Includes types that provide support for creating, serializing and validating JSON Web Tokens.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt

Packages that Depend on System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt

PackageLatest VersionTags
2GIS.NuClear.Security.Claims 3.0.0 2GIS NuClear Security Claims Jwt 0.0.5
Afelio.Core.Auth.Jwt 1.0.9 jwt auth
Aloji.JwtSecurity 1.0.1
Altasoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.Jwt 1.0.0 JWT ASP.NET MVC Security Cookies AspNetMvc AspNetCore
Altasoft.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt 1.0.1 JWT ASP.NET MVC OWIN Security AspNetMvc AspNetCore
Altasoft.Owin.Authentication.Jwt 1.0.0 JWT ASP.NET MVC OWIN Security Cookies AspNetMvc
AMaaS.Core 2.0.0 AssetManagement AMaaS
Amido.Testing.Jwt 1.0.0 Amido JWT Tokens
appstitch.aspnet 2015.2.3
AspNetCore.Jwt 1.1.2 aspnetcore efcore identity jwt
AtsPro.Auth 1.0.5 ats pro auth sso
Auth0.AuthenticationApi 5.10.0 auth0 authentication openid connect oidc oauth2
AzStudioBusinessObjects AzStudio Azure .NET C#
AzStudioCommon AzStudio Azure .NET C#
AzStudioVisualCommon AzStudio Azure .NET C#
Azure.MediaServices.Core 0.0.6
AzureAppService 1.0.1
BillingoApi 1.0.0 billingo api
BlackBarLabs.Security 0.4.3
Blackbaud.Addin.TokenAuthentication 1.2018.924.1
Blackstar 1.4.0 cms
BlueBreezeExperienceSuite.LearnMoreArtifact.Server 2014.2.3
Bot.Builder.Extensions 3.13.1 bots botbuilder microsoft botframework bot chatbot
Box.V2 3.9.3 Box V2 SDK Platform Enterprise Collaboration Storage File Management
Box.V2.Core 3.9.3 Box V2 SDK Platform Enterprise Collaboration Storage File Management
Box.V2.JWTAuth 1.3.3 Box V2 SDK Collaboration Storage File Management JWT AppUsers
BTG.Infrastructure.Auth.AspNetCore 1.0.7
BumperLane.Hosted.Api.V2.Application 1.3.5 virteom bumperlane
BumperLane.Tenant.Api.Framework 3.0.1 virteom bumperlane
bUtility.Sts biks utility sts
Cacs.Azure.Shibboleth 2016.7.28.1 OWIN ASP.NET
CarCake.TfsSupport 6.4.0 CarCake
CAST.COM.IdentityCenter.AspNetCore 1.0.0 航科院 组件 架构
CCXT.NET 1.0.0 altcoin api arbitrage bitcoin bot cryptocurrency ethereum exchange trading btc eth market-data csharp exchange-api trading-api exchange-markets ccxt trade crypto register
CelloSaaS.AuthServer SaaS Multi tenant Framework Development Migration Application Platform Challenges Non-Functional Requirements Multi-Tenant Enablement Tenant Architecture
CelloSaaS.Web 4.6.1 SaaS Multi tenant Framework SaaS Development SaaS Migration SaaS Application Development Platform SaaS Challenges SaaS Non-Functional Requirements Multi-Tenant Enablement Multi Tenant Architecture
Cireson.Platform.Extension.WebUi 0.1.10 ciresonCPEX
Codinlab.AspNetCore.Authentication.AdfsOAuth 1.0.0 aspnetcore authentication security adfs
CommonWell-Token 0.1.2 CommonWell JWT SAML Security
CoreBlades.Authentication.Jwt 1.0.0 kotcor coreblades core blades jwt authentication token
CoreHelpers.AspNetCore.SecureTokenService 1.1.19 oauth2 core mvc
CR.Authentication.TokenValidation 1.0.2 Authentication Token Validation
Crossroads.Web.Common 2.0.8
Custom.IdentityServer3.AccessTokenValidation 2.15.0
CyberBizSoft.Casual.Microservices.Auth 2.1.0
D2L.Security.OAuth2 7.2.2
D2L.Security.OAuth2.TestFramework 7.2.2
D2L.Security.OAuth2.WebApi 7.2.2
DaffodilSoftware.Auth.Jwt 2.0.1
Daybreaksoft.AspNetCore.JWT.Authorization 2.1.1 core jwt
DigitalOrder.RestartLite.Http.Utils Tag1 Tag2
Dlbr.CommonLogin.Owin 6.2.15
Dnc.Common 1.0.0 DNC
Docker.Registry.DotNet 1.0.9 Docker Container C# .NET Registry
DocuSign.eSign.dll 3.0.1 DocuSign.eSign REST eSign docusign eSignature api
DotNetify.SignalR 3.0.1 netcore reactive realtime signalr mobile web websocket
DotNetify.SignalR.Owin 3.0.1 dotnet realtime signalr mobile web websocket
Drifting.Jwt 1.0.1
DrWatson.Adfs.OAuthProvider 1.1.0 adfs oauth
EasyJwtAuth JWT OAuth OAuth2 EasyJWT Token JWTToken Authentication Authorization
EFFC.Frame.Net.Module.Extend.EWRA EFFC
EmbedIO.BearerToken 1.2.1
ExoftSecurityOAuth0 2.0.0 token authentication security jwt
EzKit.AspNetCore 1.0.24
Fabric.Platform.Auth 1.0.2018081611
FedId.Web.Project.Scaffolding wsfed oauth jwt swt webapi sts aad acs adfs authn authz
FF.Base.Auth.AspNetCore.Jwt 1.0.0
FirebaseAuth 2.0.4
FlakEssentials.Tfs 2017.831.65 FlakEssentials TFS
FpcLibrary.API 2018.5.17.2154
FPTUserManagement 1.0.1
Framework.Core.Packager2 1.0.0 Microsoft
Framework.Core.WebApi.StarterKit 1.0.0 Microsoft
Framework.Core.WebApi.WebApp.Packager 1.0.9 Microsoft
froko.Owin.Security.Jwt 0.6.0
FSOFT.IdentityServer.ClientAuthority 1.0.2 AuthorizeClient IdentityServer
FSOFT.IdentityServer.WebApiAuthority 1.0.3 AuthorizeWebApi IdentityServer
GeekLearning.Authentication.OAuth.Server 0.2.0 identity oauth2
Geezeo.SDK 0.1.20
GeoNerves.JwtValidator 0.0.1
Georadix.Web 0.1.101 Georadix AspNet Web
Georadix.WebApi 0.1.101 Georadix AspNet WebApi AspNetWebApi
Georadix.WebApi.Testing 0.1.101 Georadix AspNet WebApi AspNetWebApi Testing
GlitchedPolygons.Services.JwtService 1.0.1 c# jwt token auth authentication web api security validation safety expiration
GNaP.Owin.Authentication.Jwt gnap owin authentication jwt web
Grit.Authentication.Core 0.1.2
Grit.Authentication.Jwt 1.0.2
Guiga.Infraestrutura.ApiRest 1.5.3
Gutshot.Web 1.0.7241.3
HELOS.Web.Security 1.0.0 HELOS Security Framework nuget package
Helpers.C3PO 2.0.4
ICH.OAuthServer 1.0.0 OAuth2