PCL Crypto provides a consistent, portable set of crypto APIs for .NET 4.5, Windows Phone 8.0 SL & 8.1 Xaml, Windows Store, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android. This makes it easier to create cross-platform .NET libraries and apps. Crypto functionality includes asymmetric and symmetric encryption and signatures, and key derivation. PCLCrypto calls into each native platform's crypto API for maximum performance. For RSA operations this produces a 2-100X improvement in performance on Android and iOS over using the standard RSACryptoServiceProvider API.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package PCLCrypto

Packages that Depend on PCLCrypto

PackageLatest VersionTags
Adaptive.Arp.Api 1.0.45 Adaptive Runtime Platform ARP PCL API
Algolia.Sitecore.7 1.1.19 Sitecore Algolia ContentSearch BrainJocks
Algolia.Sitecore.8 1.1.19 Sitecore Algolia ContentSearch BrainJocks
Algolia.Sitecore.8.1 1.1.19 Sitecore Algolia ContentSearch BrainJocks
Algolia.Sitecore.8.2 1.1.19 Sitecore Algolia ContentSearch BrainJocks
AWSSDK.Core AWS Amazon cloud aws-sdk-v3
AzureNotificationRestApi 2.8.0 Azure Notification Hub
bNesis.Sdk.RichClient 1.8.13 bNesis SDK RichClient
BusAppCore.Prism.Forms 1.12.4
Cadru.Core 3.0.5869.111 cadru PCL universal utility
Cadru.Data.Dapper 3.0.5869.111 cadru data dapper utility
Catalog CatalogAPI Catalog CatDB CatalogDB NoSQL SQL
ComponentTrak.MVVM 1.0.14 ComponentTrak.MVVM MVVM
ComponentTrak.SQLite.NET 1.0.12 ComponentTrak.SQLite.NET
ComponentTrak.TrakSQLite_NET 1.0.0 ComponentTrak SQLite TrakSQLite MVVM
ConnectSdk 0.5.18 connect api sdk event analytics
curve25519-pcl 1.0.1 pcl curve25519 dotnet
DT.Xamarin.OpenTok.Utils 1.0.1
EasyDocumentStorage.PCL 1.0.5 document storage serialization database db dotnet simple easy portable pcl android ios xamarin monoandroid monodroid monotouch
ECL.Auth.HMAC 1.0.4 ECL Auth HMAC ECL.Auth Auth.HMAC ECL.Auth.HMAC
ECL.Auth.HMAC.Web 1.0.0 ECL Auth HMAC Web ECL.Auth Auth.HMAC ECL.Auth.HMAC ECL.Auth.HMAC.Web
Exigo.Web.Tokens 1.0.0 exigo tokens
FyUtils 1.0.0 PCL Xamarin
Globeport.Client.Uwp.Host 1.0.340.3 Globeport Elements UWP Host Xaml Javascript Chakra
GPSOAuthSharp.Portable 0.0.8 google googleplay playservices oauth
GravatarHelper.NetStandard 1.0.0 gravatar net standard
GSMA.MobileConnect 2.2.1 GSMA OpenId Auth
jose-pcl 0.0.4 jose jwt json jwa jwe jws aes cbc gcm rsa hmac sha rsassa pss rsaes oaep pkcs1-v1_5 es elliptic curve ecdsa key wrap kw pbes pbes2 pbkdf pbkdf2 password based encryption javascript object signing winrt winmd windows 8.1 phone portable
Kernel 1.3.0 android ios cross platform json logging sql
Lenddo.API.Clients 2.0.0 lenddo api client
Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Client.PCL 1.0.16 Microsoft Azure IoT IoTHub Device Client .net HTTP PCL Android iOS
Microsoft.Azure.Mobile.Client 4.1.1 microsoft windows azure mobile apps services windowsazureofficial
Microsoft.CDS.Devices.Client 1.0.6
Microsoft.SmartFactory.Device.CSSDK 0.5.7
MTProtoProxy 1.0.0 Telegram MTProto MTProtoProxy Proxy TelegramProxy
MvvX.Plugins.OAuthClient 2017.10620.11342.13 mvvm mvvmcross xamarin monodroid xamarinios OAuth wpf
OKHOSTING.Core 1.0.36 okhosting extensions logs session configuration autostart cryptograpy
OnePlat.DiceNotation.ExtendedDieRollers.PCL 1.0.4 Dice DiceNotation d20 DiceRolls DiceRoller SecureRandom
PA.Configuration 4.9.1
PA.Converters 4.7.4
Primedice.NET primedice dice bitcoin cryptocurrency
Privat24Net 1.0.0 Privat24 privat24api .NET Privat24Net
pt.KeePass2PCL 2.28.2 KeePass KeePassLib PCL KeePass2PCL
ptv-api 1.0.12 public transport api victoria portable
Readability.Portable 1.1.1 instapaper readability pocket read later
RedArrow.Engage.Core Engage Core
Rocket.Chat.Net.Portability Rocket.Chat
S3XmlRepository 1.0.4
Shs.Starling.Core 1.0.6
signal-protocol-pcl 2.2.0 signal pcl
SQLite.Net.Cipher 1.0.24 database pcl sql sqlite secure protect cipher encrypt security protection ios android windows xamarin monotouch monodroid winrt winphone
SQLite.Net.Cipher-slb 0.1.0 database pcl sql sqlite secure protect cipher encrypt security protection ios android windows xamarin monotouch monodroid winrt winphone
WavesPlatform.WavesCS 1.1.2 wavescs wavesplatform waves
Xamarin.Auth.Extensions xamarin pcl android monoandroid monodroid ios monotouch xamarin.ios plugin for xamarin plugin xamarin.forms windows phone winphone wp8 wp81 windows 8 winrt windows universal platform windows universal uwp
Xamarin.Form.CommonCore.Droid 1.0.16 Xamarin.Forms
Xamarin.Form.CommonCore.IOS 1.0.16 Xamarin.Forms
Xciles.Uncommon.MvvmCross 1.3 uncommon xamarin