Provides the data provider for SQL Server. These classes provide access to versions of SQL Server and encapsulate database-specific protocols, including tabular data stream (TDS) Commonly Used Types: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter System.Data.SqlDbType System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand System.Data.SqlClient.SqlTransaction System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameterCollection System.Data.SqlClient.SqlClientFactory 8321c729934c0f8be754953439b88e6e1c120c24 When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Data.SqlClient

Packages that Depend on System.Data.SqlClient

PackageLatest VersionTags
AdaptiveClient 0.17.2 Leader Analytics LeaderAnalytics AdaptiveClient Adaptive Client Repository MVC MVVM WebAPI WCF AutoFac Entity Framework fallback fall back
Ado 1.1.1 sqlServer
ADOLiteMapper 1.1.0
AntData.Core 1.2.7 linq ORM database DB SQL SqlServer
ApiPager.Data.SqlServer 1.0.0 api pager paging filter sort
Archon.Data 2.1.0
Azureoth.RestfulDb 1.0.0
Backload.Plugin.Database 2.2.7 Database Sql Server jQuery File Upload PlUpload FineUploader upload
Belgrade.Sql.Client 0.7
BGD-SQL-CLI 0.0.33
BI.MarketingCloud.DataExtensions 1.2.0
BigBook 1.0.23 Data Types DateSpan Fraction ObservableList Set
BSynchro.AsyncSqlDatabase 1.0.4
bysun.common 1.0.16 bysun common
bysun.webapi 4.0.17 bysun webapi
ChloeCore.SqlServer 2.14.0 Chloe ORM Data Core SqlServer
CK.SqlServer.Parser.Model 3.2.5
Cocon90.Db.SqlServer 1.1.2
CoPilot.ORM.SqlServer 2.0.3 Sql Server CoPilot micro ORM O/RM core netstandard mapper sql data DAL
CpsDbHelper 2.0.1 ADO.NET DBHelper
CrewCloud.Platform 1.1.6
Ctl.Core 2.0.0 core ctl
Cubixoft.Sql 1.0.0
Cuemon.Core.Package 4.2.2017.2270
Dalclasslib 1.0.0 Dal demo mvc
Damaso.Toolkit.ADO Toolkit.ADO
Dapper 1.50.2 orm sql micro-orm
Dapper.StrongName 1.50.2 orm sql micro-orm
DataAccessLayer.Core.EntityFramework 1.0.7 Generic Repository Unit of Work UoW EF EntityFramework
DbLite.MSSQL 1.0.26
DeKreyConsulting.AdoTestability.Testing.SqlServer 1.1.0 Database Data ADO.NET test tdd SqlServer SQL
Devart.Data.SqlServer.Linq 4.7.1295 Oralce ORM
dexih.connections.sql 0.3.1 Business Intelligence BI ETL Data Integration Data Management DbDataReader Data Processing Analytics sqlserver sqlite sql
DistributedLock 1.3.1 distributed lock async waithandle mutex sql sqlserver reader writer azure
DLogger.Extensions.Logging 1.1.1
Dlp.Connectors.Core.dll 1.0.9 Database ADO
Docitt.Common 1.0.0
DotEntity.SqlServer 1.0.1 Micro-ORM Database .NET Framework POCO SqlServer
DotNetStarter.IntegrationTestTools 1.0.0 EntityFramework EF database data integration test
Dox.Core.MsSqlBuilder 2.0.0 Dox Database SQL Server
EA.Core.Data.Mssql 1.0.1
EasyEvents.Core 0.3.0
EasyTVP 1.4.0 Dapper
EFCore.BulkExtensions 1.0.7 EntityFrameworkCore Entity Framework Core EFCore EF Bulk Extensions Insert Update Delete
ElasticScaleCore.Client 1.0.0 elastic pool, sharding, multi-tenant
ElasticScaleNetCore.Client 1.0.0 Microsoft Elastic Scale Azure SQL DB Database Shard Sharding Management Query
EnterpriseLibrary.Data.NetCore 6.0.1310 entlib entlib6 Enterprise Library data daab dab LOB NetCore
EnterpriseLibrary.SemanticLogging.Database.NetCore 2.0.1406.2 entlib entlib6 slab enterprise library semantic logging EventSource event listener structured strongly-typed block sink SQL database table futures OSS NetCore
EnterpriseLibrary.TransientFaultHandling.Data.NetCore 6.0.1310 entlib entlib6 enterprise library elazure Windows Azure block cloud retry retries transient fault exception handling failure network topaz async SQL database sqlazure NetCore
EntityFramework.BulkExtensions.EFCore 1.4.2 EntityFrameworkCore Core EFCore bulk operations insert delete update merge extension EntityFramework Entity Framework
EntityFrameworkProfiler 4.0.4047 EntityFramework Profiler Prof EFProf
EntityFrameworkProfiler.Appender 4.0.4047 EntityFramework Profiler Prof EFProf
EPPlus.Core 1.5.2 EPPlus aspnetcore Excel Export Report Reporting OOXML
Events.Common.Helpers 1.0.1
Falyze.Data 3.1.0
FastMember 1.1.0 Reflection Dynamic Member Access
FastMember.Signed 1.1.0 Reflection Dynamic Member Access
FastSql 1.0.2 SQL Stored Procedure query execute
FastSql.Sdk 1.0.1 SQL Stored Procedure query execute
Flexmonster.Compressor 2.3.18 Data Compression. Flexmonster Pivot Table.
