Provides hardware-accelerated numeric types, suitable for high-performance processing and graphics applications. Commonly Used Types: System.Numerics.Matrix3x2 System.Numerics.Matrix4x4 System.Numerics.Plane System.Numerics.Quaternion System.Numerics.Vector2 System.Numerics.Vector3 System.Numerics.Vector4 System.Numerics.Vector System.Numerics.Vector<T> 30ab651fcb4354552bd4891619a0bdd81e0ebdbf
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Here are the packages that version 4.5.0 of System.Numerics.Vectors depends on.

NETStandard.Library : (1.6.1)




Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Numerics.Vectors

Packages that Depend on System.Numerics.Vectors

PackageLatest VersionTags
Arrayable 0.1.1 Enumerable fast high-performance hardware
Atomic.SocketIO.Emitter 1.1.0
BaldurToolkit.Entities 0.6.0
Bezier Bezier Curve Geometry Intersection Arc Line Circle Unity
BNO055 1.0.1 BNO055 Bosch BNO IMU
BTDB 14.12.2 KeyValue database objectDB BTDB IOC RPC Compression
ByteTerrace.Maths 0.0.58
Cet.NATS.Client 1.0.1 NATS client messaging IoT
CitadelCore.Websockets.Client.Managed 1.1.1 websockets websocket-client websocketsharp clientwebsocket websocket4net
CookedRabbit 1.0.2 C# RabbitMQ CookedRabbit Net
Decent.Minecraft.Client 0.1.1 Minecraft
Durwella.VolumeData.Core 0.4.2
Emotion 214.0.0 game-engine game engine emotion opengl gles opegles cross-platform game-development linux macos freeimage freetype openal
EmptyBox.IO IO Windows UWP Android iOS Linux Tizen
FiveLife.GTAVMPWrapper gta mp wrapper ragemp rage mp gtmp grand theft multiplayer auto five
GameMath.Net.Numerics GameMath.Net Game Math Vector Vector3 Matrix Matrix4x4 michel-pi
Geometry Game Geometry 3D BoundingBox BoundingFrustum BoundingSphere OrientedBoundingBox Ray Triangle Intersection MonoGame SharpDX XNA
gfoidl.Stochastics 1.1.0 stochastics statistics outliers error-function Chauvenet
Giawa.OpenGL 0.1.8 opengl
Google.Vision 0.9.0
GpsNose.SDK.Web.NetFramework 1.0.145 GpsNose SDK integration geo gps location latitude longitude altitude reality world realtime realworld nearby compass navigation offline around social communities friendship dating people explore photos pictures poi places impressions tracks tours chat talks events
GrapeCity.DioDocs.Barcode.ja GrapeCity DioDocs PDF GcPdf GcBarcode netstandard netcore dotnetcore barcode
GrapeCity.DioDocs.Common.Windows.ja GrapeCity DioDocs GcPdf GcBarcode
GrapeCity.DioDocs.Imaging.ja GrapeCity DioDocs GcImaging PNG JPEG TIFF BMP GIF
GrapeCity.Documents.Barcode GrapeCity PDF GcPdf GcBarcode netstandard netcore dotnetcore barcode
GrapeCity.Documents.Common.Windows GrapeCity GcPdf GcBarcode
GrapeCity.Documents.Imaging GrapeCity GcImaging PNG JPEG TIFF BMP GIF
ImGui.NET 0.4.7 ImGui ImGui.NET Immediate Mode GUI
Inferno 1.5.2 crypto cryptography encryption security
JoyConLib JoyCon Nintendo Switch
JsonWebToken 0.3.1 jwt security jsonwebtoken cryptography
KdSoft.Lmdb 1.0.1 lmdb lightning nosql key-value storage
KelsonBall.Vectors 1.0.0 vector arithmetic math projection extensions
Konscious.Security.Cryptography.Argon2.StrongNamed 1.0.4 Argon2
Konscious.Security.Cryptography.Blake2 1.0.8 crypto cryptography hash blake2 blake2b
LazyData.Numerics 2.0.9 serialization game-development json xml binary
LiBCAT 2.0.0
LibHac 0.1.3 Nintendo Switch nca xci savefile
libwarcraft 2.7.0 warcraft cross-platform file-format
