Extesion Assembly System.Net.Http.Formatting
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Here are the packages that version of System.Net.Http.Formatting.Extension depends on.

System.Net.Http : (4.3.4)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Net.Http.Formatting.Extension

Packages that Depend on System.Net.Http.Formatting.Extension

PackageLatest VersionTags
AceQL.Client 2.1.1 SQL http remote Cloud database
ADSPrev.Framework.Common ADSPrev Framework Common
ADSPrev.Framework.Data 2.0.2 ADSPrev Database
ADSPrev.Framework.Report 2.0.2 ADSPrev Reports
ADSPrev.Framework.Repository ADSPrev Repository
ADSPrev.Framework.SMS 2.0.0 ADSPrev SMS
ADSPrev.Module.Web ADSPrev Framework Module Web
ADSPrev.Module.Web.Aceprev ADSPrev Framework Module Web
BMW.Frameworks 1.0.0 tools
Cactus.Fileserver.Owin 2.1.1
CarCake.TfsSupport 6.4.0 CarCake
CKSource.CKFinder.Connector.Host.Owin 3.4.4 CKSource CKFinder Owin
ClientLibraryFattureInCloud 1.0.2
Comprose.Zavanta.PublicApi 1.0.5 Zavanta Online Public API
DataifX.Common.Tools 1.0.1 Encryption
difi-sikker-digital-post-klient 2.0.4 Posten SikkerDigitalPost Sikker Post eBoks Digipost Difi
DMWeb.NET.Administration 1.0.1 datamotion data motion secure mail securemail direct phi ihe ehr hipaa ehnac soap rest restful administration account company provisioning messaging email admin
ebips.vigipay.gateway 1.0.0 vigipay ebips vgg
Enate.Workflow.Activities 7.0.14 Enate workflow integration 1.1.24 exceptions web http error logging
Findwise.Common.WebUI 1.2.42
FSOFT.IdentityServer.WebApiAuthority 1.0.3 AuthorizeWebApi IdentityServer
Gnu.Framework.AspNet 2.2.5
Huajie.Practices.Plugins.WeixinMp Tag1 Tag2
HypnoLog 0.1.0
IdentityServer.WebApiAuthority 1.0.0 AuthorizeWebApi IdentityServer
Lob 1.0.0 Lob Postage Deliver Mail Wrapper API .Net Theo Ricketts
MathWorks.MathWorksAzure 1.6.0 MPS MATLAB
MC.Clio 2.405.17.200
MTZ.Client.Core 1.0.0
Neon.Bot.Builder.Calling Bot Framework NETStandard Linux Mac OSX Macintosh NETCore
Prime.Web.Utilities.dll 1.0.3 Prime Utility Rest API C# .net
Quilt4Net 2.0.23 quilt4 dynatrace splunk log4net log exception analyze quality
RPL.SmartcardSDK 2.0.5 smartcard cscs vircarda
RS.Tasks 1.79.0
Run.Utils 1.0.2
SmartLifeLtd Smart Library Technology Utility Solutions
Spectrum.Net.Core 0.2.6473.3059
TSC.Client 1.1.0 Tag1 Tag2
Xi.Game.WebApiProxy.Services Tag1 Tag2
YaseiAkira.WeChat 1.0.0
yellowantSDK 1.1.2 YellowAnt DotNet
ZKWeb.Hosting.Owin 2.1.1