Provides resource pooling of any type for performance-critical applications that allocate and deallocate objects frequently. Commonly Used Types: System.Buffers.ArrayPool<T> 8321c729934c0f8be754953439b88e6e1c120c24 When using NuGet 3.x this package requires at least version 3.4.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package System.Buffers

Packages that Depend on System.Buffers

PackageLatest VersionTags
AmBlitz.Mongo AmBlitz.Mongo
AWSSDK.DAX.Client 1.0.0
AztecaSoftware.Framework3.Web 3.4.65 AztecaSoftware Kernel Framework3
BlipSDKHelperLibrary 2.1.3
Blueberry.Core 0.0.2018.131
Business.Lib Business Core Lib
DnsClient 1.0.7 DNS Name Server CSharp .NET .NET Core
Docker.DotNet 3.125.1 Docker Container C# .NET
Durwella.VolumeData.Azure 0.4.1
Durwella.VolumeData.Core 0.4.2
Eighty 1.2.0 html web template
gfoidl.Serializer.Csv 1.0.2 serializer parser csv fast super-fast
Giawa.OpenGL 0.1.8 opengl
http2dotnet.hpack 0.8.0 HTTP HTTP2 HTTP/2 HPACK Network Protocol
ImGui.NET 0.4.3 ImGui ImGui.NET Immediate Mode GUI
kafka-core 0.9.1 kafka dotnet core
Kronos.Core 2.0.0 cache distributed socket dotnetcore dnx
Kronos.Server 2.0.0 cache distributed in-memory memory socket redis
Lib.Net.Http.EncryptedContentEncoding 1.2.0 aes128gcm httpclient http encryption
Lime.Protocol 0.7.278 lime
Logiwa.Common 2018.2.23.4 Common
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Extensions 2.0.2 aspnetcore
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Server.Kestrel.Transport.Abstractions 2.0.2 aspnetcore kestrel
Microsoft.Azure.Relay 1.0.0 Azure Relay .NET Web socket websocket hybrid connection hybrid connections
Microsoft.Net.Http.Headers 2.0.2 http
Microsoft.NETCore.App 2.0.6
MirrorSharp.Common 0.9.3 Roslyn CodeMirror
MirrorSharp.Testing 0.9.2
MySqlConnector 0.36.1 mysql mysqlconnector async database netcore
NatsSimpleClient 0.0.1 NATS
NCode.ArrayLeases 1.0.0 Buffer ArrayPool IDisposable Rent Lease
NCode.CryptoTransforms 1.0.0 ICryptoTransform HashAlgorithm ToBase64Transform FromBase64Transform CryptoStream Base64 Hash
Neon.Docker 6.1.0
NeonForge.Docker.DotNet 2.124.0 Docker Container C# .NET
NetPush 0.0.2 APN APNS iOS iPad iPhone Push Notifications
Notakey.Xamarin.Sdk 1.0.0 notakey
OSIsoft.Models 1.0.12
Pax.MongoDb Pax
PhotoSauce.MagicScaler 0.8.4 Image Resize Resample Scale Imaging Resizing Resampling Scaling Resizer Resampler Scaler Crop Cropper Cropping Sharper Sharpen Sharpening Process Processor Processing Rotate Flip Fast Performance Quality Linear Web ASP.NET WIC JPEG JPG PNG GIF TIFF
Pidgin 1.4.1 parser parsing language compiler
PommaLabs.KVLite.Core 7.0.3 kvlite cache partition key value store concurrent timed core
PooledStream 0.1.0 MemoryStream
Pooling.Net.Http 1.2.0
RabbitMqNext 1.0.20 amqp rabbitmq messaging broker rabbitclient
RavenDB.Client 4.0.2 ravendb client database nosql doc db
Ray.Core 1.1.1 orleans event-sourcing actor Ray
RazorLight 1.1.0 Razor RazorLight template-engine email emails dotnet netcore.
rtmpsharp 0.3.0 rtmp rtmps amf flex netcore
runtime.unix.System.IO.FileSystem 4.3.0 4.3.0
Satori.RTM.SDK 1.0.3 satori rtm pubsub
SceneSkope.Utilities.IO 2.3.0
SceneSkope.Utilities.TableStorage 2.3.0
sharpadbclient 2.1.0 .net45 android adb netcore
Spreads.Core 0.6.1 Spreads Data Time Series Data Frame
System.Data.JsonRpc 1.11.1 json-rpc json rpc
System.IO.Compression 4.3.0
System.IO.Compression.ZipFile 4.3.0
System.IO.Pipes 4.3.0
System.IO.UnmanagedMemoryStream 4.3.0
System.Net.Http.WinHttpHandler 4.4.0
System.Net.WebSockets.Client.Managed 1.0.20 websockets websocket-client websocketsharp clientwebsocket websocket4net
Takenet.MessagingHub.Client.CustomerSuccess.Template 2.1.166 takenet
Takenet.MessagingHub.Client.InfoEntertainmentExtensions 2.1.197 takenet
TCPServer 1.0.13
Templarbit 0.1.4 Templarbit.Core
Templarbit.Core 0.1.3 Templarbit.Core
Veldrid 4.1.1 3D Graphics Direct3D DirectX Vulkan OpenGL Metal Core Standard Game
Vertica.Integration.MongoDB 1.20.2 Vertica Integration Service IntegrationService MongoDB
WampSharp.RawSocket 18.3.1 websockets wampws rpc pubsub supersocket wampv2 rawsocket
Xeeny.Sockets 1.2.3 C# csharp .net standard dotnetstandard duplex services cross-platform multiple-transport tcp udp framework xamarin
Xeeny.Transports 1.0.2 C# csharp .net standard dotnetstandard duplex services cross-platform multiple-transport tcp udp framework xamarin
XGain 1.2.7 socket tcp/ip socket server listener
ZeroNsq nsq queue cqrs servicebus messaging
Zipkin 1.0.15 zipkin distributed tracing
Zstandard.Net 1.1.3 Compression Stream Zstandard Zstd