OkIO is a new library that complements Java.IO and Java.Nio to make it much easier to access, store, and process your data.
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Here are the packages that version 1.13.0 of Square.OkIO depends on.

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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Square.OkIO

Packages that Depend on Square.OkIO

PackageLatest VersionTags
Curbside 3.2.201905061
DB.Utils 1.0.26
DialOnce.Android 2.6.15 dialonce sdk android
Estimote.Android.Indoor Estimote Beacons Proximity
Estimote.Android.Proximity Estimote Beacons Proximity
Indigitall.Android 3.3.0
Indigitall.Xamarin.Android 3.3.1
Karamunting.Android.JP1016.SuperBadge 1.0.0 android android-library badge chip chip-view badge-view rating droid mono mono.droid xamarin xamarin-android
Karamunting.Android.LingoChamp.OkHttp 1.0.5 android download okhttp android-library droid downloader xamarin xamarin-android
Karamunting.Android.Square.OkHttp 3.14.0 android android-library droid http http2 https io okhttp okhttp3 okio square xamarin xamarin-android
Kwon.Mapbox.Android.Navigation Mapbox Android Navigation Xamarin
Kwon.Mapbox.Android.Navigation.UI Mapbox Android Navigation UI Xamarin
Kwon.Mapbox.Android.Plugin.LocationLayer Mapbox Android Plugin LocationLayer Xamarin
Kwon.Mapbox.Android.Plugin.Offline Mapbox Android Plugin Offline Xamarin
Kwon.Mapbox.Android.Sdk Mapbox Android SDK Xamarin
Kwon.Mapbox.Android.Telemetry Mapbox Android Telemetry Xamarin
Kwon.Mapbox.Sdk.Core Mapbox SDK Core Xamarin Android
Kwon.Mapbox.Sdk.Services Mapbox SDK Services Xamarin Android
Kwon.Mapbox.Sdk.Turf Mapbox SDK Turf Xamarin Android
Kwon.Square.Retrofit2 Square Retrofit2 Xamarin Android
Kwon.Squareup.OkHttp3.OkHttp Squareup OkHttp Xamarin Android
Kwon.Squareup.Retrofit2.Retrofit-converter Squareup Retrofit2 Retrofit-converter Xamarin Android
LayoutGenerator 1.0.0
Molnar.LaunchDarkly.Android 2.5.4
Naxam.SquareUp.OkHttp3.LoggingInterceptor 3.11.0 Xamarin.Android okhttp3 logging-interceptor logginginterceptor
nuubit.SDK 3.0.2
Permutive.Xamarin.Android permutive android xamarin
Permutive.Xamarin.Android.GoogleAds permutive google android
Plugin.CloudFirestore 1.2.3 xamarin ios android xamarin.forms plugin cloudfirestore firestore firebase
ReactNative.Droid 1.0.55 react react-native com.facebook.react facebook
Realtime.Xamarin 1.2.8 Realtime real-time ORTC Pub/Sub Cloud Messaging Publish Subscribe websockets pcl xamarin
SecureHttpClient 1.12.0 xamarin netstandard ios android httpclient security
Square.OkHttp3 3.8.1 xamarin android monodroid okhttp
Square.OkHttp3.UrlConnection 3.11.0 xamarin android monodroid okhttp
Square.OkHttp3.WS 3.4.2 xamarin android monodroid okhttp web sockets
Square.Wire 1.7.0
VoxeetSDK 1.1.7
WNC.MobileChat.Droid 1.1.1 xamarin mobile chat support
Xamarin.Bindings.RoundedImageView 2.3.0 xamarin android
Xamarin.Bindings.Zendesk.Chat.Android 1.0.5 Xamarin.Android zendesk beldevere providers sdk helddesk
Xamarin.Square.OkHttp3 3.10.0 xamarin android monodroid okhttp okhttp3 square
XamPicasso 1.0.0
ZiggeoXamarinSDK 1.2.6