Provides types for efficient representation and pooling of managed, stack, and native memory segments and sequences of such segments, along with primitives to parse and format UTF-8 encoded text stored in those memory segments. Commonly Used Types: System.Span System.ReadOnlySpan System.Memory System.ReadOnlyMemory System.Buffers.MemoryPool System.Buffers.ReadOnlySequence System.Buffers.Text.Utf8Parser System.Buffers.Text.Utf8Formatter 99ce22c306b07f99ddae60f443d23a983ae78f7b When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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PM> Install-Package System.Memory

Packages that Depend on System.Memory

PackageLatest VersionTags
Abet.ServiceStack.Redis 1.0.4
Acklann.Diffa 1.0.3 approval test unit-testing diff compare approvals verify testing
AdaTools 1.0.9 ada
Anixe.IO 1.6.8
Anoprsst 1.1.1 Span QuickSort MergeSort InsertionSort
Apex.Serialization 0.5.10 Serializer Binary
Arbor.Primitives 0.17.0
Asmichi.ProcessPipeline 0.4.0 win32 process
AspNetCore.Chinese Chinese Pinyin
AspNetCore.Xml Xml Xml Serializer Xml Deserialize .Net Core aspnetcore core aspnet
AsyncProcessExecutor 2.0.1
Atomic.SocketIO.Emitter 1.1.0
Autofac.kino actor-framework actor-model actors kino
Autofac.kino.Rendezvous actor-framework actor-model actors kino
Avalonia 0.7.0
Avalonia.Controls.ColorBlender 0.2.0 color colorblender palette design colors hsv rgb avalonia controls xaml
Avalonia.Controls.PanAndZoom 1.0.3 Avalonia Pan Zoom Control Xaml Managed C#"
Avalonia.Controls.ViewBox 1.0.3 Avalonia ViewBox Control Xaml Managed C#
AzStudioBusinessObjects AzStudio Azure .NET C#
AzStudioVisualizationCommon AzStudio Azure .NET C#
Brigadier.NET 1.0.10 Brigadier command line parser dispatcher
BTDB 17.4.2 KeyValue database objectDB BTDB IOC RPC Compression
ByteTerrace.Extensions 0.0.18
Carbon.Authentication 0.34.0 authentication carbon
Carbon.Color 2.5.1 carbon color
Carbon.Css 0.19.0 css scss autoprefix
Carbon.Data 0.34.1 data carbon
Carbon.Data.Protection 0.20.0 hashing signing protection carbon
Carbon.Geometry 0.12.0 geometry carbon
Carbon.Jose 0.18.0 jwt rs256 hs256 carbon netstandard
Carbon.Media 2.20.0 media mimes carbon
Carbon.Net 0.22.0 dns carbon
Carbon.Storage 1.17.0 buckets storage carbon
CBTools 1.5.0
CDorst.Common.Extensions.Memory 1.4.0
CitadelCore 4.2.5 proxy filtering content-filtering transparent-proxy
CloudVeil.CitadelCore 3.1.1 proxy filtering content-filtering transparent-proxy
CoenM.Encoding.Z85e 1.2.0 Z85 Z85extended encoding zeromq
Collections.Pooled 1.0.77 List ArrayPool Span Dictionary Stack Set HashSet
CommonNet.Extensions 0.4.42 C# .net Extensions Utilities
CookedRabbit 1.0.2 C# RabbitMQ CookedRabbit Net
Core2D.Renderer.Avalonia 0.6.0 2d editor data diagram graphics geometry shapes wysiwyg-editor
