Provides attributes that are used to define metadata for objects used as data sources. Commonly Used Types: System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.ValidationResult System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.IValidatableObject System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.ValidationAttribute System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.RequiredAttribute System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.StringLengthAttribute System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.DisplayAttribute System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.RegularExpressionAttribute System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.DataTypeAttribute System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.RangeAttribute System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.KeyAttribute 30ab651fcb4354552bd4891619a0bdd81e0ebdbf When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.ComponentModel.Annotations

Packages that Depend on System.ComponentModel.Annotations

PackageLatest VersionTags
Abp 3.9.0 mvc boilerplate application framework web framework framework domain driven design
AbpPlusPlus.RabbitMq 2.3.1
AceRoldanMicroHelpers.CacheIt 462.2017.1128.1404
AceRoldanMicroHelpers.MySqlBackup 460.2017.1114.312
AceRoldanMicroHelpers.WebFileManager 460.2017.1114.312
ActiveLogin.Identity.Swedish.AspNetCore 0.3.2 aspnetcore PersonalIdentityNumber PIN personnummer Sweden validation validate parse
Adeptik.Gateway.Contracts 2.0.0 Data Model
Adf 1.0.5 mvc ydt application framework web domain driven design
Adyen.EcommLibrary 1.1.1 1.1.1
AgileLabs.Dapper.FluentMap 1.0.15
Ahoo.Message 2.0.0
Akismet 0.7.0
Alagiri.MySql.Data 8.0.9 MySql .NET Connector MySql Connector/NET netcore .Net Core MySql Conector/Net Core coreclr C/NET C/Net Core
AlbionData.Models 0.0.10
Alm 0.3.0
Alternatives 3.0.1 alternatives shortcut utilities extensions
Amazon.CodeBuild 0.11.0 aws codebuild netstandard
Amazon.Elb 0.11.0 aws elb netstandard
Amazon.Ssm 0.8.0 aws ssm netstandard
AMF.NetCoreApiExplorer 0.0.1
AMF.WebApiExplorer 1.2.3 RAML WebApi Reverse Engineering
Anet 0.1.1 csharp netcore aspnet common
AntData.Core 1.3.7 linq ORM database DB SQL SqlServer
Aoite 5.4.0
AP.Core 1.0.0
API.SDK.Profit365 2.3.3
ApiActions 1.1.1810.1001 aspnetcore api apiactions versioning
ApiPager.Core 1.0.0 api pager paging filter sort
Appex.Extensions.AspNetCore 1.0.16
Aquirrel.Extensions 3.0.0 Extensions
ArgentPonyWarcraftClient 2.1.0 Warcraft World-of-Warcraft WoW Blizzard
Args.Core 1.1.2 args parse arguments parser littlebits command line
Arragro.Azure 1.0.177 Arragro Arragro.Azure Azure Abstraction
Arragro.Common 1.0.177 dotnet core netstandard
Artesian.SDK 1.1.1 Ark c# Visual Studio Framework Arkive Artesian
AspectCore.Extensions.DataValidation 1.0.1 DataValidation AspectCore AOP
AspNetCore.Authentication.WeixinAuth 2.1.412 AspNetCore Authentication OAuth Weixin Auth Tencent Myvas
AspNetCore.Authentication.WeixinOpen 2.1.412 AspNetCore Authentication OAuth Weixin Open Tencent Myvas
AspNetCore.TencentCos 5.0.3 tencent qcloud cos dotnet sdk xml api
AsyncCoreLibrary.Models 1.0.0
