Reactive Extensions Main Library combining the interfaces, core, LINQ, and platform services libraries.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Rx-Main -Version 2.3.0-beta2

Packages that Depend on Rx-Main

PackageLatest VersionTags
akavache.core 5.0.0 Akavache Cache Xamarin Sqlite3 Magic
AkavacheExplorer.Droid 1.1.0 akavache xamarin android explorer
AkavacheExplorer.iOS 1.1.0 akavache xamarin android explorer
Anna 1.0.1008 HttpServer Http Web nodejs
ANTLR4.ParserHelpers antlr4 parsers
Arkane.Base 0.11.0 utility library arkane-systems
Azure.Storage.Liberation 0.1 azure cloudtable observable bulk export json dynamictableentity
AzureStorageRest 0.8.2 httpclient azurestorage rest
Biscuits.Devices.L3gd20h.Windows 1.0.0 L3GD20H Gyroscope UWP
Biscuits.Devices.LogitechF710.Windows 1.0.2 LogitechF710 Gamepad UWP
Biscuits.Devices.Lps25h.Windows 1.0.0 LPS25H Barometer Thermometer UWP
Biscuits.Devices.Lsm303d.Windows 1.0.0 LSM303D Magnometer Accelerometer UWP
Biscuits.Devices.Pca9685.Windows 1.0.0 PCA9685 PWM UWP
Biscuits.Devices.Srf02.Windows 1.0.0 SRF02 Ultrasonic Proximity UWP
Bud 0.5.2
Burden rx reliable mq message queue
BusQ 0.9.1 Azure Queues Messaging Rx Reactive
CodeBinding.Rx wpf binding Rx Reactive Observable
Coderful.Events 1.5.0
CorLib Rx Reactive Extensions Observable Threading Task Concurrency Async Asynchronous IAsyncResult
CouchDbProvider 2.0.3
Dapr.WebSockets 0.2.7 WebSockets WebSocket Xamarin Mono Droid Touch PCL
DependencyResolver assembly dependency reference
DotNetEx.Windows WPF MVVM
DotNetExtensions-Base 1.1.4713.27166
EasyActor.Pipeline 0.6.0 Task Threading TPL Pipeline Actor Model
Elysium.Extra 1.1.7 Elysium WPF UI Theme Theming Metro Modern Windows Phone 8 8.1 8.2 9 Presentation Foundation Muhammad Rehan Saeed
embedly 0.7 embedly oembed
EnterpriseLibrary.WindowsAzure.Autoscaling 5.0.1118.2 entlib enterprise library elazure Windows azure autoscaling scaling Wasabi block cloud
Estimotes.Xplat 1.6.0 xamarin xam.pcl estimotes beacons proximity location eddystone ibeacon ble bluetooth
F2F.ReactiveNavigation.Autofac 3.0.0 rxnavi rx navigation mvvm reactiveui f2f autofac
FakeBand 0.0.9 Band
Firebase.Database 1.0.0
Firebase.Xamarin 0.3.6
Firk AppFramework
Firk.Core AppFramework
FluentMessaging .net fluent azure
FSharp.Desktop.UI 0.7.1 F# fsharp wpf mvc
FSharp.Qualia 0.1.4 ui wpf framework
FSharp.Qualia.WPF 0.1.4 ui wpf framework
Futures.Main Reactive Future
Futures.Testing Reactive Future
Fx.AppServer.v2.Lib 2.2.6 Fx AppServer novichikhin
GameCtor.Firebase.Database.Rx 1.0.1 Reactive Rx Firebase Database Xamarin
HandyUtilities.Xsv CSV TSV XSV
hostasp.dll 0.1.2 self-host mvc
Hse.Presentation.Prism 1.3.0 hse wpf modularity prism
Hydra-Messaging 2.2.0 Hydra Messaging CouchDb
HyperstoreRX Hyperstore DSL DDD RX
IS24RestApi 2.6.6086.29976 Immobilienscout24 Immoscout IS24 REST API
Its.Domain 0.15.28 CQRS Its.Cqrs event-sourcing DDD
Its.Domain.Api 0.15.28 webapi DDD CQRS Its.Cqrs
Its.Domain.Sql 0.15.28 SQL CQRS Its.Cqrs event-sourcing
Its.Domain.Testing 0.15.28 testing CQRS Its.Cqrs
JB.Common.Collections.Reactive 0.7.0 ObservableList ObservableCollection ObservableBindingList ObservableDictionary Collection List BindingList Dictionary ReactiveList ReactiveBindingList ReactiveDictionary Reactive RX.Net
JB.Common.Reactive 0.7.0 Reactive Extensions rxnet Async AsyncReaderWriterLock
JB.Common.Reactive.Analytics 0.7.0 Reactive Extensions RXNet Streaming Analytics Analysis Insight
Jittuu.Rx.AddOn rx reactive extensions addon
K4wRx 0.2.2 Kinect Rx
kafka4net 2.0.1 kafka kafka4net
KanColleWrapper 1.6.2 KanColle
Khronos 0.1 Scheduling
Kinect.Reactive Kinect Kinect4Windows
Kinect.ReactiveV2 Kinect K4W Rx
Kinect.ReactiveV2.Input Kinect K4W Rx
Komon.Core Crosscutting concerns Enterprise
Komon.Logic Logic Rules Workflow Facade Enterprise
Komon.Logic.Core Logic Rules Workflow Facade Enterprise
Komon.PlatformService.NET40 PCL Enterprise
Komon.PlatformService.NET45 PCL Enterprise
Komon.Presentation Clients Apps WPF Enterprise
Komon.Presentation.Core Clients Apps WPF Enterprise
LinqToAwait 1.0.0 LINQ Rx await async
linqtotwitter 4.2.1 twitter twitterapi twitterdev tweet linq social linqtotwitter linq2twitter
LongWorkflows 1.0 Workflow LongRuningWorkflow
MCI.Reactive Miharu
MediatRedux 0.4.0 Redux MediatR ReactiveExtensions
Mexedge.VisualStudio.Modeling 0.0.2
MicroMVVM 1.1.5 Win8 WinRT C# XAML MVVM IOC Blendability Navigation
Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.TraceEvent.Samples 1.0.41 Samples TraceEvent Microsoft ETW Event Tracing for Windows
Microsoft.Experience.CloudFx 2.1.3 WindowsAzure Azure ServiceBus Messaging PubSub Publish Subscribe Topic Relay Storage Table Blob Queue Rx Reactive Observable Configuration Diagnostics Extensibility Best Practices Web Worker Role
Microsoft.Research.MultiWorldTesting.ClientLibrary Multiworld Testing
Microsoft.Research.MultiWorldTesting.JoinUploader Multiworld Testing
MisterHex.WebCrawling crawler rx crawling spider
MMBot.Jabbr hubot mmbot petegoo chat robot bot jabbr
MooresCloudHolidayDotNet holiday moorescloud rest client
MVVM-Sidekick 1.6.35 Rx Reactive Extensions MVVM UWP UAP Win8 Win10 APP IoT Metro Modern UI
MVVM-Sidekick.Behaviors Rx Reactive Extensions MVVM Win8 Metro Modern UI