FluentMethods 1.1.1 Extension Fluent
FluidDbClient 1.1.0 sql ado orm object relational mapper data record table database map mapping transaction connection managed fluent stream parameter
fo-dicom.NetCore 3.0.2
Fujiy.ApplicationInsights.AspNetCore.SqlTrack 1.1.1 Analytics ApplicationInsights Telemetry AppInsights aspnetcore
GDS.ADO.Extensions 1.0.2 ADO Extension ConnectionString SqlDataReader
Gutshot.Data.Core 1.0.7111.2 data dataaccess .net core sql
HangFire.SqlServer 1.6.15 Hangfire SqlServer SqlAzure LocalDB
Hotel.Objects.Builders 1.1.3 hotel
IdentityServer4.Contrib.Membership 4.0.28 IdentityServer
Insight.Database.Configuration 6.0.0 Insight orm sql micro-orm sqlserver db2 glimpse miniprofiler mysql oracle postgres sybase sybasease sqlite sqllite
Insight.Database.Providers.Default 6.0.0 Insight orm sql micro-orm sqlserver odbc oledb
JDash.NetCore.Provider.MsSQL 1.0.2
Jint 2.11.10 javascript interpreter
Ketrex.Serilog.Sinks.MSSqlServer 1.0.2 serilog sinks mssqlserver netcore
King.Mapper 2.0.3 King.Mapper Data Mapping ORM performance dynamic dictionary fast transformation object model Data-Reader Data-Table Data-Set reader table set SQL SQL-Server dal data-access-layer
Korzh.DbExport 4.0.0 database export csv excel html
LGU 1.0.0
Light.Data 2.0.1 Database Data ORM ADO.NET
linq2db.Core 1.8.3 linq linq2db LinqToDB ORM database DB SQL SqlServer Access SqlCe SqlServerCe MySql Firebird SQLite Sybase Oracle ODP PostgreSQL DB2 Informix SapHana
LiteDataLayer 1.0.12
Maruko.EntityFrameworkCore 1.0.0
MedallionOData 1.5.0 odata linq ef entity framework sql mvc webapi
Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer 2.0.0 Entity Framework Core entity-framework-core EF Data O/RM SQL Server
Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Hekaton 1.0.0 cache distributedcache sqlserver hekaton
Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.SqlConfig.Tools 2.0.0 cache distributedcache sqlserver
Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.SqlServer 2.0.0 cache distributedcache sqlserver
Microsoft.PowerShell.NanoServer.NetCore.Library 1.0.0 PowerShell Core
Mocoding.FeedbackService 1.0.7
Mono.Data.OracleClientCore 1.0.0
Mono.Data.OracleClientCore.Linux 1.0.0 .net dotnet core linux oracle client
Mozlite.Core 1.0.8 aspnetcore
MozliteFramework 1.0.0 asp.net5, mvc6
MR.AspNetCore.Jobs.SqlServer 0.7.1 aspnetcore background jobs sql sqlserver
MSSQL 1.0.1 'Microsoft SQL' ADO.NET SqlClient
mySqlSugarCore 3.5.4 core orm