A basic operations framework allows to break code to logical operations and track operation start, finish, progress and errors. It's best to use for diagnostics with structured logging.
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Here are the packages that version 0.9.0 of Op depends on.

JetBrains.Annotations : (11.1.0) Newtonsoft.Json : (7.0.1)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Op

Packages that Depend on Op

PackageLatest VersionTags
Accord.Extensions.Imaging.Algorithms 3.0.1 framework extensions imaging algorithms
Accord.Extensions.Imaging.Algorithms.LINE2D 3.0.1 framework template-matching
Aktiv.RutokenPkcs11Interop 1.1.1 rutoken pkcs11 library
Alea.CudaDnn 1.0.0 Alea GPU Cuda QuantAlea CuDnn
Alea.CudaToolkit 1.0.9 Alea GPU Cuda QuantAlea CUDAToolkit
AppPress AppPress framework webtemplate application rapid
ApriorIT.BagTracker.BusinessLayer 1.0.0 BugTracker
ArtomatixImageLoaders 000.037.000 Tag1 Tag2
Authorize.CodeCop 1.0.0 CodeCop Method Interception Authorize .NET Free
BasicTeach.Contracts Tag1 Tag2
BCF.Client 0.2.1
Bcfier 2.2.5 bcfier teocomi
Bellatrix.Desktop.MSTest 1.3.0 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Desktop.NUnit 1.3.0 TestFramework UITests
Bellatrix.Desktop.TestExecutionExtensions 1.3.0 TestFramework UITests
Bimatrix.Bcfier 0.0.1
BTG.Infrastructure.Auth.AspNet 1.0.7
BuildTools.StyleCopPlus Build BuildTools StyleCop StyleCopPlus StyleCop+
CarCake.ConsoleAssistant 6.5.0 CarCake
CarCake.Elements 6.5.0 CarCake
CarCake.TabDocWinLib 6.5.0 CarCake
CarCake.Xml4XmlService 6.5.0 CarCake
Cloudcrate.AspNetCore.Blazor.Browser.Storage 0.5.1 blazor local storage localstorage session sessionstorage browser
CodeCop.PostSharp.AutoAspectResolver 1.0.0 CodeCop PostSharp IoC DI
CodeCop.Setup CodeCop FluentApi
CoreOnBoard 1.1.0 CoreOnBoard Tag1 Tag2
Couchbase.Lite 2.1.2 couchbase couchbase-mobile couchbase-lite sync database mobile netcore xamarin ios android windows linux mac osx nosql
Couchbase.Lite.Enterprise 2.1.2 couchbase couchbase-mobile couchbase-lite sync database mobile netcore xamarin ios android windows linux mac osx nosql
Crasop.Net.SpringAop 1.0.0
Crasop.Net.SpringAop.Samples 1.0.0
crispin reporting template html excel pdf xsl-fo
daVinci-wpf 0.11.0
Dolittle.Events.WebAssembly.Dev 2.0.15 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
Dolittle.Interaction.WebAssembly 2.0.15 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
Dolittle.Interaction.WebAssembly.Commands 2.0.15 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
Dolittle.Interaction.WebAssembly.Queries 2.0.15 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
Dolittle.ReadModels.MongoDB.WebAssembly 2.0.15 MVVM SOLID CQRS LOB
DomiLibrary.Architecture 1.2 .NET C# Generic Helper
dotMorten.IotivityDotNet 0.1.0 Iotivity IoT
DZY.DotNetUtil 1.0.30
ExcelDna.Registration.FSharp 0.34.7 excel exceldna udf excel-dna
ExcelDna.Registration.VisualBasic 0.34.7 excel exceldna udf excel-dna
Exomia.Framework exomia framework 2d 3d game engine xna mono
Exomia.Framework.x64 exomia framework 2d 3d game engine xna mono
Exomia.Framework.x86 exomia framework 2d 3d game engine xna mono
FlysEngine.Sprites 0.2.2 linqpad-samples
fo-dicom 4.0.0
fo-dicom.log4net 4.0.0
fo-dicom.NLog 4.0.0
fo-dicom.Serilog 4.0.0
FSharp.Qualia.WPF 0.1.4 ui wpf framework
FsLab.Runner 1.0.2 F# fsharp deedle series statistics data science r type provider mathnet
gbay 1.0.0 gbay pki RSA AES smartcard token pkcs PKCS#11 PKCS#7 CMS PKCS#12 Signature PDF signing Signing verifing Symmetric-key ASymmetric-key
GetIt 0.15.5
GridExtra.Avalonia 0.6.1 Avalonia AvaloniaUI Grid Panel Responsive Library
GuardNull.CodeCop 1.0.1 Interceptor GuardNull Parameters CodeCop Boilerplate
Gwen.Renderer.OpenTK 3.0.6001.430 Gwen OpenTK GUI
Heroius.Extension.WPF 2.1.3
Heroius.Files 2.0.0
Hurricane.Framework.Net 1.3.19017.226
Hurricane.Framework.Xaml 1.3.19017.226
IC80FSLib 1.0.1
IL2C.Build 0.4.35 il2c il translate transpile convert c c++ assembly multi-platform
infuser 0.2.1 template javascript ajax
ITOO.BasicTeach.Contracts Tag1 Tag2
ITOO.ExamEvalConfigure.Contracts Tag1 Tag2
ITOO.ExamEvalExaminee.Contracts Tag1 Tag2
ITOO.ExamEvalIPImpower.Contracts Tag1 Tag2
Jal.Aop.Aspects 1.1.0
Jal.Aop.Aspects.Installer 1.1.0
Jal.Aop.CastleWindsor 1.1.0
Jal.Aop.LightInject 1.1.0
Jal.Aop.LightInject.All 1.0.0
Jal.Aop.LightInject.Aspect.Installer 1.1.0
jQuery.UI.Effects.All 1.8.9 jQuery jQueryUI plugins
Kfl.FsLab F# fsharp deedle series statistics data science r type provider mathnet
Lacuna.Pki.Pkcs11 0.1.3
leonardo-wpf 0.9.10
lluchmk.Cache.Core.AOP 1.0.2
LogoFX.Client.Mvvm.Navigation 1.0.7
LottieSharp 1.0.0 WPF Lottie Animation
MathParser 0.2.2 parser mathematics pratt recursive-descent
MicBeach.Cache.Action 1.0.1
MicBeach.Data 1.0.5
MicBeach.DataValidation.Config 1.0.2
MicBeach.Mvc.DataAnnotationsModelValidatorConfig 1.0.4
MicBeach.Web 1.0.13
Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.AspNetCoreCompat 0.3.4 aspnetcore identity membership