Selenium is a set of different software tools each with a different approach to supporting browser automation. These tools are highly flexible, allowing many options for locating and manipulating elements within a browser, and one of its key features is the support for automating multiple browser platforms. This package contains the .NET bindings for the concise and object-based Selenium WebDriver API, which uses native OS-level events to manipulate the browser, bypassing the JavaScript sandbox, and does not require the Selenium Server to automate the browser.
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Here are the packages that version 3.141.0 of Selenium.WebDriver depends on.

Newtonsoft.Json : (10.0.3)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Selenium.WebDriver

Packages that Depend on Selenium.WebDriver

PackageLatest VersionTags
20160209916PMSandbox 1.0
AgentOctal.WebAutomationBase 1.0.7
AgileTestware.Bumblebee.NUnit 1.1.4
Amido.WebDriver.Utilities 1.0.4 Selenium WebDriver Server BrowserStack
AppDi 0.9.1 Selenium UI AppDi C#
Appium.WebDriver Appium Webdriver device automation
ARP.Client.dll 1.3.1
ASI.SeleniumExtensions 2.0.0 Selenium Integration testing
Atata 1.0.0 atata automation testing test selenium webdriver browser
Atata.Bootstrap 1.0.0 atata automation testing test selenium webdriver browser bootstrap
Atata.Configuration.Json 1.0.0 atata automation testing test selenium webdriver browser configuration
Atata.KendoUI 1.0.0 atata automation testing test selenium webdriver browser kendo kendoui
Atata.WebDriverExtras 1.1.0 atata automation testing test selenium webdriver browser
Aurochses.Xunit.Selenium 2.2.0 Test Unit xUnit Selenium
AutoFramework 1.1.3
Autohands 1.4.1 testes teste test autohand qa nunit automacao
AutomatedVisualTesting 2.0.0 Automation Visual Testing
AutomationReporter 2.4.0 Html reporter reporter for automation reporting automation automation reports
AutoTests.Framework.Web 2.5.0 Specflow AutoTests Selenium WebDriver
Base.Automation 1.2.3
BaseObject 1.0.3
BBP.Test.Selenium 1.0.0
Bellatrix.Desktop 1.3.0 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web 1.3.0 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.BrowserPlugins 1.1.1 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Chrome.Linux64 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Chrome.Mac64 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Chrome.Win32 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Firefox.Linux32 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Firefox.Linux64 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Firefox.MacOS TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Firefox.Win32 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Firefox.Win64 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Opera.Linux64 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Opera.MacOS64 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Opera.Win32 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Opera.Win64 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Web.Screenshots 1.3.0 TestFramework UITests
Bit.Test 1.9.3 Bit Test
BLogic.Shared.Modules.Selenium 1.0.5 page-object-pattern page object pattern selenium test automation
Browser 1.0.0
Bumblebee.Automation 1.3.1 acceptance ui automation system test testing
C1.Web.Api.Image 4.0.20191.170
canopy 2.1.0 f# fsharp canopy selenium ui automation tests
Cigniti.Automata.Adapters.Selenium 2.2.22
Cignium.Contrib.GaugeSelenium 1.0.28
CofSelenium.Framework 1.0.0
Cognosante.QA.TestEngineering.TestCore 1.0.6277.28733
Cognosante.QA.TestEngineering.TestListeners 1.0.6261.22083
Coypu 3.0.1 browser automation selenium testing framework
CSF.WebDriverExtras 1.0.3
DevBridge.SeleniumTools 1.0.6
DotNetCore.Selenium.Extensions 1.0.2
DotNetSeleniumExtras.PageObjects 3.11.0
DotNetSeleniumExtras.PageObjects.Core 3.12.0
DotNetSeleniumExtras.WaitHelpers 3.11.0
DotnetSpider.Extension 3.0.8 DotnetSpider crawler dotnet core
Draki.SeleniumWebDriver PhantomJS Phantom WatiN Selenium Fluent Automation API
dummyTest Dummy Test
Dynamics365.UIAutomation.Api EasyRepro Testing Dynamics365 UI-Automation API
EEAutoFramework 1.0.0
eswat.Automation.Web 0.0.4 testing unit_testing unit_tests tdd bdd acceptance_tests acceptance_testing
ETMAutomationFramework 1.0.6 ETM Automation Framework
Exoft.Selenium.MultiBrowser.Core 1.0.0
ExtSelenium Selenium Automation Test DOM
Eyes.Appium 3.7.0 applitools eyes appium
Eyes.Selenium 2.20.6 applitools eyes selenium
Fayu.Qa.Selenium.Framework 2.0.2 Selenium Automation Fayu
Flexible.Selenium 0.11.0 Selenium Webdriver QA
FluentTest.WebUI 0.0.1
FluffySpoon.Automation.Web.Selenium 1.71.0
Framework.Web 2.1.0
Framework.Web.TA 5.0.0
FsPlot 0.6.6 F# HTML5 Data Visualization Chart JavaScript
fubu packaging areas slices
Globant.Selenium.Axe 1.0.26 Globant selenium axe ada webdriver
Golem 2.2.1 Selenium WebDriver Framework Golem ProtoTest Gallio MbUnit Rest White TestStack Test Testing
Gravity.Drivers.Appium 2019.3.18.1 Appium WebDriver device automation
Gravity.Drivers.Mock 2019.3.18.1 automation crawling crawl selenium appium automation testing automation test qa gravity gravity api scrapping scrap
Gravity.Services.Core 2017.10.18.1 automation crawling crawl selenium appium automation testing automation test qa gravity gravity api scrapping scrap
HanoiBeauty Hanoi QA Beauty Selenium EPiServer
HanoiSelenium Hanoi QA Beauty Selenium EPiServer HanoiSelenium
hotPot.Selenium.Net45 1.0.0
IEvangelist.Harness 1.0.1
IntelliTect.TestTools.Selenate 1.1.0 selenium ui test automated test testing web test
IntelliTect.TestTools.SelenateExtensions 1.0.0 selenium ui test automated test testing web test extension
javnov.WebDriver.CookieFriendly 1.0.2 javnov selenium webdriver cookies
Jbh.Shopify.Selenium 1.0.2 JB
Joyride 0.1.3 joyride mobile bdd behaviour driven development pageobjects appium selenium ios android automation acceptance tests specs
JQSelenium JQuery Selenium
JSErrorCollector WebDriver Selenium JS error
Keerthana.ConsoleAppTest 1.0.12
Kontur.ReactUI.SeleniumTesting 2.0.11
Kontur.ReactUI.SeleniumTesting.Tests 1.0.0
Kontur.Selone 0.0.4
KruisIT.Selenium.Extensions 1.0.0