LinqFaster.SIMD 1.0.0 performance linq simd system.numerics
LinqFaster.SIMD.Parallel 1.0.0 performance linq simd system.numerics multithreaded parallel
linq-to-astar 1.1.0 linq astar heuristic
md-stdl 0.3.5 utility qrcode rawinput keyboard mouse touch
Metric 0.6.0 si measurement unit units metric
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Server.IISIntegration 2.2.0 aspnetcore iis
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Server.Kestrel.Core 2.2.0 aspnetcore kestrel
Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.BulkExecutor 1.3.1 microsoft azure cosmosdb documentdb docdb nosql azureofficial bulkimport bulkupdate bulkdelete graphapi sqlapi mongoapi
Microsoft.NETCore 5.0.0
Microsoft.PowerShell.NanoServer.NetCore.Library 1.0.0 PowerShell Core
MMALSharp.Common 0.4.4 raspberry-pi
Mrhe.Core 3.0.0 Mrhe. Core.
MsgPack.Cli 1.0.0 MsgPack MessagePack Serialization Formatter Serializer
NativeInterop.SIMD 3.2.0 native interop array efficiency performance simd vector f# c#
Navigation.Echo 1.0.0 c# csharp .net dotnet pathfinding navigation
NCoreUtils.Images.DependencyInjection 2.0.7
NCoreUtils.OAuth2.Shared 1.2.0
Ngonzalez.ImageProcessorCore 0.0.1 Image Resize Crop Quality Gif Jpg Jpeg Bitmap Png Fluent Animated
Nine.Geometry 1.1.0 geometry spatial query 2d 3d
NumSharp 0.5.0 NumPy NumSharp MachineLearning Math Scientific Numeric
OpenGL.Net.Math 0.7.1 OpenGL OpenGL-ES GLSL GLES EGL WGL GLX C# .Net .NetCORE Mono Android Xamarin GPU Graphics 3D
OrientDB.NETStandard-1.5 0.1.13 orientdb database orient .net c# document graph
Orion.TensorFlow Framework
PhotoSauce.MagicScaler 0.9.1 Image Resize Resample Scale Imaging Resizing Resampling Scaling Resizer Resampler Scaler Crop Cropper Cropping Sharper Sharpen Sharpening Process Processor Processing Rotate Flip Fast Performance Quality Linear Web ASP.NET WIC JPEG JPG PNG GIF TIFF
PhysX.Net-x64 0.5.1 nvidia physx wrapper physics .net c#
Plato.Redis 2018.10.31.1 plato .net services work-manager exceptions dapper redis RabbitMQ ActiveMQ
Plato.TestHarness 2018.10.31.1
PrimitiveSvgBuilder 1.4.0
PubComp.RedisRepo 3.0.0 Redis Repsitory Context NoSQL DAL
Qwack.Math 0.4.0
Qwack.Paths 0.4.0
REFileKit 0.0.1
Rocket.API RocketMod Rocket UnityEngine UnrealEngine Plugin Framework
Rocket.Core RocketMod Rocket UnityEngine UnrealEngine Plugin Framework
Rocket.Runtime RocketMod Rocket UnityEngine UnrealEngine Plugin Framework
Sage.vp6 1.0.4 vp6 video stream flash
Scallion 0.9.1 MMD MikuMikuDance
SeeingSharp 1.1.4
SeeingSharp.D 1.1.4
SeeingSharp.Multimedia 1.1.4
SeeingSharp.Multimedia.D 1.1.4
SF.Net 1.0.25
SharpFontCore 0.1.1
SharpGIS.NmeaParser 1.10.0 nmea winrt wpf uwp xamarin gps serialport bluetooth
SharpVk.Shanq.Numerics 0.4.1 Vulkan SPIR-V Spirv SharpVK Shanq 3D
Shipwreck.Phash 0.3.0
Shipwreck.Phash.Bitmaps 0.3.0
Sigma.Core 0.5.0 machine-learning neural-network artificial-intelligence artificial-neural-networks framework
SIMDExtensions 0.1.0
SpreadsheetGear 8.1.57 excel reporting charting calculations xlsx xls xlsm csv txt c# .net core uwp xamarin.ios xamarin.forms mono spreadsheet spreadsheetgear
Staudt.Engineering.LidaRx 1.0.0
Staudt.Engineering.LidaRx.Drivers.R2000 1.0.0
Staudt.Engineering.LidaRx.Drivers.Sweep 1.0.0
structure.sketching 0.1.96 Image Picture Gif Jpg Jpeg Bitmap Png Processing System.Drawing
SurfaceAnalyzer 1.0.0
SynchroFeed.Library 0.0.12 nuget chocolately sync feed package catalog
System.Memory 4.5.1