Provides older specialized non-generic collections; for example, a linked list dictionary, a bit vector, and collections that contain only strings. Commonly Used Types: System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection System.Collections.Specialized.NameObjectCollectionBase System.Collections.Specialized.StringCollection System.Collections.Specialized.IOrderedDictionary System.Collections.Specialized.HybridDictionary System.Collections.Specialized.OrderedDictionary System.Collections.Specialized.ListDictionary System.Collections.Specialized.StringDictionary System.Collections.Specialized.BitVector32 When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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PM> Install-Package System.Collections.Specialized

Packages that Depend on System.Collections.Specialized

PackageLatest VersionTags
Abet.ServiceStack.Redis 1.0.4
Akka.Remote.TestKit 1.3.11 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency network testkit
AlkRestWrapper 1.0.0
AnbuTestPack 2.9.0
Assently.Client 4.7.1 e-sign e-id electronicID esigning signatures identity
Bifrost.Web 1.2.0 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
Bugsnag 2.2.0 bugsnag crash exception-handling exception-reporting exception-handler error-monitoring error-reporting error-handling unhandled-exceptions debug exceptions error errors bug bugs crash-reporting crash-reporting-tool error-log diagnostic
bysun.common 3.2.3 bysun common
Castle.Core 4.3.1 castle dynamicproxy dynamic proxy dynamicproxy2 dictionaryadapter emailsender
Castle.Core-log4net 4.3.1 castle logging log4net
Castle.Core-NLog 4.3.1 castle logging NLog
Castle.Core-Serilog 4.3.1 castle logging serilog
Chromely.CefGlue.Winapi 68.0.0 Cef Chromium HTML5 Desktop Chromely CefGlue Restful Ajax HTTP XHR MessageRouter JavascriptIntegration .NET Core
Chromely.Unofficial.CefGlue.NetStd 68.0.3440.84 Cef Chromium HTML5 Desktop Chromely CefGlue CefSharp Restful Ajax HTTP XHR JavascriptIntegration NetStandard .NET Core
cn.jpush.api.core 3.2.8 bysun jpush
CoAP.NET.Core 1.1.0 6LoWPAN blockwise CoAP observe RFC7252
Cogito.Core 3.0.0 cogito
Com.AugustCellars.CoAP 1.2.0 COSE CBOR
Contextually 1.4.0
Cortside.Common.Configuration 1.0.5
Criteo.Profiling.Tracing 0.4.3 Zipkin Tracer Tracing Criteo zipkin4net
Crosser.Server 0.0.6 Crosser realtime streaming server modular fog computing edge computing
CSharpEx 1.0.0 csharp extensions
Cuemon.Collections.Specialized 5.0.2018.251 namevaluecollection converters utilities
Cuemon.Core.Package 5.0.2018.350 extensions extension methods pagedcollection timemeasure lambda profiler encoding converters options pattern transient fault handling timeunit transientoperation timerange action func factory utilities namevaluecollection datatransfer inoperator datamanager sqldatamanager datawatcher watcher jsonwriter dependency xmldatareader compression stream cachevalidator checksumbuilder obfuscator securitytoken jsontoken jsonwebtoken aes crc32 hash hmac hashresult netdependency netwatcher httpmanager cache cachingmanager watchers dependencies parallel for foreach while form querystring security tampering protected uri xmlobfuscator xmlwrapper xmlcopier xmlencoding xmlreader xmlwriter formatter formatters dynamic serializer deserializer serialization deserialization
Devart.Data 5.0.2099 ADO.NET provider Database
Devart.Data.Linq 4.8.1644 ORM
DevZH.Qiniu Qiniu netcore
Dolores 1.0.6
dotnet-nbench 1.2.2 performance benchmarking benchmark perf testing NBench
dotNetRDF 2.1.0 RDF Semantic Web SPARQL RDF/XML Turtle Notation3
dotnet-svcutil 1.0.4 netcore svcutil WSDL metadata WCF
DotVVM 2.0.3 dotvvm mvvm owin dotnetcore dnx
DWKit-Core 2.4.2 dwkit bpm formbuilder workflow optimajet
