A set of abstractions to help make file system interactions testable.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.IO.Abstractions -Version

Packages that Depend on System.IO.Abstractions

PackageLatest VersionTags
Aethon.NetCoreBuildTools 2.0.0 .NetCore project.json ci build
AJWFileSystem 1.0.0
AlenPelin.Commands.UpdateAssemblyInfo 1.0.2
AntPathMatching 1.0.34 ant path matching directory regex search recursive files
BWC.Utility.CustomSettingsProvider 1.0.0 settings
Cabinet.Config 1.2.0 Files IO S3
Cabinet.FileSystem 1.2.0 Files IO S3
CacheBusting Cache Busting Fingerprint Urls static resources css js images
Chauffeur 1.4.0 umbraco deployment
CMB.BuildTools Build BuildTools AssemblyInfo Parser
ConsolePlate .NET Console Boilerplate
CustomerTestsExcel 1.0.2
deployd deployd deployd-micro cd continuous delivery
deployd-package deployd deployd-micro cd continuous delivery package packager packing nuget
DotEnv dotenv
dotnet-fbit 0.4.3 features flags toggling
Esoptra.SDK 2.0.19 pluglet esoptra sdk
FileStore.Persistance.FileSystem 2.0.18 Persistance FileSystem FileStore
FluentTc TeamCity API REST HTTP
Generaid 1.1.31 C# T4 CodeGeneration csproj
Glob.cs 3.0.27 glob globbing pattern minimatch wildcard traversal bash
GlobstarFileSearch 0.0.1 file search globstar pattern
GMO.Versioning 1.0.3
IniWrapper 4.1.0 Ini ini file configuration
Kuvalda.Core 0.2.2 scm git versioning updating
nBuildKit.MsBuild.Tasks.Core 1.0.0
Neo4j.Server.AzureWorkerHost Neo4j Azure GraphDB
NFCerta.SDK 1.1.0 NFCerta NFe
Nuclei.Plugins.Core.NuGet 0.1.0
Nuclei.Plugins.Discovery 0.1.0
Nuclei.Plugins.Discovery.Assembly 0.1.0
Nuclei.Plugins.Discovery.NuGet 0.1.0
OCFF 2019.1.20.1 Config
OldSchool.I18n.Lib translation i18n extractor extraction
Omego.Selenium selenium
PactNetMessages 0.0.4
PI.Pickles 0.1.0 pickles specflow cucumber test automation
Pretzel.Logic 0.7.0 Pretzel Jekyll HTML Markdown Liquid Razor static
ProtectedConfig 1.1.1 .NET Config Configuration Settings Security DPAPI Encryption Decryption App.config
RedWood 1.0.86
RegionOrebroLan.Data 1.0.0
RegionOrebroLan.Transforming 1.0.0 directory-transform file-transform jdt json json-transform package package-transform transformation transforms xdt xml xml-transform zipfile-transform
sdmap.ext 0.15.0 dynamic sql sdmap
sdmap.ext.Dapper 0.15.0 dynamic sql sdmap dapper
seek.automation.stub StubLib PactAutomation Integration Consumer-Driven-Contract
SemanticRelease.CommitAnalyzer 2.2.0 semantic-versioning semantic-release
SemanticRelease.Core 2.2.0 semantic-versioning semantic-release
Shimmer.Client 0.7.4 Installer Desktop WiX
Shimmer.Core 0.7.4 Installer Desktop WiX
Simplify.IO 1.0.7 .NET IO
Simplify.Log 1.4.0 .NET logger
Simplify.Templates 1.5.0 .NET Templates
Skahal.Infrastructure.Framework 0.6.5 ddd unitOfWork framework repository entity
StrykerMutator.Core 0.9.0
System.IO.Abstractions.TestingHelpers 3.1.1
TAF.Core 2.7.13 TAF Core
TAF.Core.GenericGuiDriver 1.3.17 TAF Generic GUI Driver
TAF.Logging 1.8.8 TAF Logging
TAF.Logging.DesktopScreenshot 1.1.17 TAF Logging Desktop Screenshot
TAF.WebSupport 1.7.18 TAF Web support
Testable-XmlSerializer 1.1.10
Toscana cloud orchestration TOSCA OASIS YAML yml
ZocBuild.Database 1.0.14