Atlantis.Windows 4.1.3
AtleX.CommandLineArguments 2.1.0 cli commandline command line arguments argument parser
Aurochses.Xunit.AspNetCore.Mvc.Localization 2.0.0 Test Unit xunit AspNetCore MVC Localization
Autofac.Extras.Validation 1.0.1 autofac interceptor validation
AutoFixture 4.5.0
Ayax.Auth.Common 3.1.0
AztecaSoftware.Framework3.Web 3.4.72 AztecaSoftware Kernel Framework3
Backend.Fx 4.0.1
Bedrock.Test.Base 1.0.4 Bedrock Application Framework Test Base
Beetle.Server 3.0.0 Beetle js Unit of Work Client Side Change Tracker
BioEngine.Core 3.0.405
BIT.Sqlite.Droid 1.0.0 BitFwks BitFrameworks XAF DevExpress Xpo MVVM XamarinForms Sqlite Android
BIT.Sqlite.iOS 1.0.0 BitFwks BitFrameworks XAF DevExpress Xpo MVVM XamarinForms Sqlite iOS
BitRotNugetPrepper 1.0.24
BitsOnCoffee.Data uow repository queries
biz.dfch.CS.Commons 1.12.0 dfch Commons C#
biz.dfch.CS.Web.Utilities 4.0.1 dfch web utilities C#
BizArk.Core BizArk convert conversion type-conversion tools extension utility
BlackMaple.FMSInsight.API 1.5.3
Blazer 0.2.0 SQL ADO.NET data-access ORM micro-ORM object-mapper
bleak.Validation 0.9.0
BlueFox.Common 1.0.6
Bnsights.Mvc Bnsights BBSF
Brucraft.Extensions.Xunit 0.1.1 brucraft extensions xunit
BT.Manage.Tools.NetCore 2.0.0
Bucket.Utility 1.1.1
BugStack.Net error exception tracking reporting log analysis monitoring aggregation crash reporting
BulkPackage 1.0.0 bulkpackage
BulkWriter 2.0.0
BusAppCore.Util 1.11.1
Caas.Models 1.1.17 dotnet service configurations netstandard
Carbon.Data.Annotations 2.0.0 data annotations carbon
Carbon.PayPal 2.3.0
Carbon.Validation 2.0.0 validation sanitization carbon
CareEvolution.Fhir.Core 0.97.0 HL7 FHIR REST parse serialize class model DSTU2 STU3
Catel.Core 5.7.0 catel argument checking guard logging log ioc dependency resolver factory configuration data model messaging messenger reflection scope scoping caching cache weak reference event
Catel.MVVM 5.7.0 catel mvvm view viewmodel model interaction interactivity behaviors xamarin
CDorst.DevOps.Code.Entities.Metapackages.Annotations 1.0.2
CertiPay.Payroll.Common 2.1.47 certipay payroll
Chakra.Core 2.0.10
Charites.Bindings 1.1.0 charites binding
ChoETL.NETStandard ETL c# .NET CSV Xml JSON Flat
Ci.Extension.NetCore 2.0.1 extension c# tool netcore
Ci.Extensions 2.0.1 extension c# tool
Citms.Common.Core 1.3.8 微服务 Autofac AutoMapper HttpClient ServiceDiscovery
Citms.Common.Dapper 1.0.2 Dapper Oracle
CK.Crs.Runtime 2.0.2
cloudscribe.Common.Gdpr 1.0.2 cloudscribe gdpr
cloudscribe.Email.Templating.Models 2.1.1
cloudsu.util 1.0.0
CloudyStack.Infra.Repository 1.1.3
Code9Insta.API.Core 1.0.4
CodeCave.Revit.Toolkit 2017.2.9 Revit Metadata Thumbnail Parameters PartAtom OLE
CodeJam 2.1.1 list string collection data-structure threading xml reflection async assertion IO extension algorithms structures utilities suffix-tree range tagged-union discriminated union discriminated-union variant variant-record disjoint-union sum-type
Codelet.DataAnnotations 0.0.61
Coder.Object2Report 1.1.9 CSV Object buidl cellCursor MarkDown Table
CodeZero 1.0.2 c# c-sharp best-practices aspnet aspnetcore domain-driven-design architecture framework multi-tenancy clean-architecture