.Streaming 2.1.0 Rx reactive Reactive Extensions Rx.NET IObservable IQbservable queryable service stream
Qactive.Providers.Tcp 2.1.0 Rx reactive Reactive Extensions Rx.NET IObservable IQbservable queryable service stream
ReactiveCloudant.Core 1.0.0 dotnetcore Cloudant CouchDB
Reusable.Commander 4.10.0 Utility Extension
Reusable.ConsoleColorizer 4.10.0 Utility Extension
Reusable.OmniLog 4.10.0 Utility Extension
Reusable.OmniLog.NLogRx 4.10.0 Utility Extension
Reusable.OmniLog.SemanticExtensions 4.10.0 Utility Extension
Reusable.Utilities.MSTest 4.10.0 Utility Extension
SeeingSharp.Multimedia 1.1.4
SeeingSharp.Multimedia.D 1.1.4
SquaredInfinity.Foundation.Experimental 1.5.0
SquaredInfinity.Maths.Statistics 2.1.0
System.Reactive.Compatibility 4.0.0 Rx Reactive Extensions
TIKSN-Framework 3.0.1 Framework Versioning Finance Currency Money Foreign Exchange Telemetry Configuration Azure Storage MongoDB NoDB Rest Localization Dependency Injection
Vm.Tools 2.1.0
VowpalWabbit.Azure vw vowpal wabbit langford ml machine learning azure
WeekCalendar 1.0.3 Calendar Schedule Outlook Week Day Appointment Report
Wikiled.Common.Net 1.0.2
Wikiled.Core.Standard 1.4.20
Wikiled.Sentiment.Analysis 3.0.22
WorkloadMonitor 1.0.0 user idle observable