Edge.js 8.2.1 node.js node .net edge edge.js v8 clr coreclr mono interop javascript
EdgeJs 9.3.4 node.js node .net edge edge.js v8 clr coreclr mono interop javascript
EgoPDF.Generator 1.0.43 PDF
EmbedIO 2.2.0 webserver websocket webapi http
Faithlife.zipkin4net 1.2.2 Zipkin Tracer Tracing Criteo zipkin4net
FlyCrane.Data.OracleClientCore 1.0.1
GitVersion.Tools 1.1.0
GPMClientDNSt 1.0.0
GPSOAuthSharpNetCore google googleplay playservices oauth
GraphQL.Relay 0.5.0 GraphQL Relay React
GridMVC.Core 1.0.1 MVC Grid ASP.NET Core
Hedgehog fsharp f# testing
HTTPlease.Core 1.8.3 HTTP HTTPlease WebApi HttpClient Template Immutable
HTTPlease.Formatters 1.8.3 HTTP HTTPlease Formatters Serialization
HubAnalytics.Core 1.3.1 microservice analytic client
Ideagen.MongoDB.Driver.Core 1.262.10 mongodb mongo nosql
IdentityServer4.Contrib.ServiceStack 4.5.0 ServiceStack IdentityServer
Infobip.Api.Client.NetStandard 1.0.1
Jamsoft.Drawing 1.1.0
kalis.core 1.0.2
Kapilendo.Zencoder 2.0.1 zencoder sdk netcore
KendoGridBinder 2.0.0 Kendo Grid Model AutoMapper MVC ModelBinder Binder Dynamic
LamedalOpenXML_Document 2.5.2
Lemon.Lang 1.0.0
Lenoard.Core 0.1.0 Lenoard
LibPacketGremlin 1.2.0 packet packets
Linq2RestANC 1.0.1 Linq OData
LitJson 0.13.0 JSON Serializer
Loggr.Extensions.Logging 1.0.1 loggr
LtiLibrary.NetCore 3.1.1 IMS LTI .NET Core
Lykke.Common 7.3.1 Lykke Common
MailBee.NET 11.2.0 mail e-mail email eml parser imap imap4 pop pop3 smtp ssl tls mime smime s/mime encryption security dkim tnef winmail.dat bounce gmail outlook msg pst ews exchange spam netcore netstandard xamarin uwp uap android ios net35 net40 net45
MailMergeLib 5.6.1 smtp mime mail email merge template netcore netstandard net45 c#
MedallionOData 1.5.0 odata linq ef entity framework sql mvc webapi
Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Client 1.19.0 IoT Microsoft Azure IoTHub Device Client .NET AMQP MQTT HTTP
Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB.Core 2.2.1 microsoft azure cosmos cosmosdb documentdb docdb nosql azureofficial dotnetcore netcore netstandard
Microsoft.Azure.Relay 1.0.0 Azure Relay .NET Web socket websocket hybrid connection hybrid connections
Microsoft.IdentityModel.Protocols 5.3.0 .NET Windows Authentication Identity OpenIdConnect WsFederation
Microsoft.NETCore.UniversalWindowsPlatform 6.1.9
Microsoft.PowerShell.NanoServer.NetCore.Library 1.0.0 PowerShell Core
MongoDB.AzureFunctions.CoreDll 1.0.1 MongoDB driver for AzureFunctions
MongoDB.Driver.Core 2.7.2 mongodb mongo nosql
MongoDB.Driver.Core.signed 2.7.2 mongodb mongo nosql signed unofficial 1.0.3 error logging .net core logging
Mono.Data.OracleClientCore 1.0.0
Mono.Data.OracleClientCore.Linux 1.0.0 .net dotnet core linux oracle client
MsgPack.Cli 1.0.0 MsgPack MessagePack Serialization Formatter Serializer
NBench.Runner.DotNetCli 1.1.0 performance benchmarking benchmark perf testing NBench
NetCoreStack.Mvc 2.2.0
Neudesic.Elements.Core 1.1.2881
Neudesic.Elements.Data.Extensions.Azure 1.1.2881
NPoco 3.9.4 orm sql micro-orm database mvc
Nutritionix.Standard 1.0.3
OpenTK.NETCore 1.1.2749.6433 OpenTK OpenGL OpenGLES OpenAL C# F# VB .Net Mono
OtpSharp.Core 1.0.0 otp, core, netstandard, 2fa, hotp, totp, RFC 4226, RFC 6238
PayFast 1.0.3 PayFast PayFast Integration
PayPalCore 1.0.0
Perfor.Lib.dnxcore 1.0.0 plist xml json netcore
Picton 4.1.0 Picton Azure
PJ.DrawingCore 1.0.0
PreMailer.Loop.Net 1.6.0 email css newsletter html
Premise 1.0.1 Generic Controllers, Helpers, Zurb Extensions
PropertyConfig.dll 2.0.0 Config XML Configuration File Properties Java flat name-value
Psns.Common.Security.ClientCertificateHandling 2018.7.9.4 PSNS security certificate client authentication ASP.NET
Quartz 3.0.7 scheduling tasks jobs triggers scheduler threading