Provides the data provider for SQL Server. These classes provide access to versions of SQL Server and encapsulate database-specific protocols, including tabular data stream (TDS) Commonly Used Types: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter System.Data.SqlDbType System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand System.Data.SqlClient.SqlTransaction System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameterCollection System.Data.SqlClient.SqlClientFactory 0f6d0a02c9cc2e766dd543ff24135f16e9a971e4 When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Data.SqlClient

Packages that Depend on System.Data.SqlClient

PackageLatest VersionTags
AdaptiveClient 0.19.3 Leader Analytics LeaderAnalytics AdaptiveClient Adaptive Client Repository MVC MVVM WebAPI WCF AutoFac Entity Framework fallback fall back
Ado 1.1.1 sqlServer
ADOLiteMapper 1.1.0
ADONetHelper.SqlServer 1.4.1 ADO.NET ADO SQL .NET Database RDBMS Generic DAL System.Data.SqlClient SQLServer ANSI
Akka.Persistence.PostgreSql 1.3.1 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency Postgres PostgreSql
Akka.Persistence.SqlServer 1.3.2 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency SQL SQL Server
Alachisoft.NCache.Community.EFCore 4.9.0 Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.Community.SDK 4.9.0 Alachisoft NCache SDK Community 4.9.0 In-Memory Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.EFCore 4.9.0 Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.OpenSource.EFCore 4.9.0 Alachisoft NCache EntityFrameworkCore Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.OpenSource.SDK 4.9.0 Alachisoft NCache SDK OpenSource 4.9.0 In-Memory Caching
Alachisoft.NCache.SDK 4.9.0 Alachisoft NCache SDK Enterprise 4.9.0 In-Memory Caching
Alagiri.MySql.Data 8.0.9 MySql .NET Connector MySql Connector/NET netcore .Net Core MySql Conector/Net Core coreclr C/NET C/Net Core
AnbuTestPack 2.9.0
AntData.Core 1.3.4 linq ORM database DB SQL SqlServer
ApiPager.Data.SqlServer 1.0.0 api pager paging filter sort
Archon.Data 3.0.0
Artisan.ORM 2.0.0 orm micro-orm sql server mssql
AspNetCore.DataProtection.SqlServer 1.0.2 aspnetcore dataprotection sql server netcore mssql
AspNetCore.Health 2.0.1 aspnetcore healthcheck loadbalancers
AspnetCoreApiDoc 3.0.0
Azureoth.RestfulDb 1.0.0
Backload.Plugin.Database 2.2.7 Database Sql Server jQuery File Upload PlUpload FineUploader upload
Badger.Data 1.0.34
Bdtye.Utils.SqlHelper 1.0.1
Belgrade.Sql.Client 0.9.0 C# .NET SqlServer
BGD-SQL-CLI 0.0.32
bgTeam.DapperExtensions 1.0.40
BI.MarketingCloud.DataExtensions 1.5.5
BigBook 2.0.4 Data Types DateSpan Fraction ObservableList Set
BizArk.Data.SqlServer BizArk sql-server database
BlackStar.Localization 1.0.0
BLTools.SQL.dns.20 2017.11.24.1
BSynchro.AsyncSqlDatabase 1.0.4
Bsynchro.Rates.SDK 4.10.8
Bsynchro.StorageServices.SDK 4.5.0
BulkWriter 1.0.2
BUtil 1.1.4
bysun.common 3.2.3 bysun common
bysun.webapi 5.2.5 bysun webapi
ByteTerrace.Core 0.0.29
C3R.MiniAdo 1.0.1
canhcam.base 1.0.2322.12
carupano.sqlserver 1.1.0 data sql
Chiats.Data 4.0.17
Chiats.Data.Standard 4.0.17
Chloe.SqlServer 2.24.0 Chloe ORM Data SqlServer .NET Core
Cinch.DbConnect 1.0.8 orm async sql sqlcommand sqlconnection sqldatareader
