An HTTP+HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications.
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Here are the packages that version 3.8.1 of Square.OkHttp3 depends on.

Square.OkIO : (1.13.0)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Square.OkHttp3

Packages that Depend on Square.OkHttp3

PackageLatest VersionTags
Com.Kumulos 1.0.1 xamarin monodroid C# Kumulos push analytics crash reporting
DialOnce.Android 2.6.15 dialonce sdk android
Digits 1.4 xamarin xamarin.forms android ios windows phone crashlytics fabric twitter digits
Engine.IO.Client 1.0.0 xamairn android monodroid websocket
Ideine.ModernHttpClient 3.2.2
Indigitall.Android 3.3.0
Indigitall.Xamarin.Android 3.3.1
insert-sdk-android insert-io pendo insert insert-xamarin
JakeWharton.Picasso2OkHttp3Downloader 1.1.0 xamarin android monodroid okhttp picasso images
Karamunting.Android.GrenderG.MarkdownView 0.1.2 android webview web markdown html android-library droid material material-design mono mono.droid xamarin xamarin-android
modernhttpclient-updated 2.7.2 xamarin windows ios android xamarin.forms plugin ModernHttpClient
Molnar.LaunchDarkly.Android 2.5.4
Naxam.DropboxCoreApi.Droid 3.0.4 xamarin Xamarin.Android dropbox dropbox-core dropbox-core-sdk
Naxam.Mapbox.Droid xamarin Xamarin.Android Mapbox
Naxam.Mapbox.Services.Android.Telemetry Xamarin.Android mapbox telemetry
Naxam.SquareUp.OkHttp3.LoggingInterceptor 3.11.0 Xamarin.Android okhttp3 logging-interceptor logginginterceptor
Naxam.uCrop.Droid 2.2.1 Xamarin.Android ucrop
nuubit.SDK 3.0.2
Permutive.Xamarin.Android permutive android xamarin
Permutive.Xamarin.Android.GoogleAds permutive google android
SecureHttpClient 1.11.0 xamarin netstandard ios android httpclient security
SessionM.SDK 1.1.3
Square.OkHttp3.UrlConnection 3.11.0 xamarin android monodroid okhttp
Square.OkHttp3.WS 3.4.2 xamarin android monodroid okhttp web sockets
Square.Retrofit2 2.3.0
UnifiedSmsApi 1.0.0 Nexmo Twilio Twizo Msg91 Xamarin.Android
Xam.PayPal.Droid xamarin android paypal
Xam.Plugins.Android.ExoPlayer.OkHttp 2.9.0 xamarin exoplayer exo monodroid C# android audio media player streaming mp3
Xamarin.Grpc.OkHttp 1.14.0 xamarin android bindings google grpc okhttp
Xamarin.PayPal.Android 2.18.0 xamarin plugin paypal android cardio
ZiggeoXamarinSDK 1.2.5