corgit 0.1.0 git corgit mingit git-for-windows libgit libgit2 libgit2sharp git# gitsharp source-control scm
Crapto1Sharp 1.2.2 mifare crypto1 crapto1
Crest.Analyzers 0.2.0 Crest analyzers
Crest.Host 0.2.0
CSharpMath 0.2.0 math mathematics mathematical formula equation equations expression tex latex render rendering display
Ctl.Core 3.1.2 core ctl
Dacs7 2.0.0 siemens plc S7 PC-S7-Connection TCP/IP-S7 communication .netcore Automation HMI C# VB.Net RFC-1006 IsoOnTcp-S7 SIMATIC
Danilovsoft.MikroApi 1.1.4
DefaultEcs 0.9.0 gamedev game-development game-engine ecs entity-component-system
DelimiterSeparatedTextParser 0.1.0
DeveImageOptimizer 1.0.270 image drawing optimization
DK.SQLite Xamarin Forms Android iOS DK-Xamarin
DK.Standard Digitalkraft
dng.Mssql 1.3.7 dotnetgen dotnet mssql sqlserver 读写分离 三层 生成器
dng.Mysql 1.3.7 dotnetgen dotnet mysql mariadb 读写分离 三层 生成器
dng.Pgsql 1.3.7 dotnetgen dotnet pgsql postgresql 读写分离 三层 生成器
Dock.Avalonia 0.0.3 dock docking layout avalonia
Dock.Avalonia.Editor 0.0.3 dock docking layout avalonia
dotNetTips.Utility.Standard 2018.12.0 David McCarter dotNetDave
Emzi0767.Common 1.5.1 emzi0767 common utilities dotnet dotnet-core dotnetfx netfx netcore csharp
Es.Encoder 0.0.2
Es.Extensions 0.0.4
Es.Framework 0.0.17
Es.Rdbms 0.0.5
Es.TypeExtensions 0.0.4
EthNet.Core 0.2.13
Farkle 4.0.0 parser lalr gold-parser
FastDFSNetCore 1.1.7 fastdfs tcp
FlatSharp 0.1.3 flatbuffers serialization
FlatSharp.Unsafe 0.1.3
FRC.NetworkTables.Core 4.0.1 WPILib FRC FIRST RoboRio
FreecraftCore.Serializer 3.0.38 WorldofWarcraft WoW Blizzard JAM Packet Protocol Serialization Serializer Freecraft FreecraftCore
Fs.Binary.Codecs 0.1.7 Base16 Base32 Base64 Base85 Ascii85 Stream Encoding Decoding Codec
GACJ.Ringing 1.0.1 change ringing handbell method composition prove proof
GDFParser 1.0.0
gfoidl.Serializer.Csv 1.0.2 serializer parser csv fast super-fast
GLDotNet 19.2.0 Graphics OpenGL C# .NET
GrapeCity.DioDocs.Imaging.ja GrapeCity DioDocs GcImaging PNG JPEG TIFF BMP GIF
GrapeCity.Documents.Imaging GcDocs GrapeCity GcImaging PNG JPEG TIFF BMP GIF
GRF 0.3.1 Ragnarok Online GRF
Halforbit.RecordStreams 1.0.4
HashDepot 1.3.0 siphash murmurhash fnv fnv1 fnv1a
HoshoEthUtil 0.1.25
HotChocolate.Types 0.7.0 GraphQL ChilliCream
HQ.Data.Streaming 1.0.51 hq-stack flat-file delimited-files tsv csv files fixed-length import export etl-framework data dotnet-standard
IndexedFilePackageLibrary 1.0.2
IOP.Decoder.MQTT 0.6.6
IOP.Pulsar.Abstractions 1.3.0
ITnmg.HexConvert 1.0.0 Byte Hex Convert HexConvert ByteConvert BytesConvert HexHelper NetCore ITnmg jgh004
JM.LinqFaster 1.1.1 performance linq
JsonApiDotNetCore 3.1.0 jsonapi dotnet core emberjs ember
JT808 1.2.0
JT809 1.2.0
JTNewEnergy 1.0.0
JustEat.StatsD 4.0.0 statsd graphite metrics monitoring
K4os.Compression.LZ4 1.1.1 compression lz4
K4os.Hash.Crc 1.1.3 hash crc
K4os.Hash.xxHash 1.0.5 hash xxHash