This package provides collections that are thread safe and guaranteed to never change their contents, also known as immutable collections. Like strings, any methods that perform modifications will not change the existing instance but instead return a new instance. For efficiency reasons, the implementation uses a sharing mechanism to ensure that newly created instances share as much data as possible with the previous instance while ensuring that operations have a predictable time complexity. Commonly Used Types: System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableArray System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableArray<T> System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableDictionary System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableDictionary<TKey,TValue> System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableHashSet System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableHashSet<T> System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableList System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableList<T> System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableQueue System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableQueue<T> System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableSortedDictionary System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableSortedDictionary<TKey,TValue> System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableSortedSet System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableSortedSet<T> System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableStack System.Collections.Immutable.ImmutableStack<T> 8321c729934c0f8be754953439b88e6e1c120c24
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Here are the packages that version 1.4.0 of System.Collections.Immutable depends on.

NETStandard.Library : (2.0.2)




Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Collections.Immutable

Packages that Depend on System.Collections.Immutable

PackageLatest VersionTags
Aardvark.Base 4.0.11
Aardvark.Base.Essentials 4.0.11
Abp 3.5.0 mvc boilerplate application framework web framework framework domain driven design
Abp.Net.Sms 1.0.0 abp aspnetboilerplate sms
AD.Xml 1.4.13
Adamantworks.Amazon.DynamoDB 0.5.1 AWS Amazon cloud DynamoDB
Adf 1.0.5 mvc ydt application framework web domain driven design
AdvanceFramework1 20171023.1.0 .NET Business Application Development
Akka 1.3.6 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency
Akka.Analyzer 0.1.0 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency roslyn
Akka.DI.Unity 1.2.3 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency DI Unity
Akka.Logger.NLog 1.2.0 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency NLog
Akka.Logger.slf4net 1.2.0 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency slf4net
Akka.Monitoring 0.7.0 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency monitoring statsd
Akka.Persistence.Oracle 1.3.6 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency persistence eventsource oracle
Akka.Quartz.Actor 1.3.1 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency
Akka.TestKit.VsTest 1.3.2 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency vstest mstest
Angara.Base 0.2.6 Angara
Angara.Table 0.3.0 table csv .net f#
AR.Common 1.1.1
Arbor.KVConfiguration.Core 0.13.1
Archon.Http 3.0.0 webapi utils api http authorization
argparse 0.2.0
aspnet5.microservice 0.5.4 api microservice vitals health check
AsyncRewriter 0.8.11
AutoTests.Framework.PreProcessor 2.2.0 Specflow AutoTests
AztecaSoftware.Framework3.Web 3.4.68 AztecaSoftware Kernel Framework3
Badger.Common 1.0.25
berkeleybross.Pagination 1.0.24 Pagination Pager
Bessett.CodeWriter Code Generation
Biz.Morsink.Identity 0.1.1 Identity
BKM.Abp mvc boilerplate application framework web framework framework domain driven design
Blueberry.BddExtensions 0.0.2018.131
Blueberry.Core 0.0.2018.401
Blueberry.Utilities 0.0.2018.131
BMSF.Reactive.Validation 1.0.0 Rx ReactiveUI validation
BoC.Glass.Mapper.Sc.Core Glass Mapper Sitecore Glass.Mapper BOC
Bud 0.5.2
Bud.Make 1.0.0 Bud.Make initial release.
Bud.Reactive 1.0.0 Bud.Reactive initial release.
Bud.TaskGraph 1.2.2
CalculationWorks.BusinessModel 4.1.1 BCF ObjectModel Transaction Undo Redo Compute
CalculationWorks.ViewModel.Forms 4.1.1 BCF ObjectModel Transaction Undo Redo Compute
CalculationWorks.ViewModel.Windows 4.1.1 BCF ObjectModel Transaction Undo Redo Compute
CK.SqlServer.Parser 6.1.0
Cmms.Core 云端科技核心类库
CoContra 1.1.0 covariance covariant contravariance contravariant delegate
CodexMicroORM.Core 0.6.0 ORM microORM entity-framework database object-mapping micro-ORM entity data-access dataset linq-to-sql
Cogito.ServiceFabric.Activities 1.1.0
ConfygureOut.ConfigRSource 1.0.7 configuration
connect-sdk-dotnet 2.19.0 Ingenico ePayments Connect SDK
ConsulRx 1.0.0 consul configuration reactive extensions
Contexter 0.0.1
CorrelatorSharp 1.4.0 context correlation logging diagnostics
CorrelatorSharp.Core 1.0.0
Cosmos.Logging 0.1.0 StarrySky Cosmos Logging
CQELight 0.3.0 ddd domain driven design cqrs event sourcing
CreaSoft.Composition.Extensions 1.1.1 CreaSoft Composition Extensions
CreaSoft.EntityFramework 1.1.0 CreaSoft EntityFramework
CSharpAsyncGenerator 0.10.0 Async Generator Roslyn
CSharpAsyncGenerator.Core 0.10.0 Async Generator Roslyn
Cuemon.AspNetCore.Authentication 4.2.2018.840
Cuemon.AspNetCore.Package 4.2.2018.840 aspnetcore aspnet core middleware authentication basic digest hmac timemeasure insights cachebusting filters exceptiondescriptor mvc extension methods
CurlThin 0.0.5 curl libcurl http
D2L.Security.OAuth2 6.0.1
D2L.Security.OAuth2.TestFramework 6.0.1
D2L.Security.OAuth2.WebApi 6.0.1
Dapper.AmbientContext 1.5.0 dapper ambient context
Deblazer 2.0.0 Deblazer ORM Digitec Galaxus Sql
DependencyTracking.MongoDb 1.1.0 MongoDb DependecyTracking ApplicationInsight
Discord.Net.Core 1.0.2 discord discordapp
Divverence.MarbleTesting 0.4.0
DK.Standard Digitalkraft
DNT 0.0.1
Doctest 0.0.6 fsharp testing
Dorsa mvc Dorsa application framework web framework framework domain driven design
DotNet.Extensions.Logging.Testing 1.0.1 Microsoft.Extensions.Logging Test Logging
Dotnet.Script.Core 0.22.0 script csx csharp roslyn
Dsi 1.0.2 mvc application framework web framework framework domain driven design
DWKit-Core 2.0.9 dwkit bpm formbuilder workflow optimajet
DynamicCompilers 2.0.0 CSharp C# C Cpp C++ Vb NET Compilers
Dzonny.VSLangProj.Shared 1.0.0 language VisualStudio project template
E01D.Core.Data.Ef 1.2017.109.4 E01D
E01D.Core.Settings.Data.Ef 1.2017.109.4 E01D
EasyIoC 1.0.1 dependency-injection ioc
EFDbValidator 1.0.0 EntityFramework.DbValidator EntityFramework DbValidator
Eighty 1.2.0 html web template
EngineIoClientDotNet 1.0.6
EventSourceExtensions 1.1.0 eventsource etw generator
EventStore.SDK 1.11.0
Ewl 50.0.0 C# ASP.NET DAL SQL-Server MySQL Oracle
ExtendedXmlSerializer 2.1.2 xmlserializer xmlserialization serialization ExtendedXmlSerializer xml
ExtendedXmlSerializer.Legacy 2.1.1 xmlserializer xmlserialization serialization ExtendedXmlSerializer
Fable.Compiler 1.3.15 fsharp fable javascript f# js
Fable.FCS 16.0.3 F# fsharp interactive compiler editor
FallDave.Trifles 1.0.5967.16537
FallDave.Trifles.Xml 1.0.6045.17552
Falsify.Encodings 0.1.0 validation data format