C# client library and examples for using SendGrid API's to send mail and access Web API v3 endpoints with .NET Standard 1.3 and .NET Core support. Github repo located at :
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Sendgrid

Packages that Depend on Sendgrid

PackageLatest VersionTags
2ndCLibraries.SendGridLibraries 1.0.1 2ndC SendGrid
accidentalfish.applicationsupport azure paas application framework table sql queue deployment configuration
AccidentalFish.ApplicationSupport.Email.SendGrid 6.0.0 azure paas application framework table sql queue deployment configuration email sendgrid
ActionMailerNext.Mvc5 email mvc razor actionmailer mvc5
ActionMailerNext.Mvc5-1 email mvc razor actionmailer mvc5.1
ActionMailerNext.Mvc5-2 email mvc razor actionmailer mvc5.2
ActionMailerNext.SendGridSender email actionmailer sendgrid
ActionMailerNext.Standalone email mvc razor actionmailer
Arragro.SendGrid 1.0.176 Arragro Arragro.Redis
Aurochses.AspNetCore.Identity.SendGrid 2.0.0 AspNetCore Identity SendGrid
Bell.Common.Services 0.5.6
BmSoftware.Core.v4 1.2.15
CodeStream.Identity.Messages 1.7.8 CodeStream Messages
CodeStream.Identity.Services 1.4.45 CodeStream
CodeStream.SharedServices.Data 6.15.10 CodeStream SharedServices Data
CWS.Umbraco.Standard.Membership 1.0.8 CWS Umbraco
Cyprex.Email 1.0.0
Delete.KenticoFramework 0.0.13
e10.shared 1.0.2 e10 repository autofac layers identity entity framework
Ekin.Email ekin caglar email sendgrid elasticemail
Ewl 50.0.0 C# ASP.NET DAL SQL-Server MySQL Oracle
FluentEmail.SendGrid 2.3.0 email razor sendgrid fluent fluentemail
FluentSendGrid 1.0.2 Email SendGrid Templates
Gaia.Core.Mail.SendGrid 1.17.345.1
Gorilla.Mailer.SendGrid 1.0.2 Gorilla GorillaGeek Mailer SendGrid
Helpers.C3PO 2.0.2
Hood 1.2.6 ASP.NET MVC EntityFramework CMS
HPD.Utilities 1.20170913.92
Ktnc.SendGrid 0.0.4
Loop3.Toolkit.AspNetCore 0.0.2
Loop3.Toolkit.Mail.SendGrid 0.0.2
Merchello.Plugins.SendGridNotifications 1.1.6 Merchello Send Grid Notifications
Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.SendGrid 2.0.0 Microsoft Azure WebJobs Jobs Extensions SendGrid Email windowsazureofficial Web
NBS.SendGrid 1.0.2
NullDesk.Extensions.Mailer.SendGrid 4.2.5 email nulldesk sendgrid
OFrameLibrary 1.2.3 OFrame Library MVC & Web Forms Helper Classes
Pception.Notification.SendGrid log pception owin logging stats
PeakUp.Integrations.SendGrid 0.1.0 peakup integrations SendGrid
Prb.HomeImageProcessing 0.5.1 image video processing
ServiceBase.Notification.SendGrid 1.1.1 dotnet dotnet-core sendgrid
SigAuth 1.0.2 SiglaTechAuthentication siglatech SiglaTech
SmartBznz.SendGrid 1.0.2
SpeakWithAGeek.Extensions.Logging.Email.SendGrid 0.1.0
Swaksoft.Infrastructure.Crosscutting.Authorization 2.0.0 Swaksoft DDD Seedwork Crosscutting Authorization
UniverCloud.Email.SendGrid 1.0.1 UniverCloud Email SendGrid
Vertica.Integration.Emails.SendGrid 1.0.2 Vertica Integration Service IntegrationService SendGrid Transactional Email
VirtoCommerce.Platform.Data.Notifications 2.13.19
Woozle.SendGrid 0.0.2 Woozle SendGrid
XCommon.CloudServices 1.0.57 XCommon Azure FileStorage Mail
z.Controller 2.0.7 Web API MVC Controller Core