NLog.Contrib.Targets.WebSocketServer is a NLog target that instead of writing on a file, or showing the log on the console, broadcast the log entries to the connected websocket connections. Features: - Fully integrated with NLog: it does not require changes in your application code beyond the configuration. - Self-hosted: it does not need IIS or any hosting framework, WebSocketListener is socket based. - Mono compatible: Both NLog and WebSocketListener are compatible with Mono. - Subscribe to Regular Expressions: Is it possible to send a message throug the WebSocket connection to indicate the expression to which you want to subscribe. Only log entries matching that regex will be sent. - Scalable: NLog and WebSocketListener components are decoupled by a producer-consumer pattern, so NLog will append the log entries to WebSocketServerTarget in O(1) time always, and another thread/threads are responsible of distributing that log entry to the clients. Still, if the component has a big number of connected clients, it may interfere with your application performance. See the MaxConnectedClients configuration setting.
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Here are the packages that version 1.0.0 of NLog.Contrib.Targets.WebSocketServer depends on.

Newtonsoft.Json : (7.0.1) NLog : (4.0.1) Microsoft.Tpl.Dataflow : (4.5.24) vtortola.WebSocketListener : (



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PM> Install-Package NLog.Contrib.Targets.WebSocketServer

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