Simple REST and HTTP API Client
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Here are the packages that version 105.2.3 of RestSharp depends on.

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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package RestSharp

Packages that Depend on RestSharp

PackageLatest VersionTags
24Rental.ClientLibrary 2.8.0
ActionMailer.Postmark 0.7.4 email mvc razor postmark
ActionMailerNext.Postmark email mvc razor actionmailer postmark
ActionMailerNext.SendGridSender email actionmailer sendgrid
ADE.Nemesis.Client 0.9.10505 ADE Nemesis API
adnmaster.Bitly 1.2013.2 bitly
AdvisorService 1.2.2
AE.Http.Proxy.Integration.RestSharp Http Proxy RestSharp
AGCOD 1.0.0 agcod amazon
Agvise.Api 1.1.0
AklTransport 1.0.0 Auckland Transport Api AklTransport GTFS GTFS-Realtime Auckland Buses
AlertScale.Net notifications error reporting alerts realtime signalr toastr
AlexeyKuptsov.Jdi.Core 1.0.49 nuget ui automation testing web mobile qa framework epam pageobjects selenium
AlexeyKuptsov.Jdi.Matchers 1.0.49 nuget ui automation testing web mobile qa framework epam pageobjects selenium
AlfrescoUploadApi 0.1.2 Alfresco .NET F#
AlfrescoUploadApi.Client 1.0.15 Alfresco .NET F#
Amido.Testing.Social.Facebook 1.0.3 Amido Facebook Selenium Webdriver
Amido.Testing.Specflow.Api 1.0.4 Amido Specflow Api Http Steps
Anabranch.MagicSeaweedClient 4.1 Magic Seaweed
Animatronio 2.0.64 Tag1 Tag2
AnotherJiraRestClient-Ruskin 0.0.9 AnotherJiraRestClient
AntigateSharp 1.0.1
APIXURestClient-Android 0.2 apixu weather xamarin android rest api
Appboy.NET 0.3.1
AppHarbor.NET 2.2.0 AppHarbor Rest API Wrapper
appolosharp 1.0.0 Appolo sharp pedro gabriel thoth rest api
Appstream.Appstreamlib 3.0.0 Appstream
Apruve 1.0.5
Aqovia.PactProducerVerifier 1.0.5 Testing Pact
AspNetCoreFreeGeoIp 1.0.1 FreeGeoIp GeoIp
AsterNET.ARI 1.1.0 Asterisk AsterNET Asterisk.NET ARI Stasis
AsterNET.ARI.Async 2.0.0 Asterisk AsterNET Asterisk.NET ARI Stasis
ASUA.SensorDataApi.SDK 1.0.0
Atlassian.SDK 9.4.0 Atlassian JIRA LINQ
Auth0-ASPNET 2.0.0 mvc wif auth0 session cookie
authy-net-client 1.0.16 initialstate authy two-factor authentication
Autodesk.Forge 1.0.2 autodesk autodesk-forge rest restful api
Automation.Library End-To-End Automation
AuxiliaryLibraries 1.0.8 REST API JSON String File helper Calendar Persian Ip Encription Log
Aylien.NewsApi 2.0.0 Aylien News API
azurecopyclient 1.3.1 azure s3 amazon dropbox onedrive
Azys.Linkedin Linkedin Azys
Bamboo.Sharp 0.1.0 Atlassian Bamboo CI
Banking.cs 1.0.5577.25943 ofx banking
Banzilla_SDK ihct
BedSharp 0.5.24 Rest Mock Stub Test TDD API HTTP
Billingbooth.Api Billingbooth API billing engine
BillyService 1.0.5799.22250
BingRestServices 1.2.0 Bing Routes Geocoding REST API
Bitfinex 0.1.13 BITFINEX
Bithumb.API 1.0.3 odinsoft sdk api bitcoin btc ethereum eth
BitnetClientLibraries.SDK 1.0.0 bitnet bitcoin payment cryptocurrency gateway money merchant currency crypto
BlackstoneConnector 1.0.5 Finances eComerce Integration Services
BlockSharp Crypto Currency Bitcoin Dogecoin Litecoin secure online wallet
BLogic.BeTested.Automation.Core 1.0.6 beTested testing unit-testing blogic
Bluefragments.SDK 1.0.0 bluefragments
bondx 1.0.9
Box.v2.SDK 2.1 Box
BoxCarDotNet 1.0.2 BoxCar
Braspag.ApiDotNetSdk 2.9.11
BrightLocal 1.0.5 Bright Local Api C# wrapper SEO Tools
BringLocal.Sdk 0.1.5 C# API
BrowserStack.Screenshots.Net 1.0.0 BrowserStack Screenshot
bscheiman.Common.Aspnet 2.2.1449483579 boris scheiman bscheiman common helpers util extension extensions xm mexico aspnet mvc bootstrap
BuddyNugetDemo 1.0.7
bugherder bugherd
Bukimedia.PrestaSharp 1.157 Prestashop PresaSharp REST Bukimedia
Cactus.DummyAuthentication.RestSharp RestSharp Dummy Authorize Authentication
Cake.ImageOptimizer 0.0.6 Cake Script Build Image Optimizer
Cake.NewRelic 0.0.22 Cake NewRelic
CalcProject 1.639 calc project
CallfireApiClient 1.1.19 Callfire rest api client
camunda 1.3.0 camunda BPM opensourse REST BPMN
CBAPI 2.2.2 REST HTTP API JSON XML Careerbuilder Careerbuilders
CellStore.NET 4.7.2 CellStore RestAPI C#-Library
CertiPay.Common.Notifications 4.1.18 1.0.1 Bitcoin blockchain
chargify2 1.0.5630.19667 Chargify
Chino.dll 1.0.1 Api
Chymeia.AlphaOmega.Api.DecisionTreeClient 1.0.85
Cielo cielo cartao debido credito pagamento parcelamento
CieloSharpAPI 1.0.6162.27486 cielo pagamento cartao debido credito parcelamento
CieloSharpAPICore 1.1.0 cielo pagamento cartao debido credito parcelamento
Cisco.UnityConnection.NotificationSdk 1.0.13 CUNI Cisco Unity Connection UnityConnection SDK Notification NotificationSdk
CKSource.FileSystem.Dropbox 1.1.0 CKSource FileSystem Dropbox
Clicksign Clicksign
Clicksign4dotNet 1.0.5 Clicksign
CloudCIX-SDK 1.1.1 CloudCIX
CloudFlare.API CloudFlare API
CloudMonix.Api 1.0.6341.37549 CloudMonix Azure Storage Redis DocumentDb WorkerRole WebRole WebApp SqlAzure ServiceBus Compute Monitoring Management Diagnostics Insights
Coinbase 2.0.6 bitcoin coinbase api payment money merchant checkout cart gateway bank
CoinTree.Api 1.0.1 CoinTree Bitcoin