Simple REST and HTTP API Client
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Here are the packages that version 106.6.5 of RestSharp depends on.

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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package RestSharp -Version 106.6.5

Packages that Depend on RestSharp

PackageLatest VersionTags
24Rental.ClientLibrary 2.9.1
3PL.Net 1.0.1 3pl central
51st.Api 1.1.4 ragemp 51st 51st-state api api-client csharp
AccountServices.Client 1.1.9
ActionMailer.Postmark 0.7.4 email mvc razor postmark
ActionMailerNext.Postmark email mvc razor actionmailer postmark
ActionMailerNext.SendGridSender email actionmailer sendgrid
ADE.Nemesis.Client 0.9.10505 ADE Nemesis API
AdMaiora.AppKit 2.0.5 AdMaiora AppKit Xamarin
adnmaster.Bitly 1.2013.2 bitly
AdobeSign 1.0.3
ADSConfiguracion.Utilities 1.0.2
ADSConfiguration.Utilities 1.0.3
ADSUtilities 1.0.6
AdvisorService 1.2.2
AE.Http.Proxy.Integration.RestSharp Http Proxy RestSharp
AFCTravel.Api 1.0.5
AGCOD 1.0.0 agcod amazon
Agvise.Api 1.1.0
AITools 1.1.0
AklTransport 1.0.0 Auckland Transport Api AklTransport GTFS GTFS-Realtime Auckland Buses
Akros.Standard.ActiveDirectory 1.0.5
Akros.Standard.EventLogUtilityLayer 1.0.1
AlertScale.Net notifications error reporting alerts realtime signalr toastr
Aliyun.FC.SDK.NetCore 1.0.0 FC serverless
Almego.Open.Api.DecisionTreeClient 1.0.106
Amido.Testing.Social.Facebook 1.0.3 Amido Facebook Selenium Webdriver
Amido.Testing.Specflow.Api 1.0.4 Amido Specflow Api Http Steps
Anabranch.MagicSeaweedClient 4.1 Magic Seaweed
AndcultureCode.EdGateClient.NetCore.Api 1.0.0 EdGate NetCore
AndcultureCode.Zoom.NetCore.Api 1.0.17 Zoom NetCore
Animatronio 2.0.65 Selenium WebDriver
AnotherJiraRestClient-Ruskin 0.0.9 AnotherJiraRestClient
AntigateSharp 1.0.1
AnyStatus.Plugins 2.0.173 AnyStatus VisualStudio Monitor Monitoring Build TFS VSTS AppVeyor TeamCity TravisCI Jenkins Pingdom UptimeRobot
Api.Cielo.Lio 1.0.6
ApiLibs 1.38.0
APIXURestClient-Android 0.2 apixu weather xamarin android rest api
Apollos.OneSignal.RestAPIv3.Client 1.0.3 ApollosProject OneSignal .NetStandard2.0 .NetCore2.0 .NetFramework452 net452 netstandard2.0 netcoreapp2.0 Client MultiFramework
App.Common.Droid 1.0.2 Android App Common
App.User.LocationInfo 1.0.0 Tracking Xamarin User Location IPAddress
Appboy.NET 0.3.1
AppHarbor.NET 2.2.0 AppHarbor Rest API Wrapper
appolosharp 1.0.0 Appolo sharp pedro gabriel thoth rest api
Appstream.Appstreamlib 3.5.0
Appstreamlib 3.4.0
Apruve 1.0.5
Aqovia.PactProducerVerifier 1.0.40 Testing Pact
Aquarius.Weixin 1.5.6
ArcToCore.RestToCode Rest Json c#
ARLEMDecipher 1.0.0
ArtifactAPI 0.1.3 artifact api artifactapi .net artifact-valve valve c#
AspNet.Security.OAuth.Jira 1.0.1 jira aspnetcore authentication oauth security
AspnetCore.TypeSafe.Client.RestSharp 0.1.6
AspNetCoreFreeGeoIp 1.0.1 FreeGeoIp GeoIp
Aspose.Cells-Cloud 19.6.0 Excel Spreadsheet Aspose.Cells XLS XLSX TXT ODS
Aspose.Diagram-Cloud 18.10.0 Visio Diagram Aspose.Diagram VSD VSS VST VSX VTX VDW VDX VSDX VSTX VSSX
Aspose.Email-Cloud 18.7.0 ASPOSE EMAIL CLOUD SDK Outlook MSG EML and MHT
Aspose.Pdf-Cloud 19.5.0 Aspose.PDF Aspose.PDF-Cloud PDF XFA XPS TIFF PCL SVG HTML XML XSL-FO FDF XFDF PDF/A form Portfolio EPUB PSD to XLS DOC
Assetic.RESTapi.SDK 2017.17.1 assetic
ASUA.SensorDataApi.SDK 1.1.0
Atlassian.SDK 10.6.0 Atlassian JIRA LINQ
AuphonicNet 0.1.0 auphonic audio podcast
authy-net-client 1.1.7 initialstate authy two-factor authentication
AutoCheckAuctionsAPIClient 1.0.0
AutoCheckInsuranceAPIClient 2.0.1
Autodesk.Forge 1.5.2 autodesk autodesk-forge rest restful api
AutoFramework 1.1.3
Autohands 1.4.1 testes teste test autohand qa nunit automacao
AutoTecAPIClient 2.0.0
AuxiliaryLibraries 1.1.0 REST API JSON String File helper Calendar Persian Ip Encryption Log Queue
Aylien.NewsApi 2.0.0 Aylien News API
AzStudioCommon AzStudio Azure .NET C#
azure_ratecard 1.0.10
azurecopyclient 1.5.2 azure s3 amazon dropbox onedrive
AzureRestAPI 1.0.5
Azys.Linkedin Linkedin Azys
BackOffice.Api.Integration 1.38.0 BackOffice
Bamboo.Sharp 0.1.0 Atlassian Bamboo CI
BambooHrClient 1.0.0
Banking.cs 1.0.5577.25943 ofx banking
Banzilla_SDK ihct
baseVISION.Tool.Connectors.Harvest 1.0.1
baseVISION.Tool.Connectors.RunMyAccount 1.0.2
baseVISION.Tool.Connectors.Zoho 1.0.7
BattleriteNET 1.0.0
Bcfier 2.2.5 bcfier teocomi
BCXZone_Shared 1.0.14
Bear.Pigeon.Client 0.1.9
BedSharp 0.5.24 Rest Mock Stub Test TDD API HTTP
Bellatrix.API 1.6.0 TestFramework UITests SystemTests
Bellatrix.SpecFlow.TestExecutionExtensions.API 1.6.0 TestFramework UITests SystemTests
Bellatrix.TestExecutionExtensions.API 1.6.0 TestFramework UITests SystemTests
BestBankPortugalConnect 1.0.2 best bank open banking api sdk portugal psd2
Betsolutions.Casino.SDK 0.4.0 Betsolutions
Biehler.EzbAdapter 1.2.0 ezb ecb euro usd exchange rate money european central bank