Nancy is a lightweight web framework for the .Net platform, inspired by Sinatra. Nancy aim at delivering a low ceremony approach to building light, fast web applications.
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Here are the packages that version 1.4.4 of Nancy depends on.

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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Nancy

Packages that Depend on Nancy

PackageLatest VersionTags
Amanda 0.1.2
Auth0.NancyFx.SelfHost 2.0.0 Auth0 NancyFx Authentication SelfHost
AutomationStudio.Helpers.Owin AStudio
AutoQueryable.Nancy.Filter 1.6.0 AutoQueryable AutoQuery OData GraphQL
BamPi 0.1
Bernos.FileUploader.Nancy FileUploader Nancy
Buddy.Nancy 1.7.0 buddy nancy
Cable.Nancy 1.1.1 cable nancy rpc bridge-dot-net bridge csharp
Cassette.Nancy 2.2.1 Cassette Nancy
Cassette.Nancy.023 1.0.1
ChannelAdam.Nancy 1.0.0 Nancy Request Response Helper Extensions
ChannelAdam.Nancy.Soap 1.3.1 Nancy SOAP 1.1 1.2 Route Routing Request Response Helper Extensions
cloudscribe.Core.Identity 2.0.18 cloudscribe identity
cloudscribe.Core.Web 2.1.12 cloudscribe multi-tenant core site management
CodedViews.Nancy 1.0.0 CodedViews Nancy Mvc
CompositeC1.Nancy 0.1.0
Consola 0.2.3
ConstApp.WebApi 1.0.6
Cosmos.Logging.RunsOn.NancyFX 0.1.0 StarrySky Cosmos Logging
Cronix.Web 0.3.2 cronix ui cron ncron ncrontab scheduler service
Crux.NancyFx 0.2.8
Crux.NancyFx.Testing 0.2.8
Csvialize 1.0.0
Earthware.Nancy.Authentication.Forms 1.0.17 Earthware Nancy Authentication
Earthware.Nancy.Owasp 1.0.6 earthware Nancy OWASP
ELFinder.Connector.Nancy 1.0.1 ELFinder Nancy NancyFX Connector
Exceptionless.Nancy 4.2.1989 Nancy NancyFx Exceptionless Error Report Reporting Exception Logging Log ELMAH
Fabric.Platform.Bootstrappers.Nancy 1.0.2018040901
Fancy web fsharp nancy
GoogleAnalyticsTracker.Nancy 4.5.0 google analytics ga nancyfx api rest client tracker stats statistics
HealthNet.Nancy 1.2.74
Hihaj.HealthCheck.Nancy nancy async healthcheck
InfoPage 1.0.5927.41879 Info Changelog change track Owin Nancy
InnovatorAdmin 2018.4.2.1429
IntAirAct IntAirAct REST Device Interaction
Jama.NancyHelpers 1.0.6
Jeeves.Core 0.2.0 Configuration Service
Kantar.KAP.Shared 1.0.138
Kola.Application 1.2.7
Lemonade.Web 1.0.276 featureswitch feature lemonade toggle featuretoggle configuration nancy web self-host translation localisation
LightInject.Nancy 1.1.1 Ioc Dependency-Injection Inversion-of-Control WinRT Windows-Runtime
Linn.Common.Nancy.Facade 1.2.1
LiveProfiler.Nancy 0.4.2 profiler sql mvc performance profiling timing
Lockbox.Api 2.0.4
Megaphone.Nancy 1.0.0 Nancy WebApi Microservices Services ServiceDiscovery
MessageVault.Server 3.0.1
Microphone.Nancy 0.6.6 service discovery consul etcd nancy
MicroService.Core 1.2 microservice service
MMBot.Router.AzureServiceBusRelay 0.2 hubot mmbot petegoo chat robot bot service bus azure router
MMBot.Router.Relay 0.9.4 hubot mmbot petegoo chat robot bot nancy router
Nancy.AspNetCore.Http 2.0.0 Nancy AspNetCore HttpContext
Nancy.AspNetSprites.Razor 0.0.5 Nancy NancyFx Sprites Image Optimization
Nancy.AttributeRouting Nancy Attribute Routing Route
Nancy.Authentication.Basic 1.4.1 Nancy Authentication
Nancy.Authentication.Forms 1.4.1 Nancy Authentication
Nancy.Authentication.JwtBearer 1.1.1 Nancy Authentication JWT
Nancy.Authentication.Stateless 1.4.1 Nancy Authentication
Nancy.Authentication.StatelessAuthorizationHeader 0.1.0 nancy nancyfx stateless authorization worlddomination world-domination magicalunicorn
Nancy.Authentication.Token 1.4.1 Nancy Token Authentication
Nancy.Bootstrappers.Autofac 1.4.1 Nancy Autofac
Nancy.Bootstrappers.DryIoc 1.4.3 Nancy DryIoc
Nancy.Bootstrappers.Mef 0.25.0 nancy mef
Nancy.Bootstrappers.Mef2 Nancy MEF MEF2 Bootstrappers Micosoft Composition Managed Extensibility Framework
Nancy.Bootstrappers.Ninject 1.4.1 Nancy Ninject
Nancy.BootStrappers.StructureMap 1.4.3 Nancy StructureMap
Nancy.Bootstrappers.Unity 1.4.1 Nancy Unity
Nancy.Bootstrappers.Windsor 1.4.1 Nancy Windsor
Nancy.Bundle 0.0.5
Nancy.BundleIt 1.0.2 Nancy BundleIt web javascript css
Nancy.ClientAppSettings nancyfx
Nancy.CollectionJson 0.1.0 hypermedia rest collectionjson nancyfx nancy
Nancy.CustomErrors Nancyfx
Nancy.Elmah 0.1.8 nancy elmah logging
Nancy.Encryption.MachineKey 1.4.1 Nancy MachineConfig Encryption
Nancy.Facebook.Channel 0.1.0 Facebook fb Nancy
Nancy.Facebook.RealtimeSubscription 0.1.0 Facebook fb Nancy
Nancy.FlashMessages Nancy
Nancy.Gzip 0.1.0 gzip nancy nancyfx compression
Nancy.Hal 1.3.0 Nancy Hal Hal+JSON Hypermedia
Nancy.Hosting.Aspnet 1.4.1 Nancy ASP.NET
Nancy.Hosting.Self 1.4.1 Nancy
Nancy.Hosting.Wcf 1.4.1 Nancy WCF
Nancy.IPLock 1.0.0 nancy ip lock
Nancy.JohnnyFive Nancy
Nancy.JsonPatch Nancy
Nancy.JsonPatch.Core 1.0.0 core nancy .net core jsonpatch patch http
Nancy.LeakyBucket 1.0.1 nancy leaky bucket rate limiting limiter leaky-bucket-algorithm leakybucket rate-limiter rate-limiting
Nancy.LightningCache 0.1.3 nancy cache
Nancy.LightningCache.Nancy-1.4.3 0.2 nancy cache
Nancy.Linker 0.3.1 Nancy
Nancy.MemoryCacheBasedSessions Nancy
Nancy.Metadata.Modules 1.4.1 Nancy Meta MetaData
Nancy.Metadata.Swagger 1.0.2 nancy swagger metadata
Nancy.Metadata.Swagger.2.0 1.0.2 nancy swagger metadata
Nancy.Metadata.Swagger.AspNetCore 0.1.1 nancyfx swagger