ODP.NET, Managed Driver is a 100% native .NET code driver. No additional Oracle Client software is required to be installed to connect to Oracle Database. Note: The 32-bit Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio download from is required for Entity Framework design-time features and for other Visual Studio designers such as the TableAdapter Wizard. This NuGet download does not enable design-time tools, only run-time support.
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Here are the packages that version 12.2.1100 of Oracle.ManagedDataAccess depends on.

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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Oracle.ManagedDataAccess

Packages that Depend on Oracle.ManagedDataAccess

PackageLatest VersionTags
AA.UtilsBundle 0.4.3 Database DataTable Settings providers
ActiveQueryBuilder.OracleNativeMetadataProvider SqlQueryBuilder VisualQueryBuilder SqlDesigner AdHocQueryBuilder
ADONetHelper.Oracle 1.4.2 ADO.NET ADO SQL .NET Database RDBMS Generic DAL Oracle ANSI
ADSPrev.Framework.Data 2.0.1 ADSPrev Database
ADSPrev.Framework.Report 2.0.1 ADSPrev Reports
ADSPrev.Framework.Repository ADSPrev Repository
ADSPrev.Module.Web 2.0.0 ADSPrev Framework Module Web
ADSPrev.Module.Web.Aceprev 2.0.0 ADSPrev Framework Module Web
Akka.Persistence.Oracle 1.3.8 akka actors actor model Akka concurrency persistence eventsource oracle
AntData.ORM.Oracle 1.3.1 linq Orm oracle
Apps72.Dev.Data.Oracle 2.6.0 SQL OracleDatabaseCommand Oracle
Bam.Net.Data.Oracle 1.13.0
Base.Automation 1.2.3
BizTalkComponents.Utilities.DbQueryUtility 1.1.0 BizTalk
BLToolkit.Oracle.Managed 4.3.9 Oracle Odp bltoolkit Linq ORM DAL database DB
bUtility.Dapper.Oracle biks dapper utility Oracle OracleDb
chinzilla.excelUtil 0.3.0 Excel Sheet from Database
Citms.Common.Utility 1.1.7 excel,npoi
Com.AlbatrossPack Albatross Support Lib
Common.FluentOracle 1.0.6 Common.FluentOracle、FluentData、Oracle.ManagedDataAccess
DAF.NET 1.1.4
Dalclasslib 1.0.0 Dal demo mvc
Dapper.Oracle.DynamicParameter 1.0.1
DataBaseHelper 1.2.1 修改MySql数据库命名空间BUG
DatabaseLoader.x64 1.0.1 DatabaseLoader Database Loader Editor Dataloader Data Loader
DataBooster.Oracle.Managed ADO.NET Bulk Booster Launcher Throughput Oracle ODP.NET Managed Database DataAccess
DAX.IO 0.0.6
dbup-oracle 4.1.0
Dccelerator.DataAccess.Adapters.Oracle 0.0.17 ORM ADO.NET Oracle SQL
Devaof.DB.Oracle 1.1.0
DevSys.Library.Security.Identity 1.0.0
DNA 1.0.6747.31761
DotNetHelper-OracleDB 2018.6.19.25 Dotnethelper
Easylink 2.1.171
Elmah.ManagedOracleErrorLog 1.0.0 elmah error logging oracle managed
Emb.Poseidon.Oracle.DataAccess 1.0.1 OracleDbConexion OracleDbGet OracleDbPut OracleRepository
EnterpriseLibrary.Data.Odp 1.0.0
EntLibContrib.Data.Oracle.ManagedDataAccess 6.0.0 Oracle OracleManagedDataAccess EnterpriseLibrary entlib
Extreme.Db.Oracle 3.0.0
F2Package 1.0.0
FLog.NET 1.1.0 log logging logger
GobCba.Data 2.0.1
HigLabo.DbSharp.Service 2.0.0
Houdini.Oracle 1.0.1 orm oracle
Insight.Database.Providers.OracleManaged 6.2.3 Insight orm sql oracle managed micro-orm
Invantive.SQL.Windows 17.10.97 db2 Invantive ldap mysql odbc oracle SQL teradata Windows wmi
Keystone.Carbonite.Diamant.Oracle 5.3.0
Keystone.Clockwork.To.Carbonite.Diamant.Oracle 5.3.0
Kuade.DBAccess 2016.1214.03
linq2db.Oracle.managed 2.1.0 linq linq2db Oracle LinqToDB ORM database DB SQL
Mapper.NET 2.0.5 NDO .NET Data Objects Persistence
NewPlatform.Flexberry.ORM 4.1.0 Flexberry ORM
NHibernate.Driver.OracleManagedDataAccess 1.0.0 NHibernate Oracle ManagedDataAccess
Nyan.Modules.Data.Oracle 0.1.5822.320 ORM Dapper Stack static REST API Framework ZeroMQ
Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.EntityFramework 12.2.1100 ODP.NET Oracle DB database EF Entity Framework
Oracle.Web 12.2.1100 ASP.NET Oracle DB database
OracleCom 1.6.2
OracleSqlBuilder 1.6.0 oracle sql builder
ORMToolkit.OracleOdpManaged 1.0.0 ORM Micro-Orm .Net Oracle Odp Managed
Pcpl.Toolkits.Parameters 1.0.0 C# .NET
PommaLabs.KVLite.Oracle 8.0.1 kvlite cache partition key value store concurrent timed sliding oracle
RavenCode.Common.DataAccess 1.0.0 DataAccess RavenCode
RekTec.XStudio.Auth.LocalDB 10.33.0 RekTec XStudio
RekTec.XStudio.Business.Core 10.33.0 RekTec XStudio
RekTec.XStudio.Data 10.33.0 RekTec XStudio
RekTec.XStudio.DbDriver 10.33.0 RekTec XStudio
Rhetos 2.6.1 Rhetos
RS.Tasks 1.75.0
Sandberg.EasyQuery.Oracle.Managed 1.1.9
SimpleAccess.Oracle 2.1.1 SimpleAccess Oracle ObjectMapper ORM Database Access
SQ.DAL.Oracle 1.1.0
SS.CMS 6.3.12 SiteServer CMS
Symber.Web.APQuery.Oracle ORM Oracle
Touryo.Infrastructure.Public.Db.DamManagedOdp 2.2.0 OpenTouryo Open棟梁
XimboFramework.Dapper DB Oracle SQLServer MicroORM Helpers
xunRAGE.FluidFramework 2.0.6612 backend data framework
ZiboSoft.Net.Data 3.0.0