Free and Open Source fork of NServiceKit.Razor V3 - Turns NServiceKit into a Complete Web + REST Services Stack. Replaces need for ASP.NET MVC. - Runs In ASP.NET or Self-host, first-class cross-platform support on .NET / Mono runtimes. - Add HTML views to existing services. - Change Views and Layout templates at runtime. - No Ceremony development options - Pages without controllers, with typed and dynamic View Models. - Include Partial Markdown views in Razor pages. - Cascading Layout templates. - Pretty urls by default (no custom Routes needed). - Keep all views and assets together. - Smart View Pages.
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Here are the packages that version 1.0.43 of NServiceKit.Razor depends on.

NServiceKit.Redis : (1.0.20) System.Web.Razor.Unofficial : (2.0.2)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package NServiceKit.Razor

Packages that Depend on NServiceKit.Razor

No packages were found that depend on version 1.0.43.