CK.SqlServer.Parser.Model 4.0.0
cloudscribe.DbHelpers.MSSQL 2.0.2 cloudscribe mssql
CodexMicroORM.Core 0.2.4 ORM microORM entity-framework database object-mapping micro-ORM entity data-access dataset linq-to-sql
CommandAsSql 1.0.0 SqlCommand String ToString SqlClient
Concordia.Framework.MsSql 2.0.0 MSSQL SQL Provider ConcordiaFramework Database
CoPilot.ORM.SqlServer 2.0.3 Sql Server CoPilot micro ORM O/RM core netstandard mapper sql data DAL
CoreExtensions.Dictionary 1.0.0
CpsDbHelper 2.0.1 ADO.NET DBHelper
Cql.Core.SqlServer 2.0.1
CrewCloud.Platform 1.2.3
Ctl.Core 3.0.0 core ctl
Cubixoft.Sql 1.0.0
Cuemon.Core.Package 4.2.2018.840 extensions extension methods pagedcollection timemeasure lambda profiler encoding converters options pattern transient fault handling timeunit transientoperation timerange action func factory utilities namevaluecollection datatransfer inoperator datamanager sqldatamanager datawatcher watcher jsonwriter dependency xmldatareader compression stream cachevalidator checksumbuilder obfuscator securitytoken jsontoken jsonwebtoken aes crc32 hash hmac hashresult netdependency netwatcher httpmanager cache cachingmanager watchers dependencies parallel for foreach while form querystring security tampering protected uri xmlobfuscator xmlwrapper xmlcopier xmlencoding xmlreader xmlwriter formatter formatters
Cuemon.Data 4.2.2018.840 datatransfer inoperator datamanager sqldatamanager datawatcher
Daenet.Common.Logging.Sql 1.0.5 ilogger asp-net-core net-core core sql
Daenet.Common.Sql 1.0.1 sql
Daenet.DurableTaskMicroservices.Common 0.0.3 durabletask framework microservice orchestration
Dalclasslib 1.0.0 Dal demo mvc
Damaso.Toolkit.ADO Toolkit.ADO
Dapper 1.50.4 orm sql micro-orm
Dapper.Repo 1.1.0
Dapper.Stream 0.1 Dapper ORM Stream C# Data Access
Dapper.StrongName 1.50.4 orm sql micro-orm
Dapper.TableValuedParameter 1.2.2 Dapper tvp TableValuedParameter TableValueParameter
Dapper-NodaTime 0.1.0 dapper nodatime noda time
DataAccessLayer.Core.EntityFramework 1.0.9 Generic Repository Unit of Work UoW EF EntityFramework
DataBoss.Data 0.0.48
Datadog.Trace.SqlClient 0.1.3
DataPipe.SQLServer 0.0.22 datapipe data sqlserver
DataVeryLite 2.1.5 sqlhelper persistence
DbLite.MSSQL 1.0.26
DeKreyConsulting.AdoTestability.Testing.SqlServer 1.1.0 Database Data ADO.NET test tdd SqlServer SQL
Des.EntityFrameworkCore.Extensions 1.0.1
Devart.Data.SqlServer.Linq 4.8.1423 Oralce ORM
dexih.connections.sql 0.3.1 Business Intelligence BI ETL Data Integration Data Management DbDataReader Data Processing Analytics sqlserver sqlite sql
DistributedLock 1.4.0 distributed lock async waithandle mutex sql sqlserver reader writer azure
DLogger.Extensions.Logging 1.1.1
Dlp.Connectors.Core.dll 1.0.9 Database ADO
Docitt.Common 1.0.0
DominoEventStore 1.0.0
DotCoreTech.DbClient 1.0.0
DotEntity.SqlServer 1.0.1 Micro-ORM Database .NET Framework POCO SqlServer
Dotmim.Sync.SqlServer 0.1.9 Dotmim.Sync Sync Sql Server Provider .Net Standard 2.0
DotNetCore.CAP.SqlServer 2.1.3 CAP EventBus Distributed Transaction SQL Server
DotNetSDB 1.2.0 DotNetSDB SQL Server MySQL connector dll sql server mysql database dotnetsdb library
DotnetSpider2.Core 2.4.4 DotnetSpider crawler cross platform dotnet core